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  1. Putting this on hiatus indefinitely. Whenever it is time to come back, I'll unlock the thread and give it about a month to sign up. Sorry everyone.
  2. 2 people can do most of the grind, but there are a couple trophies that require 8 players, and a few more that require at least 4. You can do all of them in private lobbies, however.
  3. I don't mean to sound rude, but I don't think I lost this and I certainly didn't finish outside of the top 3. I've done 70 platinums (including 17 URs and 5 VRs) since the event started and while I know a couple of the common plats don't count since they were double stacked, Hail had 13 URs (including just one sub-1% to my 3) and 1 VR, as part of a total of 57 platinums. Since October I've earned nearly 3000 trophies to Hail's ~2000. I was literally the fourth person to sign up so I know I'm not being DQed for signing up too late or something. I would appreciate a recount from 4 October for Andrea9281, or at least an explanation because the math makes absolutely no sense atm.
  4. Everyone has been added to the bench. As usual, you can feel free to form teams or wait to be assigned one at the end of the sign-up period.
  5. Season 2 of RTHTL is officially scheduled to start on 1 March! There are no changes to format or rules. I have removed everyone on a team last season from the OP (so you'll have to opt back in to join,) but have kept the three players who requested to join the bench before or during last season - that way they get first priority for any bench teams created this season.
  6. Since we're about 2 hours from the cut-off period to decide finals format, and the spreadsheet has been updated (minus the synergy between myself and Tearraven,) we'll go ahead and select Faceoff mk. 1000.
  7. Trophy description - "Have six or more players from your team represent team of the year (coach mode)." I can't find where in career mode you can even see team of the year, and in a couple dozen simulated seasons with a custom league featuring default Australia and a bunch of the really bad default international teams I have yet to unlock this trophy. I've tried regular leagues as well, but I know custom leagues don't disable trophies as I used this method to earn the Unbeaten and Better Than Best trophies. Has anyone had any luck recently or perhaps know of something that I'm missing?
  8. My score only seems to be taking into account the last month or two (at least based on platinum counts, I know I'm at around 15 total UR plats for the event for example.) Not sure what I'm missing. I did a rough count of my score and came out with around 130k, but I didn't factor out the 3 or so stacked plats that I've done, so it's possibly slightly lower than that.
  9. Wow, my favourite star wars character!

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  10. For me to get easy Ultra Rare platinums, of course.
  11. My score seems way off. I earned trophy 6735 as my first of the second period, and 6933 as my final. So my base number of trophies is 199 and my score is nowhere near that.
  12. I will be the period 3 HTC for Gotta Plat 'em All.
  13. Don't worry, we all know you are too busy trying to get the Beatles Rock Band plat to be conspiring to rig an event you aren't even participating in. There's no way you are sitting in some chat with Jem acting all smug and plotting out the next move when you have so much left to do in that game (ntm the 40 other URs on your list.)