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  1. To clarify how this week's reward works: The 4 bonus hours work as fill-ins, not just a passive +4 to a players score. In other words, if a player scores a trophy for 6 consecutive hours, takes a 2 hour break, then comes back for 6 more hours, and then stops their score is 16, not 6. If a player reaches the end of the event with an active streak, the remaining bonus hours are automatically added to their score.
  2. The votes are in! Jem has played a hidden immunity idol. All votes cast for Jem will not count. Vote 1 - Jem12345 Vote 2 - Jem12345 Vote 3 - Jem12345 Vote 4 - Jem12345 Vote 5 - Jem12345 Vote 6 - Kent10201 Vote 7 - Kent10201 Vote 8 - Kent10201 Vote 9 - Kent10201 By a vote of 4-0, the 8th player voted out of Survivor: PSNP and first member of the jury: @Kent10201 Jem records the first successful idol use in Survivor: PSNP history and escapes the blindside. What's in store next week? Stay tuned for the update in the coming days!
  3. Say goodbye to the roaches! (They won't be gone for long.)
  4. This is a good point, and I think @Fredoline05's solution is a fair one. I'm in favor of using that format this week and then adjusting as needed for future weeks.
  5. Apology accepted, yes MLB 16 is way outside of my comfort zone if you saw how bad I was at MLB 17 (which was in truth an extremely easy plat, hence why I detected sarcasm.) MLB 16 only 10 out of 15k+ people have accomplished the plat though, so you'd be right in thinking that. There's nothing wrong with being a trophy whore but if that's what you are you don't need to pretend to be otherwise, that's really the only time it looks bad. Maybe you should go all out trophy whore though I'd like to see you bring the heat
  6. I'm sensing a lot of sarcasm for someone down nearly 600 points. You do realize I have 31 platinums with 20% or fewer achieved to your 1? Now that I think about it, it may not have even been sarcasm coming from someone who deletes accounts because of LEGO games and routinely complains about even the simplest of Artifex Mundi classics. Sorry to hear about dropping the goals, but at least you have the roaches to keep you company 😉 Maybe a nice wedding in FF14 as well? Going to need someone to help you with these trophies.
  7. Another plat for me - MLB The Show 17. 6.03% achieved = 93.97 points Score at time of last update: 764.63 Total to date: 858.6 @MidnightCJ I meant to ask you - I know you wrote in a thread earlier this year about your goal of going on a blind date at some point in 2017. How has that panned out? Still planning to give it a try? Maybe you will meet a gamer girl who can help you with FF14 😉
  8. At last update I was up to 144 on the strength of a Madden stack worth 48 points. Nothing so exciting this time, but MLB The Show 17 adds 8 points to the total and puts me at 152 after the first week and a half.
  9. Points update: Couple of sports plats in the bag for me, and solid progress in 3 other games of decent rarity as well. Madden NFL 16 - 3 pts MLB The Show 17 - 1 pt Day 10 total - 20 points
  10. The scores are in! Round 1: @Fredoline05- 10 @xZoneHunter - 0 Fred earns the opening point for Blue in this best of 5 immunity challenge Next up is @GlennRhee for blue and @MStalker58 representing orange. Their match begins an hour and 58 minutes from now.
  11. Another plat for me - Madden 16. Rarity of 1.32% so 98.68 points for me, on top of the 665.95 I already have for a total of 764.63 at this stage in the competition. Hopefully will be over 900 before the end of the week. Wow, who knew Lego games were so time consuming and difficult! Maybe you can get some of the roaches to help do this tedious collecting for you - it only seems fair as they aren't paying rent to stay in your place. On a related note - have you ever tried Lego Rock Band? It looks about as difficult as the other games, but way less collectibles. It's only rated a 5/10 on the ps3trophies guide too, so I think it's very doable for you
  12. Only 1 platinum to add, but it's a big one. Got the Madden 16 plat (missing the fastest ever time by about an hour) and with it I earn an additional 48 points. 16 from the plat then 16 each for both Madden 15 and 16 because of the stacking bonus. I have plans to get 13 and possibly 18 depending on what the list looks like, so that's something to look forward to. For the rest of the week I will keep making good gains on different UR rhythm games I have, and dead space 3, and possibly start on thief. Good times ahead @soultaker655 will you add a scoreboard at some point?
  13. Tribal Council Results Vote 1: EpicNogg Vote 2: Lucas Vote 3: EpicNogg 6th person voted out of Survivor: PSNP: @EpicNogg4 by a vote of 4-1. We finally have our first unanimous vote of the season, and things are heating up as we get closer to the merge. @jem12345 will join the Orange team at the start of the announcement period in a little over two days. He's carrying the torch for all of C2 now, but will he suffer the same fate as his league mates? Find out next week!
  14. I hope you are ready for a bit of an update @MidnightCJ XCOM Enemy Within - 92.05 points Madden NFL 15 - 98.78 points Blood Bowl 2 - 98.04 points Supremacy MMA - 98.25 points Sniper Elite V2 - 92.42 points Rock Band 2 - 92.02 points Band Hero - 94.39 points Total: 665.95 points on day 2 It's no Final Fantasy 14 of course, but it will do Maybe you should've saved some of those platinums after all... I regret to inform you that I've had to report you to the cyber-police for racism. This is a very serious charge, but hopefully you can plead your case and keep your internet. Best of luck!
  15. XCOM Enemy Within - 1 pt Madden 15 - 3 pts Blood Bowl 2 - 3 pts Sniper Elite V2 - 1 pt Band Hero - 2 pts Supremacy MMA - 3 pts Rock Band 2 - 3 pts Day 2 Total: 16 points