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  1. Thank you Azaan!
  2. Appreciate the generosity. Sign me up.
  3. Never bothered learning the different stances in nioh so I just used the same one through the game.
  4. Nope, you are good to go, got the platinum a few months ago and didn't see or hear about any modders.
  5. Not even shareplaying with someone?
  6. Can you get this trophy without 2 controllers?
  7. 1-Smite (0.71) 2-Bo3 (0.77) 3-Bo4 (0.77) 4-3on3 Freestyle (0.93) 5-GTA 5 (1.92)
  8. Guys, how about we all stfu until we play the game ourselves and decide if it's good or not?
  9. Despite grounded/ survival being very hard in certain parts, I definitely think it was very fun since you had to be careful with how you used your ammo and equipment. Immersed me even more in the world of tlou and I'm kind of sad that there are no difficulty trophies this time.
  10. Maybe it doesn't pop the trophy anymore but that's how mine popped when I posted this
  11. Happy to try Old: CarlosInacio New: Cxrlos23
  12. The "Git gud" thing started has a joke, it should stay that way
  13. The day 6 login reward will give you a 1-day pass of any character of your choice and will pop the Five Star Class trophy, this way you don't need to get to level 30 to get the last manual. Hope this helps!
  14. Thanks for the recommendations guys!
  15. Looking for some good ps3 games, currently playing rdr. Recommendations would be appreciated.