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  1. I agree with the community. I think it's safe to say this won't be happening and the OP has his answers.
  2. Spelunker HD 100% \m/

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    2. Midnightwards666
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      @Midnightwards666 You used my guide I presume? :D 

    4. Midnightwards666


      @MMDE You seem to be the community's #1 fan of Spelunker HD. Great guides. I did use them a little but not heavily, as I prefer to figure everything out myself when possible. For mural pieces, I tended to use YouTube more. 

  3. Perhaps with the exception of those who intentionally kill their completion percentage with the intention of restarting later. NekoRave (13% completion) has an extremely unusual style. Just one look at his page shows that he is intentionally adding incomplete games to his list - many of his recent games are 100%, and a lot of 1% games were added in bulks. I can't imagine how he will ever even come close to catching up with his backlog though. Those who just play a game for 30 minutes and later forget about it are not trophy hunters. NekoRave is not that though. Everyone defines the term ''trophy hunter'' differently. Despite our discussion about the hard games, one could even say that I'm not a trophy hunter - my completion is 70%, but I don't care about 5% or 100% completion, bronzes or platinums, my level or anything typically regarded as valuable in a trophy hunter's collection. I just play what I like. If the game is good, I get as many trophies as I can. If the game is shit, I leave it at 5%. If half of the trophies are fun and half grindy, then I earn half the trophies. If a trophy requires excessive grinding, I just ignore it.
  4. I have never found such a game, to be honest. I have missed 100% completions because of grindy trophies or because a game is shit... but I have never missed an 100% because of a challenge. I have played Retro/Grade, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (no DLC), Q*bert Rebooted... all about 9/10 difficulty, and I beat all of them. Sadly I haven't got anything in my collection I would rate at 10/10, but even then I wouldn't shy away. The obvious PS3 recommendation for an extremely hard game is Cloudberry Kingdom, which I haven't done. I don't want to say it's beyond my capabilities, but I'm not tempted by it - luck appears to play a part and it looks way too frustrating. I don't think I would enjoy it very much, which is why I haven't played it. Do I enjoy a challenge in games? Yes, very much. At times it can certainly require a fair amount of energy, but the final reward makes the whole thing worth it. Enjoyment of the game, not rushing and a positive mindset is the key. My style of trophy hunting doesn't suit everyone, but it has always suited me perfectly fine.
  5. Rayman Legends
  6. So was the flag lifted?
  7. Yes, that is my point. Your gaming style will be visible through your trophy collection, but we shouldn't be deciding what is right or wrong. As for the second question, I have never abandoned a game because it's hard. I have never failed once either. If I am unmotivated to play anymore, I simply don't play. If I need a break, I take one. I never rush.
  8. Well that's normal. Has anyone ever judged my profile? Probably... although publicly on Youtube, not yet. Do I care about the judgements? Not much, as I can't really stop them. It's only human nature. But whether one is judged to be the type to boost their PSN level as much as possible, have a high/low completion rate, only play games with platinums, play very hard ultra rare games or even be a completely fucking useless gamer... none of the aforementioned trophy hunting styles are right or wrong.
  9. You mean if they were all auto-popped without any death mode levels ever being completed on any console? Yes, that should consitute a flag. Is that what you meant?
  10. Some flags may be based on personal grudges, but I don't think the majority are. The flags are reviewed by moderators, but they are just humans and everyone makes mistakes. You'll be fine.
  11. That comparison doesn't work. The former is disgusting and makes others feel uncomfortable. The latter is just a style of trophy hunting. There are many rights and wrongs in public. Aside from hacking, there is no right or wrong way to earn trophies - a trophy collection isn't going to cause anyone any grief.
  12. Auto-pops don't consitute a flag.
  13. I used to play LittleBigPlanet Karting all the time and I still had multiple world records on the server's last day, so I consider myself qualified to provide input on this subject. There was an announcement that the servers would close on August 31st, 2016, but it never happened and the online continued to thrive and survive. The servers were finally shut down on July 2, 2018. There is definitely nothing odd about Ridoux's trophies in LBPK.
  14. 9/10 DLC areas cleared in Spelunker. 100% soon. 

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      Good luck! I need to start it myself.

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      Good luck! 

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      nothing is impossible for Midnight :)

  15. In my list, I haven't got any difficult platinums that aren't ultra rare. I think my hardest platinum which isn't ultra rare would be Rayman Origins, which is only moderate difficulty at 5/10 and not even very rare with 12%. My hardest trophy above 5% rarity is probably Teacher's Pet from Dirt 3 for achieving a platinum medal in every Gymkhana Tutorial, but the platinum is ultra rare. That's not difficulty. That's just tedious.