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  1. I am the one who posted the screenshots on the EA forum (First comment on page 33). Honestly, with the answer they gave me, I have little hope that they will do anything. But, as people say, maybe with a remastered it can be obtained.
  2. When could we download Mecho Tales in PSVita?
  3. How long in hours this platinum? And difficult (0-10)?
  4. @mekktor @sssande93 , How is the mode and the way to win 7000xp in a single match? And mode and the way to win -1995xp? Thanks.
  5. Trophy hunters are an absolute minority ? Are you sure?
  6. Any updates or news to reset diamonds easy?
  7. Works!! Thank you!!
  8. Hi, I can't do Circles of Slaughter.. My friend and me are lvl 50 and enemies lvl 49-52... They do very damage for us... We are played all history in normal mode and then, we switch difficult to easy, but is very hard... How can you complete these Circles of Slaughter? Thank you!
  9. Hi! @Han_PL @Spinosaurus Rex Dou you know if you get your first 99999, can you continue break buildings? Or you need restore the counter? I Got trophy You can continue break buildings after get 99999 Thank you!
  10. Never again will the diamonds be restored?
  11. I tried the Burnout Paradise method and not works :/
  12. No fix...
  13. @Afro_Gear Do you know, exactly, the day to restart the servers? Thank you.
  14. I have BP and not works for me... F*ck EA...