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  1. Maybe it doesn't pop the trophy anymore but that's how mine popped when I posted this
  2. Happy to try Old: CarlosInacio New: Cxrlos23
  3. The "Git gud" thing started has a joke, it should stay that way
  4. The day 6 login reward will give you a 1-day pass of any character of your choice and will pop the Five Star Class trophy, this way you don't need to get to level 30 to get the last manual. Hope this helps!
  5. Thanks for the recommendations guys!
  6. Looking for some good ps3 games, currently playing rdr. Recommendations would be appreciated.
  7. Can confirm it comes with DLC just got a trophy from the 3rd pack.
  8. Was hoping the DLC was included since it was free, but oh well.
  9. Does the PS Now version of the game have the online DLC?
  10. I have not received a code yet. I'm guessing I wasn't chosen or are codes still being sent? (btw if anyone has a code and doesn't need it I would greatly appreciate it).
  11. Is there any way you can implement a feature where you search the animals by their location? (ex: only animals in New Austin,...)
  12. Apparently, you can do this: Rot Tosser -> Cow Carcass, Emhyr ability -> Necromancy to play another Rot Tosser from your graveyard -> Cow Carcass. ( Credit to UncleBobbyDied)
  13. Sorry, i thought you only needed to do it once with four players nvm. Thanks.
  14. Just finished a run with a group where we went for elitist and masterminds trophies on the same run. We finished it everyone got the trophy except for me even though I got the money bonus and the awards. Any suggestions on what to do (EDIT)NVM I'm an idiot