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  1. https://zombiedriver.fandom.com/wiki/Bus Says on here, you unlock the bus after completing the primary objective of Mission 9. The bus is by far the best vehicle for the main campaign as it can pick up so many passengers and it's very resilient to damage. It's not good in races, though, due to its lack of speed.
  2. Trophies. Cheers, glad you like them. They work well for me. It's good for those who just play when they want, don't like being in a hurry and want to enjoy every minute of gaming as much as possible.
  3. I might have broken a few of these rules before, because I don't force myself to earn like I used to. Bronze trophies are equal to golds and even platinums. 100% with or without platinum is equal. It's a completed game. I will not be defeated by hard trophies. Don't bother with grindy trophies. If they can be earned while relaxing or with rubber bands, I might get them. If they're boring, fuck them. I will quit games I don't like very quickly. Don't worry about impossible trophies (shut servers). I can look up secret trophies whenever I want. Game first, trophies later. The trophy list doesn't even need to be looked at before starting, although it's a good idea to be aware of missables. No spoiling the quality of the game for the sake of trophies (eg. looking at solutions for puzzles in order to earn trophies faster). There are no deadlines nor targets. Completion rate is unimportant. The time taken to complete a game is unimportant. Trophy level and number of platinums are unimportant. No hiding trophies. Keep things real \m/ Boosting is usually fine. No rules for the difficulty or genre of games. 100% is not a requirement. Incomplete games are not a harmful stain unless it's because of difficult trophies. The most important milestones are 666, 1666, 2666, 3666, 4666, 5666 and even more so 6666. The pattern continues. It's fun to combine milestones with the completion of a game. Difficulty makes me proud. Rarity is unimportant.
  4. Congrats for having 6666 trophies!

  5. 13 games Retro/Grade - 9 Chariot - 8 Hyper Void - 8 Kickbeat - 7 ibb & obb - 5 Stealth Inc 2 - 4 The Last Guy - 2 Entwined - 2 Wipeout HD - 1 Bionic Commando Rearmed - 1 Extreme Exorcism - 1 Persona 4: Arena Ultimax - 1 Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed - 1
  6. Yes, I love atmospheric black metal and that was a fantastic track which I will certainly add to my playlist. Black metal is certainly up there with my favourite metal subgenres, above death metal without any doubt. That song has a really cold and empty feeling, which I love to hear occasionally. I wonder if there is any other genre of music where you can record with such a lo-fi quality and it actually works incredibly well. That's another thing I love about black metal.
  7. I think my answer is yes. I go for 100% on all games I enjoy... but only on the ones I prefer. No grinds, no games I hate. I don't care about completion rate either.
  8. So I was at a concert last night... one of the support bands played an exceptionally good set and performed incredibly, and they are selling a jumper I really like and would love to buy... but here's the problem: the band name is Thy Antichrist, the jumper has 666 written on the sides and I can imagine many being offended. Need your opinions: is it suitable for public wearing?

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    2. TKdovahkiin


      Not to mention the actual difference between good and evil. Which is probably why you were concerned with the repurcussions of your choices to begin with. There will be opposition no matter what you choose. So then, are you happy with your choices and are the consequences worth it? I think your question about whether to buy this hoodie or not is deeper than you realized. It’s nice that you kept the conversation civil. Best wishes! 

    3. voodoo_eyes


      It's a topic that more people should reflect on, as it's the cause for a lot of messed up things that happened/happen. The whole judging a book by it's cover mentality  is an issue. In regards to consequences, yes there are some, but are there any bad ones? I don't believe so. This is pretty much a black and white scenario as it gets. Either you do you and end up meeting people of the same mindset/interests/mentality and possibly even some who by chance happened to stick around long enough to realise that people are more than just the outter shell that's visible. Then there's the scenario, where you deny yourself from being the person you are, while having the constant worry of pleasing everyone and as a result being surrounded by people who might actually despise what you secretly love, but don't realise it. It's up to each individual, if they want to surround themselves with people like that.


      Anyway, that's enough rambling for the year. t's a whole philosophical discussion that doesn't really have an end to it. Have a good one, I for one am getting myself pumped full of much needed caffeine now.

    4. Midnightwards666


      I'm not afraid to break norms. I do it all the time. My worst nightmare is becoming another sheep in the herd. But there's a difference between eccentric and offensive. Anyone who has a problem with the former can fuck off. But I would never wear clothes with swear words as I wouldn't want to let children see such words and copy them. Profanity is a no, but blasphemy is more borderline. It's debatable whether the linked jumper actually does contain blasphemy... or if it's just the name of the band. My biggest worry was having an eye with a knife in it. I'm not scared of the occasional stare, complaint or scolding by christians. 

  9. I had a listen to Plaga. It was ok, but I didn't like it anywhere near as much or Mgła or some of my other favourite black metal bands. Wasn't too keen on the vocals. Just couldn't get into it Also, I have a band recommendation for you, based on your previous post: 1914. A fantastic World War I themed blackened doom/death metal band from Ukraine.
  10. For those who aim to complete a game in the shortest time possible, yes there is a point. I don't fall in that category though. That's all I have to say.
  11. They're not a joke, they're just a band who have chosen to dramatically change their style. Just like many others who have done the same, such as In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Sirenia, Grave Digger and even to some extent Nightwish... fans of the old genre were disappointed, but the hope is to find fans within the new style. As for my opinion on early Starkill... I really like it too. Their debut is legendary indeed. So much heaviness and great melodeath, yet the orchestration fits so well whilst backing down when necessary.
  12. That sounds like a great night. I just checked and it turns out that Amon Amarth are playing a gig in London on November 30th, supported by Arch Enemy... they are possibly my two favourite melodeath bands. I know some of my friends will definitely want to go... and I would love to... but unfortunately, not this time.
  13. I forgot about that one... which is much worse than my example. It was fun for about 10 minutes. No more. A game should last longer than that.
  14. This game was very dull, but I have played worse. I couldn't name them as I ended them very quickly. This is the first and probably last time I have my name credited on a guide for a game I did not complete. However, VirtualNight was responsible for 95% of the information, and me the presentation. Also, please remember everyone that games can be amazing without trophies as well as awful with trophies, so I don't think they should be included in the measurement. I actually enjoyed Mighty No. 9 a lot and have played far worse. I enjoyed the game very much. Not sure if I should take that as a compliment or what... "I remember a shit game on PS3 without trophies. I haven't found its name but it was a car game." Calling All Cars? Si le gameplay d'un jeu est nul, le jeu est nul... les trophées font aucune difference. C'est pareil pour tous les bons jeux... en fait, tous les jeux. If the gameplay in a game is rubbish, the game is rubbish... trophies make no difference. Same for all the good games... or rather, all games. I wouldn't say it was the worst, but it certainly wasn't great. It was very frustrating and I wouldn't want to do it again. (Edit: wrong person quoted, meant to quote the Aaru's Awakening post from @Solid-Fisch) That could well be a contender, in fact. I remember stopping very quickly. Not sure what people enjoy about it.
  15. More mods is a fantastic and necessary change to the forum. Congrats to both... I'm sure they will be needed!