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  1. The scores are in! You can check out the stats sheet here to get a better idea of how the individual players fared, but since this is the final HTC of the season let's cut to the chase and look at what really matters: the overall standings! Scrubslayers - Kent - 6715 #LazyGains - 6005 Boatiful Boating Boat - 5897 Team Netherlands - 3936 Overwatch hype exists because of Activision/blizzard money. - 2967 Consecutive 2000+ point HTC periods propelled Scrubslayers - Kent all the way from fifth to a comfortable first place, and @Tearraven dropped the highest score of the season with 2580 points in the fourth HTC period to push #LazyGains into second. Anchored by 4 strong performers, Boatiful Boating Boat enters the finals in 3rd place, but with no obvious deadweight this is not the disadvantage that would face other teams. Meanwhile, Team Netherlands followed in the footsteps of that country's football team and had a few too many weak performances to make it to the finals. And finally, in what can only be explained as part of the recent backlash against microtransactions, lootboxes, and scummy gaming companies, Overwatch ran out of hype and finished in last place despite @MrUnknown625's season high 10 platinums. I already have #LazyGains' picks for eligible HTCs, but Boatiful Boating Boat has a little under 20 hours to send their picks else the three eligible players will be randomized. @DawningWolf55 @midgetstrawdog @PixelatedPortal @Bombstriker who will be the three nominees for your team?
  2. The regular season is over! We're now on a 2 day break before faceoff. Final season scores will be announced in a few hours, at which point the 2nd and 3rd place teams will have until this time tomorrow to nominate their picks for faceoff HTC. 2nd place will nominate 2 players, and 3rd will nominate 3. First place selects from those options, and can pick whoever they want from their own team as HTC. Remember to sync your trophies in the next 4 hours.
  3. This actually worked the very first time i tried it. I just had Ibra keep flailing around and brought the goalie up to him. Easy. Great job and thank you so much for sharing this method with us
  4. Who will win a trophy competition first: @Kent10201 or yourself? What's your favorite event to have admined/created? Have you updated your top 10 trophy hunters list yet? Who is the worst trophy hunter?
  5. The scores are in! Scrubslayers - Kent Mesopithecus - 7 Andrea - 611 Kent10201 - 32 [1] MStalker58 - 2072 <1036> [2] Total Score: 2722 Boatiful Boating Boat DawningWolf55 - 128 [1] Bombstriker - 268 Midgetstrawdog - 1308 <654> [1] PixelatedPortal - 600 [1] Total Score: 2305 Team Netherlands HcG-_Clawz - 677 Floriiss - 340 <170> Yuichiro-Akuhei - 95 Danny_Johansen - 115 Total Score: 1227 #LazyGains WdjatPrinnyDoods - 6 <3> Tearraven - 312 ExphereBrawler - 20 Zajac9999 - 153 Total: 491 Overwatch hype exists because of Activision/blizzard money. Soultaker655 - 20 <10> Milktastrophe - 63 Wdog-999 - 63 [1] MrUnknown625 - 26 Total: 166 Another week down, and major movement among the teams makes for a promising final HTC period. @MStalker58 carried Scrubslayers - Kent all the way from 5th to 2nd with the best HTC score of the season, while Boatiful Boating Boat rode a strong HTC score from @midgetstrawdog and excellent support to first place. #LazyGains lived up to their name with a 6 point HTC in period 3, dropping from first place down to a seemingly distant third. Meanwhile @HcG Clawz played a bunch of Sims 4 and in doing so earned the highest non-HTC score of the season thus far, and nobody on team Overwatch did anything because they were too busy speculating about Humvees in Call of Duty, dropping them to a distant 5th and all but ending their chances of advancing to the faceoff.
  6. The third period has come to a close, and the fourth and final HTC period has begun! The HTCs are those players who weren't chosen in the first three rounds: Scrubslayers - Kent: Andrea Team Netherlands: @HcG Clawz #LazyGains: @Tearraven Overwatch, Activision, etc.: @Milktastrophe Boatiful Boating Boat: @Bombstriker Remember that you have 4 hours to sync your scores for HTC 3.
  7. The scores are in (with thanks to @Tearraven for counting 3 of the teams)! Overwatch hype exists because of Activision/blizzard money. Soultaker655: 49 Milktastrophe: 220 [1] Wdog-999: 23 MrUnknown625: 1132 (566) [4] Total: 1424 Boatiful Boating Boat DawningWolf55: 319 [1] MidgetStrawDog: 394 [1] Bombstriker: 160 PixelatedPortal: 362 (181) Total: 1235 #LazyGains WdjatPrinnyDoods: 0 Tearraven: 313 ExsphereBrawler: 115 Zajac9999: 710 (355) Total: 1138 Team Netherlands HcG-_Clawz: 189 Floriiss: 220 Yuichiro-Akuhei: 520 (260) Danny_Johansen: 130 Total: 1059 Scrubslayers - Kent Mesopithecus: 0 Andrea: 503 Kent10201: 19 Mstalker: 121 Total: 643 A very eventful week in RTHTL comes to a close with big movement for some teams. Boatiful Boating Boat moved from 4th to 2nd, while @MrUnknown625 carried Overwatch Hype Exists Because of Activision/Blizzard Money all the way from 5th to 3rd. #LazyGains held in 1st place with a strong outing from @zajac9999, while Team Netherlands enjoyed a solid group effort to stay within striking distance of a faceoff spot. The less said about the team currently occupying 5th place, the better. The career leaderboards are up to date! You can view them here, and also in the OP. These will be updated every week from now on. @Tesla_Rules Will also be happy to hear that I've added a platinum game list to the season spreadsheet. The third tab has every platinum earned, plus its achievers, with bold if they earned a synergy bonus for the platinum.
  8. The second HTC period is over, and the third has begun! Here are the HTCs for the third period: Scrubslayers - Kent: @MStalker58 #LazyGains: @Wdjat Prinny Doods Team Netherlands: @Floriiss Overwatch Activision etc.: @soultaker655 Boatiful Boating Boat: @midgetstrawdog Remember to have your period 2 scores synced within the next four hours.
  9. The earlier seasons of THTL actually included a complete games list, but it was a lot of effort. Since I will be checking for synergy bonuses anyways (and since you asked) I will include a full list of games that were platinumed during the season Will add it to the career stats page, which should be up this week some time.
  10. You've been added There's about 7 hours left to the deadline for HTC 3 selections (and about 31 hours left in the 2nd HTC as a whole.) A couple teams have already selected, but if yours hasn't yet be sure to get your pick in or it will be random.
  11. The scores are in! #LazyGains WdjatPrinnyDoods: 0 Tearraven: 143 ExsphereBrawler: 1310 (655) Zajac9999: 109 Total: 1562 Scrubslayers - Kent Mesopithecus: 0 Andrea: 371 Kent10201: 72 (36) MStalker58: 211 Total: 654 Team Netherlands HcG-_Clawz: 175 Floriiss: 135 Yuichiro-Akuhei: 205 Danny_Johansen: 90 (45) Total: 605 Boatiful Boating Boat DawningWolf55: 320 (160) [1] Bombstriker: 167 Midgetstrawdog: 58 PixelatedPortal: 23 Total: 568 Overwatch hype exists because of Activision/blizzard money. Soultaker655: 20 Milktastrophe: 162 [2] Wdog-999: 30 (15) [1] MrUnknown625: 94 [4] Total: 306 Lots of good scores in the first week of action but @Brawler absolutely stole the show with a dominating performance - even his non-multiplied score (655) would've outscored all other teams. The scores for three teams fell within 100 points of each other, which could be big considering only 2 of those 3 can possibly advance to the faceoff. In other news @Kent10201 fell 900 points short of his goal because he was too busy being trolled in THL, and despite having easily the highest number of platinums, Overwatch, Activision, Etc. is in a distant 5th place. Click here for the spreadsheet. It is still somewhat of a work in progress, but the basic scores are there after week 1. I've also added everything to the career leaderboard but it is not quite ready for public viewing and probably won't be until closer to the end of the season.
  12. Unfortunately it is a bit too late for this season, but I'll add you all to the list for next season. For this season, you all are welcome to try to join a currently existing team as a substitute.