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  1. After over a year of trying different things on my new account, I finally got this trophy to work! If you are having trouble with it, you need to delete your EA account by contacting their support chat. It will be frustrating, it will probably take multiple tries to get them to actually do it, but it seems to be only way to get this done. Once you finally get the account deleted, try to download files as normal. DO NOT stop downloading files until the trophy pops. One time I downloaded 3, then backed out to the main menu, but the trophy didn't pop and the glitch on the downloaded files returned. After deleting my account yet again, I finally got this by continuing to download after the third file. It took a total of 5 downloads before the trophy popped. Hope this helps!
  2. I'll add two more, Cricket and Football: Cricket: Ashes Cricket (PS4) Ashes Cricket 2009 Don Bradman (PS3) Don Bradman (PS4) Don Bradman 17 International Cricket 2010 Football: PES 2014 (EU Stack) PES 2014 (AS Stack) PES 2014 (JP Stack) PES 2018 FIFA 19 PES 2019 (NA) PES 2019 (EU) PES 2019 (JP) PES 2019 (AS) Legendary Eleven (Pending Release)
  3. 26/27 overall, 23/27 UR # - 2014 FIFA World Cup (UR) A - Alpha Protocol (UR) B - Backbreaker (UR) C - Chess Ultra (UR) D - Dead Space 3 (UR) E - EA Sports UFC 2 (UR) F - FIFA 17 (UR) G - Grand Ages: Medieval (UR) H - Handball 16 (UR) I - International Cricket 2010 J - Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine (UR) K - Kane and Lynch 2 (UR) L - Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime (UR) M - Madden 13 (UR) N - NBA Live 18 (UR) O - Orc Slayer P - Payday 2 (UR) Q - R - Rock Band 2 (UR) S - Sniper Elite 3 (UR) T - Thief (UR) U - UFC 2009 Undisputed (UR) V - Virtua Tennis 4 (UR) W - Worms Battlegrounds (UR) X - XCOM 2 (UR) Y - Yesterday Origins Z - Zombie Vikings (UR)
  4. With the new month started I'll declare my first stacked series of the race, James Bond 007, to include the following games: 007 Legends (UR, prepared and waiting) Blood Stone (UR, some single player stuff left) Goldeneye Reloaded (UR, finished in July) Quantum of Solace (VR, unobtainable pending a workaround or fix for the online servers.)
  5. No chance for 2018 with 2019 releasing so soon. The good news is 2019's list looks much easier and this trophy is completely omitted for the first time in several iterations (previous versions since 2015 have had arguably a harder trophy requiring six consecutive wins vs superstar.) I find PES a little harder than FIFA in general, and legendary in PES harder/less forgiving than similar difficulties in FIFA. The good news is you will be trying for legendary streak against terrible teams of 10 players below 60 overall and maybe one good forward like Bale or Neymar, so with that in mind the harder part may actually be winning 2 consecutive games on superstar against very good teams in order to progress to the legendary level.
  6. The servers probably won't close until May-August of 2019, but I would caution you against purchasing this game now. Since the World Cup agent event last month, the game has stopped offering special agent player spins - this makes it much, much harder to build a good team. You are now limited to essentially a less than 5% chance of a black ball (best caliber) player using top agent spins at 10k GP a piece, or using something like the PESDB to find cheap scouts to buy at auction - but with that they start at level 1 (vs 30 for players earned via special agent,) and it costs roughly ~60-90k GP for a good player to acquire the scouts you need to guarantee the player you want, versus just 10k GP for a guaranteed gold or black ball player when special agents were in play. This is really only important for the Legendary Streak trophy, but it is quite important for that as winning two in a row on legendary is no joke even with quality players. So in other words, the platinum is still obtainable, but be prepared to spend much more time building a viable team than someone who started 2 months or more ago.
  7. Virtua Tennis 4 - Not only can this be done with two consoles, but you can actually just let the games idle while you do something else. Almost any sport game that I have on my list, actually. Don Bradman Cricket (I have the PS4 stack, but the PS3 stack is the same,) Rugby World Cup 2011, FIFA World Cup 2014, Backbreakers, MMA Supremacy, and so on. Goldeneye - A glitch enables you to start lobbies with just two players. If you don't get the glitch, close the application entirely and try again (it's roughly a 40-60% chance of happening in my experience.) Only one player needs to get experience to unlock the special mode and some of the weapons needed for a few trophies (all of which the other boost partner can easily pick up after killing the leveled character,) and the rest of the trophies are doable very quickly.
  8. Month 3: Chivalry Medieval Warfare (PS3) - 2.09 Jeopardy (PS3) - 2.03 Tropico 5 - 7.46 Grand Ages Medieval - 5.65 Thief - 5.91 Rage - 5.44 Grate Battles Medieval - 5.13 Virtua Tennis 4 - 7.19 Goldeneye Reloaded - 8.96 UFC 3 - 8.90 Homefront The Revolution - 7.04 Month 3 Total - 65.8 Combined Total to date - 140.89
  9. I'll go ahead and finish this up: 1st: Andrea 16 VR (16 pts) 20 UR 3-5 (40) 21 UR 1-2.99% (63) 5 UR .5-.99% (20) 2 UR .0-.49% (10) 3 stacks: Jimmy Johnson (2 pts) Madden 15 (4 points) and Madden 16 (3 points) Total Stack reduction: 6 points. Total: 143 2nd: @zajac9999 4 VR (4 pts) 9 UR 3-5% (18) 11 UR 1-2.99% (33) 6 UR .5-.99% (24) 6 UR .0-.49% (30) Total: 109 3rd: @Wdjat Prinny Doods 2 VR (2 pts) 7 UR 3-5% (14) 4 UR 1-2.99% (12) Total: 28 points 4th: Kent 8 VR (8 pts) 1 UR 3-5% (2) 4 UR 1-2.99% (12) Total: 22 points
  10. You can boost most online trophies in private matches, the only ones you can't do with a friend are the one for doing all daily objectives in ultimate team, and the grind to level 150 (this will be most of the time towards the plat.) For the former, just wait until there's a day with easy daily objectives - I had a day where I needed something like 15 kicks, 20 punches, 2 takedowns, and 4 completed fights. Easy stuff even if you aren't great at the game. For the latter you will probably want to do the single player championships route anyways, and there are plenty of tutorials and strategies out there to win comfortably against the AI in a minute or less. Worst case here you can just start intentionally losing quickly. You'll get half the experience as a win, but it works if you aren't grasping the game too well. The platinum is fairly time consuming - rank 150 requires a minimum of about 930 wins assuming you never lose, but likely well over 1000 total fights for most people factoring in the occasional loss. Likely a 60-75 hour plat in the end.
  11. Month 2: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - 2.32 Rage - 5.43 Thief - 5.91 Grand Ages: Medieval - 5.56 Tropico 5 - 7.44 Medal of Honor - 6.26 Month 2 Total: 32.92 Combined Total to Date: 75.09
  12. France 3-0 Australia Argentina 4-1 Iceland Peru 1-1 Denmark Croatia 2-2 Nigeria
  13. Morocco 2-0 Iran Portugal 2-1 Spain Uruguay 3-1 Egypt
  14. When I got close to reaching Emperor, around rank 13 or so, I started making lots of level 1 cities randomly dispersed throughout the map. By that point in the game you should have a decent economy and a sizeable stockpile of cash (I was well over 15 million even after doing this) so that it won't really hurt. The same principle can apply to businesses: when you get closer, start making lots of businesses in all your cities (make sure to upgrade your churches/mosques to maximum level first, after you've bought the required research in the infrastructure tree) and even if it throws your economy out of whack it won't really matter. Cosmopolitan City I actually got in the campaign so can't really help with that. If you get a city to 15,000 it shouldn't be a problem though I would think. Another thing to be mindful of is that these three trophies seem to be glitched in a silly, but easily worked around manner. When I qualified for both Architect and Producer, only Architect popped. When I reloaded my save from just 2-3 minutes prior and sped through hitting Emperor rank again, Producer worked. So I'm thinking the glitch is something to do with the game only awarding one of these trophies at a time, and therefore you will want a save just prior to achieving Emperor status.
  15. Finally actually did one of these - Operation Raccoon City (with dlc) 1 down 19 to go