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  1. I will when I get home from work, Who do I dispute it to? and What can I do to get unflagged? I joined in a game that my friend invited me? As you can see for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare 2nd DLC I got the main easter egg trophy pest control and I didn't get the longest messages received trophy when you get that before completing the egg... I got it via friend inviting me to his game... just saying this as an example
  2. Here you go - These games can be disputed: Call of Duty Classic • Reason: Story trophies achieved out of order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 • Reason: This user has earned trophies of 15-21-30-45 stras in spec ops after a year he had earned of 69 stars. Call of Duty: Ghosts • Reason: DLC story trophies achieved out of order Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare • Reason: DLC Story trophies achieved out of order Call of Duty: Black Ops III • Reason: In order to earn "Packing early" you must earn "The begining of the end" first. And 'Highly adaptable' trophy has a requirement where you must earn enough points in public match to Prestige 3 times. And he got it before Level 55. Hacked timestamps.
  3. Yeah I know.... It's kinda annoying to get flagged for games you didn't do anything but legit. - I will unhide it when I get home from work. How could I do this?
  4. MaxP93 I actually felt offended when I got flagged for my hard work towards getting platinums & 100%s.... Can you please sort this out, happy to give proof if you require it. Call of Duty Classic I had problems with save data and some trophies wasn't unlocking during missions so had redo some of them. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I don't understand the meaning of this? Please give more info. Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Story trophies? DLC Doesn't have story mode... It's aliens mode which you can do any trophy in any order... & I don't see why it's flagged? Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare I had problems with my save data so had to redo story again and some glitched trophies wouldn't pop up at time so had redo some missions. Call of Duty: Black Ops III I don't understand that you need packing early after the begining of the end which is not true you can do it before that? Highly Adaptable wasn't my fault as I joined a Mutliplayer match and someone hacked all of us in the match.....
  5. 2 years ago? Won back to back FA Cups in 2 years row I'm watching the game and I'm Arsenal fan.
  6. Deleted my Save data after uploading to cloud. 1 Game lost and it popped. Glitchy as hell.
  7. Still not even fixed l0l CoD is joke.
  8. Ikr 3months since the launch and still not fixed. I'm stuck at 98%
  9. Ffs this game has been out for almost 2months and God damn Infinity Ward can't be ass to fix this damn trophy! It's my last one for platinum. It's disgusting attuide infinity ward has. HURRY UP I'm sitting on 120 wins. Nope they haven't. looks like they cba.
  10. I'm hoping to hear something about Red Dead Reputation 2 in the E3 this year! Anyone else?
  11. Can't wait for Ubisoft / Sony Conference!
  12. Hey guys, I'm curious how to store your XB/PS4 game cases? Show yours below!
  13. Did all of it platinum and dlcs 100% legit