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  1. Fairly simple answer. When there is nothing left to play on it. I have many games yet to play, so not any time soon. My PS+ downloaded games also belong to a different account to the one I use primarily, which will be a problem if I buy a PS4... will cause online restrictions. Until this is fixed, I will hang on to the PS3 as long as I can.
  2. No, only medium.
  3. I have to choose Japanese too, having played Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Spelunker and later Okami HD. No plans to learn though... learning languages is very tedious... done it once (French), and never again.
  4. I don't think I will legit the co-op levels, looks a bit crazy. Even if the majority of pieces stare at you in the face, a visual guide is still more reassuring and easier to follow for the less obvious pieces than a written list of descriptions for difficult/hidden ones. Sure, you can 100% following the latter, but I think you can probably agree which is easier on the brain to follow. I think listing the playlist is a good idea, for the sake of user friendliness. Tips are welcome though, for those like me who don't understand Japanese.
  5. For anyone who is struggling to find a mural piece in the DLC, or even just wants some reassurance before starting... no more panic - yes their locations have been published: It's an entirely Japanese playlist - unfortunately I understand none of the Japanese, but regardless of the language, the video content should be very helpful. It's exactly what I had been searching for!
  6. Apocalyptic (horror?) game completed. Not my hardest or proudest 100% nor one that I would usually bother posting here, but it's the first game completed after a 9 month silence of no trophies at all! First playthrough was done 16 months before the second. Hopefully my trophies will resume, and some harder games will be posted in the threads!
  7. No, I haven't. The main thing I like about getting 100%s or platinums (no difference to me) is the feeling of pride at the end. Hard games are especially rewarding, which is why I play them. I feel a sense of amazement after completing one, it's fantastic. On the other hand - if it was grindy trophies, then I probably would feel the same as you. There is really nothing impressive about such trophies, nor have I ever felt any pride after earning. That's why I sometimes (not always) ignore them.
  8. Not as often as I should... I know almost all of us are guilty of this.
  9. It goes both ways. For some games I am satisfied with a platinum, but if I really like it, I buy DLC sometimes too and get 100%. Both of them indicate completion to me though... platinum is just the main course, while 100% is the main course + a dessert.
  10. I believe you're correct, yes. I think the only way around is to start a new account.
  11. The silence is broken and trophies resumed! Many unstarted games have been added to the list, and I am under some pressure to finish all PS+ games before PS3 stops providing. I Am Alive - first game completed for 9 months... even though the first playthrough was done 16 months before the second. Blood Knights should be next! Welcome back Midnightwards666. Have another look at my trophies now
  12. I had no luck playing as Alysa... probably not helped by the fact I didn't have enough XP to fully upgrade my arrow speed. I switched to Jeremy, fully upgraded power attack and whirlwind, also sucked a lot of blood to slow down the enemies and allow my weapons to regenerate... and that's how I earned this trophy.
  13. The guide creator is correct. The decision at chapter 2 had no effect on the trophy.
  14. Thank you
  15. Hello, I have read many guides on this game. I think the one on this site is good. However, the recommendation to save at chapter 3 and return once you've finished a human or vampire playthrough (depending on which order you do it), has anybody used it and had success with it? I'm not doubting it, but right at the end of chapter 2, you have to make a decision to retreat or fight some enemies, also at same time as you fight the two creatures from hell. I personally fought them... and according to a Steam guide, this was a decision of a vampire. Will this affect my chances of earning the human trophy? Or is anyone able to confirm it won't make any difference?