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  1. I find this game extremely frustrating and one of the hardest games I have EVER played. The fact that when you die, you lose currency and being teleported to the nearest control point is the epitome of my frustration. Combined with the long loading times, I just find the game not fun which shouldn't happen at all. In some boss fights and fights in general the camera doesn't do a good job at being centered and clear and I found myself falling or not being able to target certain enemies. I have three health boosts to my character and still gets knocked out within two or three shots. I haven't raged quit from a game for quite a while now and I think that the fact that Remedy did not include a difficulty setting is ridiculous. I truly don't understand how the platinum is at 44%. If I could guess, I'd say it would be Very rare instead of Uncommon. Maybe there's a mechanic I didn't realize yet...
  2. I have to strongly agree about the post game grind. I have finished the game including the side missions in about 15 hours, currently reaching 40 hours and I still have 9 ability points to earn and about 40k coins to fully upgrade all weapons. This is extremely frustrating and tedious. I am currently redoing the last mission and I get about 150k xp per 15 mins but I had enough of this mission already. I am fine with collectables, but this unnecessary grind makes no sense whatsoever.
  3. I totally agree, the AI is absolutely terrible in this game. I am so regretful about buying this game. So frustrating and nothing like I imagined.
  4. Am I the only one who cannot see how many miles I have done in the vehicle selection screen anymore? This game is really frustrating. Thought it's going to be a great fun like Burnout was but it's nothing like it.
  5. Would you like to do this in co-op? I'm looking for a partner because it's damn hard alone.
  6. I gotta be honest, it was really excruciating to find MP games lately. Perhaps people got tired of the game...