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  1. I forgot about that one... which is much worse than my example. It was fun for about 10 minutes. No more. A game should last longer than that.
  2. This game was very dull, but I have played worse. I couldn't name them as I ended them very quickly. This is the first and probably last time I have my name credited on a guide for a game I did not complete. However, VirtualNight was responsible for 95% of the information, and me the presentation. Also, please remember everyone that games can be amazing without trophies as well as awful with trophies, so I don't think they should be included in the measurement. I actually enjoyed Mighty No. 9 a lot and have played far worse. I enjoyed the game very much. Not sure if I should take that as a compliment or what... "I remember a shit game on PS3 without trophies. I haven't found its name but it was a car game." Calling All Cars? Si le gameplay d'un jeu est nul, le jeu est nul... les trophées font aucune difference. C'est pareil pour tous les bons jeux... en fait, tous les jeux. If the gameplay in a game is rubbish, the game is rubbish... trophies make no difference. Same for all the good games... or rather, all games. I wouldn't say it was the worst, but it certainly wasn't great. It was very frustrating and I wouldn't want to do it again. (Edit: wrong person quoted, meant to quote the Aaru's Awakening post from @Solid-Fisch) That could well be a contender, in fact. I remember stopping very quickly. Not sure what people enjoy about it.
  3. More mods is a fantastic and necessary change to the forum. Congrats to both... I'm sure they will be needed!
  4. Fuck yeah, drum 'n' bass... I still like metal more though, lol.
  5. Summoning are by far my favourite atmospheric black metal band. I have never listened to Plaga, although I see they are indeed very similar to Mgla. I will have a listen.
  6. After an inspiring discussion with @BrettyBoy about apps that automatically change all websites to a dark theme, I decided to download Dark Reader. While it may not be the same extension/app, it serves the same purpose. I definitely don't regret downloading it... but what's most remarkable, is how my forum profile here looks different! My goodness, it looks so much better with a dark theme!

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    2. damon8r351


      @Midnightwards666 I do now!


      It makes every single page look like a creepypasta wiki.

    3. Midnightwards666


      Absolutely... and that is exactly what I want!

      I think it is easier on the eyes... although to be completely honest, I would say my main reasons are similar to damon's. I'm just really dark by nature, and almost always wear all black. 

    4. BrettyBoy


      Good choice.

  7. NEW ALBUM: Gravity by Starkill Released on 17th May, 2019, this is quite possibly the best album of the year so far. Starkill combine symphonic, power and melodic death metal... the music is very symphonic, and at times even electronic... and there are three styles of vocals! There is a female singer and a male singer, both of which vary between clean and harsh vocals. It's like Sirenia, Arch Enemy and The Unguided all combined. Some tracks lean towards the symphonic side, others more towards melodeath. I have listened to all tracks... while none in particular stand out as a highlight track, the album as a whole is a masterpiece. I just had a listen... As the Magma Mammoth Rises is a great track! Most of my playlist is much faster... my favourite type of death metal is melodeath (Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Mygrain), that was more doom/death metal which I don't listen to as much... but I still liked it very much, in particular the last track. Based on the tracks you linked, my best recommendation for you would be a track by Lvcifyre called Night Sea Sorcery. It's very dark, atmospheric, it has influences of doom, death and black metal and definitely seems like what you would like. However, that particular track is not very typical of the band... their other tracks are a bit more insane. I even saw them live once, supporting Mgla. I can't think of any similar bands, only individual tracks right now... but if I ever do, I can let you know. Also, it's great to see someone keeping this thread alive!
  8. They're definitely not bad moderators - I see them lock threads, warn users and generally doing their job... I have even been warned once for member abuse too... I just think there are not enough of them, which allows drama to continue for too long.
  9. While it's tempting, I wouldn't recommend it... unless you do it in some very clever way that makes it seem like you're just posting anyway. I have had idiots target statuses at me before, more or less accusing me of trolling whilst deleting any comment of mine and any others they didn't agree with... such a level of immaturity need not even be commented on. I just stayed quiet and reported him, otherwise drama would have erupted, which is a too frequent occurence here. I think this site has a shortage of moderators. A civilized debate is fine... but any drama that is evolving should be stopped before it can erupt, which often doesn't happen. Statuses like the one mentioned above is a recipe for disaster and shouldn't be allowed. Some forums have too much/overzealous moderation, others don't have enough... this forum belongs to the latter category.
  10. Ah right. I have learned something today.
  11. And what if they put me on their ignore list?
  12. I agree. While I am fortunate enough to have only added 3 users to my ignore list, of which only 2 are active, I can still see their status updates and I even have an option to comment on it...although I don't know how the commenting works.
  13. 2010? Wow, that's 5 years before I even created this account. I started playing on this account in February 2016. I think top of my list would be Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which I bought in January 2017. I still haven't got to it, but I will. I have played it a bit though. There are a few games from March 2017 that I am yet to start.
  14. Rarity is not always an accurate reflection of difficulty. Just see the Spelunker HD trophies, for example. The plat is ultra rare... the DLC trophies are much harder, yet nothing below 7%. Maybe we could half the rarity once more... but do we want the rarity to reflect the difficulty of the game, or be an accurate percentage of how many owners earned said trophy? As for them showing up as unearned trophies... well, perhaps it's because they are?
  15. [Tokyo Jungle] I just survived 102 years playing as a chick! I also didn't use costumes once and my stats were virtually base level at the start. Amazing result. 

    1. ResoluteRock


      Was she hot? :P

    2. Midnightwards666


      Up to year 50, very. Then she seemed to age a bit.