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  1. Faceoff HTCs: Gotta Plat 'em All: Andrea Gudako's Disciples: @Wdjat Prinny Doods Rainmakers: @Giulian_Steel DutchProGaming2: @Lucas The faceoff starts in about 3.5 hours.
  2. The final period has ended! Scores will be counted later tonight, and we will announce the four teams participating in the faceoff, which will start 24 hours from now. As an early reminder to the playoff teams, remember that you will need to nominate players for faceoff HTC based on your season finish - 1st place chooses whoever they want as HTC and selects the HTC of all other teams from the candidate pool, while 2nd place nominates 2 players, 3rd nominates 3, and 4th's entire roster is eligible for selection.
  3. Aren't you 45? What were you doing in high school 17 years ago when the game first came out?
  4. But...what about ratchet
  5. The first HTC period is over! Everyone has 4 hours to sync their trophies. The second round starts right away with the following HTCs: @dmland12 for Trophisticated Mayhem @Giulian_Steel for The Rainmakers @RainstormIII for Building Towards Victory @xZoneHunter for DutchProGaming2 @Tearraven for Gudako's Disciples and myself for Gotta Plat 'em All
  6. Congrats to Enma on a well deserved win. Jem played a great game in every aspect but one - his jury management was incredibly poor. On the other hand, Enma managed to go from the intended 2nd player voted off (being saved only by a blindside of Walt with idol in pocket - if Walt played that idol Enma finished 15th,) to winning the whole damn thing. There's no better embodiment of a Survivor story than that. Along the way they found a strong and cohesive alliance, and played a strong under-the-radar game while letting Jem take all the heat (and all the risks.) If I had to pick a real life Survivor whose game this most closely matches, I'd go with Natalie White from Survivor: Samoa. She let the infamous Russel Hantz play the villain all season, then won in a jury vote because he had alienated so many fellow contestants. It was cool to see that parallel play out, though in general I feel there was a lot of passive gameplay - people sticking doggedly to their alliances to the very end (for better and worse,) not a lot of risks from most people. In that regard it was much closer to an earlier season of Survivor than the more chaotic games we see today. Regardless, it was a enjoyable ride with a couple intense challenges and votes. It's worth noting that Jem actually did miss out on one critical potential game-changer: if he had possession of the jury swap from the auction, he could've brought it to a 3-3 split by changing one of the votes against him to one in his support. It would've then come down to @GlennRhee to cast the tiebreaker. Would be very interested to know how that would've changed the winner This has been a wild event and it's very bittersweet to see it end. There's definitely been a lot to learn from an plenty of changes to look forward to in both Big Brother and Survivor Season 2. Still some discussion to be had regarding the details (and if you haven't already please provide feedback to help improve that process) but I feel good about it going forward. It was a groundbreaking event in the history of the forums and many thanks to the participants who made it what it was. As promised, the voting and event history spreadsheet has been finished. A couple quick notes about it: I counted people as winners of an idol/reward/immunity even if they were gifted any of those things. It made it easier to keep track of, and besides I think the real winner of something like that is the one who actually gets to make use of it. I also didn't include some of the things that would've been harder to track, like Zone's half-reward in the final few weeks of the season. Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions Now to tag all the people who were in the event so they can see the spreadsheet: @Lucas@HcG Clawz@spazza136@Wdog-999@Kent10201@Enma8910@jem12345@MStalker58@Tearraven@Fredoline05@the_name_is_matt@EpicNogg4@acetryhard@xZoneHunter@TwitchReflex
  7. On roughly the same difficulty level as 17's (which means substantially easier than 13-16.) Another plat you can get without needing to boost online at all. Maybe some of the single player stuff could be annoying, tough to say since it's new ground, but most likely will be at about the same completion percentage as last year's game (provided they haven't changed the legacy score stuff to prevent the easy method from working.) I've heard the story mode is short and sweet though, which is good after experiencing the boring slog of the FIFA 17 campaign. Liked the idea but way too many meaningless mid-season games indistinguishable from a random "play now" matchup. As an aside, how silly is it that this will be the third straight Madden to use that same platinum image? At least the older games changed it up slightly, this has literally been copied and pasted over for every game since 16.
  8. I have about 10 projects in mind that I could be working on, most of them are UR. Just need the proper motivation
  9. I don't want to pile on, but you have to have known how this thread would go down. If you want to have an event with lvl 55+ people, so be it few enough people would care. But the attitude you have is hurtful and not especially productive. I don't care about being excluded, personally, because I don't want to spam VNs all day or anything (more power to you for choosing this as a gaming goal, and even for making this event if it's something you'll enjoy, but you don't need to be so toxic about it,) but you have to realize a lot of very accomplished people on the site are going to see this and balk at it, and create even more toxicity as a result. You've been the target of some unfair treatment in your time on the forums, absolutely, but most of the people in this thread have nothing to do with that. Can't you separate the two? Maybe the point is that you viewed Jem's event as exclusionary? You aren't entirely wrong maybe, but at least the criteria weren't so blatantly self-serving, and as bad of an attitude as he had at times it's nothing like the open hostility you've shown in this thread. You are very good in events, and in the best of times you are fun to play with and talk to as well. Don't let something like this ruin that. Jem learned and grew from that event, as did I, and hopefully you can do the same.
  10. Bumping this with the first full team of S6. @HcG Clawz@Ratchet2425@Mesopithecus and myself.
  11. Thanks for hosting the league and sponsoring such a generous prize. Good game to Matty and everyone else, it's been an entertaining season for sure
  12. Thief - UR worth 2 points Deus Ex: Human Revolution - VR, 1 point Mafia 3 - VR, 1 point 29 in total.
  13. Mafia 3 done, race is over. Well fought @Kent10201 OP should be fully updated.
  14. To piggyback off this post (since it probably doesn't warrant a separate thread) I'm willing to trade my 85 overall teams in Madden 12 and 13 (servers closing soon!) AND madden 15 (with the required chemistry ratings) in exchange for an 85 overall team/required chemistry ratings in madden 25, preferably ps3 edition because I could then export to PS4, but if not that's fine too.
  15. Games with fewer than 50 (including 0) achievers will count.