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  1. 25/29 total, 21/29 Ultra Rare (bolded.)
  2. I didn't have this particular problem but if you aren't able to match alts with 0 wins I would just make a new alt and replace the one that already has games played. It's way faster than fighting with the matchmaking even on a good day. I am glad the method seems to be mostly working for everyone though I am having an annoying enough time trying to do weekend league qualification I think doing this the hard way would've been well outside of my skill range lol.
  3. This is exactly how I did it.
  4. I didn't use any special filter and I connected both accounts from the same WiFi/ IP address. It will take a few tries, but I typically was able to match up within around 10 tries of starting provided I timed the searching correctly (pressing both buttons at the same time.)
  5. This is correct, though I am not sure about FUT points (the ones you spend real money on.) I would strongly encourage you to finish the other ultimate team trophies before taking the step to delete your team. The game doesn't matchmake based on team rating at all, so if you restart you'll have to try to reach rank 3 in FUT rivals and qualify for weekend league with a team of 60 overalls playing people who have epic teams. Once you are done with that, then you can think about deleting your team.
  6. 3 wins and 2 losses worked for my alt to get to division 4 after I boosted my main to 4. It didn't make it by much so that is probably the minimum for now.
  7. If you are struggling to earn this trophy legitimately, there is a very easy boosting method that will save hours of frustration: You will need two consoles (or a boost partner,) and 3 dummy accounts per player being boosted. Create teams for each of your 3 alts and your main. Delete the club associated with your main if they have already completed qualification (and if you already have the Weekend League trophy.) I found mid day to be the best time to boost. Starting late at night/early in the morning would result in my alts not being able to connect for whatever reason. Aim for around 10am-2pm of your local time if possible. Coordinate with your alt/yourself to begin searching at the same time. You'll probably match with randoms quite a few times before meeting your partner, just keep at it and verify that both parties are ready to search before pressing the button. When you've matched with someone, you can quit out at any time from the ready button, through the uniform selection, to finalising your roster/tactics without any penalty. There's no excuse for starting a game when you are less than 100% sure you have matched with your partner/alt. Have them ready up or swap unis at a coordinated time to be sure. In game, play for 10 minutes or so and have the losing player score a couple own goals and then quit. The game seems to only want to pair you with players on the same number of wins as you. So your next step will be to boost alts to your level. You can have them play your previously defeated alts. For example, once your main is on two wins, have your third alt play the first account with zero wins, then the second account with one win. Your main then beats your third alt and that team becomes a stepping stone on the path for the team you are boosting to three wins. This is a pain but at least it isn't as bad as the draft champions trophies of years past. To write out the roles for each account: Main: Wins every match. Alt 1: Loses match 1 to your main, then every successive match to the next alts. Alt 2: Wins match 1 vs alt 1, then loses to your main. Alt 3, Wins matches 1 vs alt 1 and 2 vs alt 2, hen loses to your main. It's important to note that the same players seemingly cannot be matched after they've already played a qualification game vs. each other. So be extra careful that the alt that you haven't yet played on your main is the one winning games during these steps. For whatever reason, I can't seem to match up with my other console after more than 2 or 3 games in a night. If this is your experience, just quit and try again the following night. I would suggest doing this before FIFA 20 comes out, as there is the possibility of the Weekend League qualification trophy becoming unobtainable. Alternatively, you can just earn that trophy if you already have a decent club, then delete it when you are ready to boost this one through qualification. You can play the last two qualification games legitimately after you've earned 3 wins on your main. Quitting out could be a safe strategy for all but the fifth and final game in this scenario, as people have reported the trophy for completing qualification failing to unlock if they quit in game five so at the least you should be careful to play that match in its entirety. However, when I tested it on my alt, both trophies popped as they should have.
  8. Just got this trophy via winning the first available game in World Tour using my old character (had already won it previously, so no need to create a new character.) So everybody should be good to go for plat now! Thanks again to everyone who pushed for this over the months, and EA for following through with a fix relatively late in the game's life cycle.
  9. The devs had an AMA earlier today where they shared an update on the World Domination trophy, which has been glitched since a patch in October. "Happy to announce we will be pushing a fix out next week that will give anyone who wins a World Tour game (any game will do) the World Domination achievement. This was the most practical way for us to fix this to ensure anyone could get it. You should now be able to complete all of your achievements." I will post an update and confirmation after the patch has come out, but just wanted to thank all the people who have kept up the pressure/awareness on this issue for over 6 months.
  10. C. None of the above The southern hemisphere is the best country for gaming.
  11. Adding my second game with the ultra-weeby Command and Conquer Red Alert 3.
  12. After over a year of trying different things on my new account, I finally got this trophy to work! If you are having trouble with it, you need to delete your EA account by contacting their support chat. It will be frustrating, it will probably take multiple tries to get them to actually do it, but it seems to be only way to get this done. Once you finally get the account deleted, try to download files as normal. DO NOT stop downloading files until the trophy pops. One time I downloaded 3, then backed out to the main menu, but the trophy didn't pop and the glitch on the downloaded files returned. After deleting my account yet again, I finally got this by continuing to download after the third file. It took a total of 5 downloads before the trophy popped. Hope this helps!
  13. I'll add two more, Cricket and Football: Cricket: Ashes Cricket (PS4) Ashes Cricket 2009 Don Bradman (PS3) Don Bradman (PS4) Don Bradman 17 International Cricket 2010 Football: PES 2014 (EU Stack) PES 2014 (AS Stack) PES 2014 (JP Stack) PES 2018 FIFA 19 PES 2019 (NA) PES 2019 (EU) PES 2019 (JP) PES 2019 (AS) Legendary Eleven (Pending Release)
  14. 26/27 overall, 23/27 UR # - 2014 FIFA World Cup (UR) A - Alpha Protocol (UR) B - Backbreaker (UR) C - Chess Ultra (UR) D - Dead Space 3 (UR) E - EA Sports UFC 2 (UR) F - FIFA 17 (UR) G - Grand Ages: Medieval (UR) H - Handball 16 (UR) I - International Cricket 2010 J - Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine (UR) K - Kane and Lynch 2 (UR) L - Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime (UR) M - Madden 13 (UR) N - NBA Live 18 (UR) O - Orc Slayer P - Payday 2 (UR) Q - R - Rock Band 2 (UR) S - Sniper Elite 3 (UR) T - Thief (UR) U - UFC 2009 Undisputed (UR) V - Virtua Tennis 4 (UR) W - Worms Battlegrounds (UR) X - XCOM 2 (UR) Y - Yesterday Origins Z - Zombie Vikings (UR)
  15. With the new month started I'll declare my first stacked series of the race, James Bond 007, to include the following games: 007 Legends (UR, prepared and waiting) Blood Stone (UR, some single player stuff left) Goldeneye Reloaded (UR, finished in July) Quantum of Solace (VR, unobtainable pending a workaround or fix for the online servers.)