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  1. I'm starting to think they're gone forever... 100% gone for me.
  2. Two reasons why not. 1: The limit for a username on PSN is 16, and that would be 17. 2: It would take a long time. It was never planned at all that my trophies completely freeze like this... but as it was on a nice number, I decided to make use of it. I will be back to normal soon. 666 will always remain though. \m/
  3. Good question. Have I finished with trophies? The answer is no. At the moment my interests are a little elsewhere, and I found a good place to freeze my number. I will return, I am not frozen forever, but I am not completely sure when I will return... I don't see it being any time soon, if I'm honest. My trophy cabinet, about me, cover photo, rank, location, image and title of this thread will all have to change when I earn my next trophy.
  4. Loving the new update. We can now clearly see on our list on the site, the completion rate of all games, platinum or not. As for my list on the forum, a few changes made today - unsurprisingly, it's a bit hard to constantly keep up with fluctuating rarities, so it is now rounded only to the nearest whole percentage. If you really want to see a more accurate rarity, you're welcome to see this. I also invented a new category for the games whose rarities are at the extreme: SUB 1%!
  5. Completionist. Not so much with grindy trophies, but always with difficult games. I do not consider myself a trophy hunter in terms of quantity - I really don't care if I'm level 10, 15, 20, 30 or whatever. All I care about is the reward of the final result of earning 100% for a game.
  6. This is a good topic and an interesting variant of ''Post the last trophy you did earn''. Is the criteria for posting in this thread trophies that we simply failed today and will try again tomorrow, or ones that we have officially given up on forever? I will post mine: From Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight Summer Levels Complete: Finish all Summer Levels. While I have not earned any trophies since May, I was still collecting daily rewards for Frozen Free Fall Snowball Fight so that I could progress through the levels easily when I return. However, the servers have been down for months and 100% for this game is now an impossibility! The trophy listed is the next one I would have earned if they'd stayed up, and the last trophy in my list I successfully hoped for and didn't earn.
  7. I voted 80%-100%, I like to go for 100% on every game I can. That said, my average completion is not especially important to me. Any games with a very low percentage (0%-20%) are clearly games that were just tried, disliked and dumped straight away. I never test games on other accounts just so that a ''bad percentage'' doesn't show up - I really don't see trying a game and disliking it as something to be ashamed of. That said, when I get to higher percentages, I tend to get a lot more hungry for 100%. Grindy trophies are prioritized far lower and sometimes I ignore them, so occasionally I'll lose 100% simply by not caring about the grindy trophies. That said, when it's pure challenge/difficulty, I accept nothing other than 100%. Overall, completion is not particularly important to me, but I go for 100% on every game where I can so I do have quite a high completion rate, despite the fact I don't believe it's vital to 100% everything.
  8. I just checked my list and it appears I actually have. On my birthday in 2016, I earned the platinum for Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing. No birthday plat this year though.
  9. Well, are we not already rewarded by ourselves? Our trophy level increasing is already a reward, as well as for our own hobby. A few extra avatars might be okay, but I don't think money or a % off for games is necessary nor even a good idea. The other potential flaw with the overall idea - how would we reward another type of trophy hunter who isn't necessarily bothered at all about the numbers, but is courageous and skilled enough to complete extremely difficult games like Super Meat Boy? Their trophy progress may be slower and their trophy level lower, but often I find quality more impressive than quantity. Money off for trophies will only further encourage people to buy games like My Name Is Mayo with financial thoughts in their head... I personally don't really want that. Small rewards such as a few extra avatars I am not against though.
  10. Am listening to the epic Twilight of the Thunder God by Amon Amarth! I am sure @Rose Amicitia knows well this song.
  11. Don't know what I've found😆😆but good listen
  12. Thinking about the Frozen servers still. Also Frozen at 1666 trophies.
  13. Same profile with a working link: https://psnprofiles.com/TheNukes If they haven't made any announcement, it could be an eternal mystery. His stats show his last activity was December, no trophies earned as of this year. I don't think it's uncommon to take a 6 month break and return though. I haven't earned any trophies since May, but I'm not finished. I'm just doing other things in life currently, and possibly will be for most of the year. I'm happy with the number I paused at, too.
  14. Turning up the volume... F.E.A.R!
  15. Thank you very much. It seems it's only our console, and I had been looking for contacts. I'd be very disappointed to lose this 100%.