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  1. After arriving home late at night after work, there's no better way to finish off the day than with thrash metal and a good headbang! This seems to be my favourite track today. Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet the frontman!
  2. I'm a bit late to the discussion, but despite some of the issues, this is fantastic news! It's easy to say to someone ''you agreed upon registration that your PSN ID cannot be changed'', or ''it's your fault for not making a good longterm decision''... but let's say they chose at an age of 8, when one's brain is not fully developped... how on earth can we expect them to reach 20 and feel like they chose a great name? They have no idea what will be right when they'll be 2.5x their current age. I already restarted my entire trophy collection (Level 13, just over 1k trophies) years back, so I have no need to change my name now. But I have believed in this feature for many years, and it was definitely time. Am very pleased for all those who can finally get rid of a name they chose like a decade ago, and chuffed to see so many with so few issues. This is something to be celebrated.
  3. I have used Duolingo before. I didn't really get into the streak aspect though. Did it teach you a lot?
  4. FTFY. Although seriously, some people enjoy focusing on ''the leaderboards''. Then it's not a waste of time.
  5. For me it entirely depends on the game. Some games are really bad and I hardly unlock anything. Some games are really good and I set myself many further challenges and unlock more than just the trophies. Other games are good enough for passing time and I'll get all the trophies, but I won't bother going much further. Then some games are good, but have grindy trophies that I refuse to bother with. Trophies are public, while your offline game progress is not, which could be a motivating factor. Many don't like letting others see incomplete games in their list. The other thing you must not forget is that users on this forum are not necessarily an accurate representation of the PSN community as a whole - this website is designed for tracking our trophies, so most people here are far more interested in trophies than the average PSN user. If a player is aiming to earn a particular title or unlock all cars, it means they're getting very into the game and it may be worth finding a forum specifically dedicated to that game, rather than this one which is more for general trophy hunting and might not get the same response.
  6. My thoughts are pretty much exactly this... not much to add, other than I think it's paying for trophies rather than games, for the exact reasons mentioned above.
  7. Would the white robot be accompanied by a speaker playing heavy metal that he can sing (or scream) over?
  8. The last game I played, which I believe is Tokyo Jungle. I play it all the time, despite the fact I have had all trophies for a year. Almost all games I play are to enjoy - platting is just a bonus or provides additional reasons to play.
  9. In order to stay on topic here, I'll write to you about it in a PM.
  10. This thread is only 2 days old... and it's been an enjoyable read. I think everyone has their own goals. I wouldn't go as far as saying your rank means nothing. It's up to each individual player to find the meaning behind their trophy hunting... it's not up to others. What one's trophies mean to oneself is important - what one's trophies mean to other people is not. We have goals - in their case, it is to build an impressively large collection of trophies. When we reach a goal we feel an achievement... as a Level 17 with quite a small collection by this site's standards, I can't speculate too much, but my guess is hitting Level 30 feels like a milestone reached and feels achieved. This style doesn't work for you... it's ok, it doesn't work for me either.
  11. I voted for the ''definite no'' option. Changing clocks is a silly idea that messes up everyone's body clocks. Losing an hour of sleep in March (and on this particular year, on my birthday) is never fun nor healthy. If it was up to me, I would just cancel the upcoming clock change and leave it like that all year round. It will get dark one hour earlier, but even in summer that's still a lot of time... and in winter it will be one hour later. Getting up earlier is also an option for making use of the daylight. The other option would be to go ahead and move the clocks fowards for the last time, and not move them backwards in October. Personally, I think the other option is better - sunrise would be an hour later, and it could turn out a bit dangerous if it's still dark while there's 8am rush hour traffic and kids walking to school.
  12. Yeah, it is. Anyone who does that is only playing for the trophies and not for the game. I don't know what the point is in even playing games if one is going to do that. Not sure if I'm 100% qualified to pass too much comment though, given that I'm not a full-on trophy hunter... I never ever bother with grinds, don't really care about completion and play many hard long games with not many trophies. I avoid anything that kills satisfaction and pride, which is why there are many types of ''cheats'' I never use.
  13. Cheating is a very difficult word to define. What is cheating and what isn't I won't try to answer, but here is a small insight as to what I think is okay to use, and what I like to avoid. What I use: Boosting: I rarely have anything against this one. Trophies that require online boosting are often stupid trophies anyway, and playing online can be more fun than playing alone. That particular LBP trophy you mentioned, I have that trophy and have helped many others get it. That trophy just seemed designed for nothing other than boosting, to be honest. Anything that cuts out tedious level replaying: I hate replaying the same early easy boring levels just because I fail at the later harder levels and lose all lives. Another example is if you just need to go back a short distance to unlock a different ending in a game... I use USB saves in those cases. If there are ways to avoid such tediousness, I usually use it, no matter how... whether it's an in-game exploit or involves a USB, whether it gives me infinite lives or extra checkpoints. I use guides if I need a bit of extra clarity on a trophy requirement - I'd rather live with that small amount of guilt than spend several tedious hours/days trying to guess. I also hate secret trophies - I don't see how I'm supposed to know a trophy requirement if the game doesn't tell me what it is. I'm not psychic. I always look them up. What I don't use/avoid using: Shareplay. As someone without a PS4 I don't really have that choice... but let's say I did, and there was a trophy that was either beyond my capabilities or a grindy trophy which I simply didn't want... Shareplay is something I would never ever use. Grindy trophies are nothing but boredom and show nothing in the collection, thus I don't bother with them anymore. A hard trophy also means nothing to me if I didn't have the skills to earn it myself. Any exploit that allows me to go out of bounds, theoretically allowing me to get an infinite score or skip huge chunks of the game instead of playing properly. This completely kills the game, and I don't know what the point in playing it is if one is going to do that. Such an exploit exists in Race the Sun, which I obviously didn't use. YouTube in puzzle games. If you look up the solution to a puzzle before attempting to solve it yourself... then what's the point of even playing? If I get really really stuck and am absolutely hopeless about solving it myself, I might use YouTube... but I always feel ashamed and defeated when I have to do that, and avoid it as much as possible. Whether or not I use an exploit entirely depends on the type: if it makes the game more enjoyable (not having to replay same levels over and over), I'll use it. If it just kills the game and turns it into an easy trophy earner (example above), I won't.
  14. My flaming hands just got the platinum for the superfast rhythm game Amplitude. 

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nicely done!

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. SarDarniTron


      Flaming, fiery, ambidextrous hands 🤘😈🤘

  15. (Amplitude) Went for the trophy ''complete all 15 tracks of expert campaign without restarting, failling or quitting'' today. Got through 9 tracks, had been doing great, then the PS3 froze. 

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    2. Midnightwards666


      It could happen. I don't really play enough at the moment to justify getting a PS4, but it's where all my friends play online. PS3 servers are slowly but surely being deserted. 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Ahh my bad. But yea I was just sharing my thoughts because I got the game from ps plus and I heard you can get the ps4 version instead. 


      Best of luck.

    4. Midnightwards666


      I'm going to try doing it while signed off next time. It happened when a friend was going online or offline.