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  1. Sorry, i thought you only needed to do it once with four players nvm. Thanks.
  2. Just finished a run with a group where we went for elitist and masterminds trophies on the same run. We finished it everyone got the trophy except for me even though I got the money bonus and the awards. Any suggestions on what to do (EDIT)NVM I'm an idiot
  3. I guess not
  4. Do you have any saves before you completed the final mission?
  5. BloodBorne!
  6. Wouldnt mind getting it if you still have it
  7. Well i did the same thing and i needed around 5 encounters, took me 2 hours to find 1 and then another 2 hours for the rest of the encounters. Just keep doing it and you will eventually get it
  8. The Last Of Us Remastered - 5.58%
  9. I did authentic solo aswell. Some parts were fucked up even quit for a month after spending a whole day trying to complete a mission
  10. ^ Uncharted 2 and 3 since you have played the first one and uncharted 4 comes out next month so nice way to get "ready"