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  1. Turning up the volume... F.E.A.R!
  2. Thank you very much. It seems it's only our console, and I had been looking for contacts. I'd be very disappointed to lose this 100%.
  3. I wasn't aware that any trophies were possible except 2 of them... if others are, then soon I will be interested.
  4. The Frozen Free Fall servers not working and potentially being shut down. I can't collect my daily rewards, and without my daily rewards I can't 100%. It's the longest game I've ever played and would've felt great to have completed.
  5. Hello, I'm still not finished with this extremely long game... however, at this rate, I might not ever be. :/ I'm not currently playing it, but I'm still collecting the daily rewards so I can complete it easily with power-ups... however, for the past week I have not been able to do that, the servers have been constantly down. Does anyone else have the same problem, or know what might have happened?
  6. A lot of Five Finger Death Punch recently... and currently, This Is My War!
  7. I think one day I will meet her in hell
  8. 💀
  9. Most recent 100%: Anna Extended Edition. Last completed game in my collection of 1666 trophies.
  10. It's a late post, but a must! Last 100% is psychological horror game Anna Extended, which was purposefully combined with the very important milestone of 1666 trophies.
  11. Thank you 😃🤘
  12. Probably not the most obsessed about platinums.
  13. I prefer it when all trophies are obtainable, although it doesn't turn games into an instant-no. I played Motorstorm Pacific Rift and got all the offline trophies, even though I knew the platinum was unobtainable upon starting. I also played a few games that don't even have trophies.
  14. Music is great and the video is funny.
  15. You definitely shouldn't feel obliged to go for every trophy in the game, as that would cost way too much pain. I like to complete games too, though I enjoy what I do. If I'm not enjoying, then I ignore the trophies, which I have done a few times before. A few incomplete games never hurt the list. I can kind of answer that question. I don't have that platinum or any of quite that difficulty (yet), but I do very much like difficult games and have got quite a few in my collection... I think Retro/Grade and Bionic Commando Rearmed being my best so far. Such games can indeed be quite demanding, but it is also nice to be challenged up to my abitilies... and possibly greatest of all, is that speechless amazed feeling when you win an extremely hard game... it's just fantastic. When you 100% an easy game or even something grindy, it's just not the same... but I don't always bother with grindy trophies anyway. I always get very excited and tempted when I see hard games on sale or in PS+.