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  1. So..... Last game of the series and Mr Paine took 4 catches with the circle in the first innings, and once he took the first in the second and the trophy didn't pop - I lost my temper. I only needed to get through the match to retain (was 3-1 up after declaring on 1 and 5 in the fourth game to get through it quicker). Started playing normally, took the last wicket of the innings with Tim (but it was a quick catch of spin bowling) and the trophy popped. Not sure if it is related to the fact that Paine took 5 catches in that innings (although the trophy says match), and it still seems a little wonky but at least I have my trophy now! Onwards to the Plat.
  2. Thanks reiner- - Tim Paine has been an absolute beast behind the stumps for me. I couldn't work out where to put him to reliably get catches elsewhere and don't have access to a second control pad so can't use that method. A little more research suggests that only the catches where the targeting circle comes up count towards this trophy, not the direct grabs that spin bowling usually results in. I'm working on it now, looks like Stark and Cummins are in for some long spells!
  3. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with this trophy. I'm playing an Ashes Series as Australia (whole team) and have Tim Paine as my wicket keeper. In the first match he took 2 catches in the first innings and 3 in the second - no trophy. He also took 5 catches in the second match and 7 in the third and still no trophy! Am I missing something, or does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  4. So after getting halfway through Tales From the Borderlands and deciding I would save finishing it for an easy Plat in March, I played some Ratchet & Clank this morning and it turns out my brain was being a little faulty. I didn't have trouble with the level that Splashdown! is on as it looks like I had never been to Pokitaru. Two planets unlock at the same time and it looks like you can go to them in either order, although you have to do Pokitaru before you can finish the next area as there is something there you need. So although it looks odd that unmissable story trophies unlock in an order not the same as the trophy list, it is entirely possible for them to do so.
  5. Thanks people, I guess I will go back and redo that level. I was also worried about the game being flagged, but I've looked at a few peoples trophy lists and there seem to be several that don't look like there is anything suspicious other than 1 storyline trophy not popping in the right order.
  6. In a state of mad flu-like illness (and having finally finished Lego Harry Potter yesterday) I was looking through my backlog to try and find what to play next and noticed something odd about my Ratchet & Clank trophy list. I've unlocked Ferocious Oxide but not Spashdown!. They both show as story trophies and it looks like Ferocious Oxide comes before Splashdown! in the story. It has been about a year since I last played R&C - I do remember having some trouble with the level that Splashdown! is for but don't remember any glitch - although I probably wouldn't have noticed a trophy not popping as I wouldn't be expecting to get it. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks