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  1. Gotta remember when that the USD prices are not with tax included. So they still gotta fork out more than its stated. Though I do not know the tax % they have to pay. It's the same with appstores on ios etc. See something for 25 dollars? You have 25 dollars in your account wallet? Not enough, need more for taxes.
  2. Use the google docs posted. Most crowdsourced info you can find in there.
  3. The original dungeons only go to cycle 3 tops. But post game dungeons start at said cycles. From 4-7. Like a hard cap on them. So no need to grind same one to reach 7 atleast from my first viewings. Another thing to note is, since you can transfer save between mobile devices and nintendo switch, expect to see fastest time completions in the 1 hour range Since one can get 100% on NS or android for example, transfer to PS4, do 1 of each trigger and have shit popped easilly, or even autpop if it functions that way:p And since one can mod alot of shit on those 3 systems before transferring to ps4, that can be interesting to see:p
  4. check there. Adamantite can be gotten from: Miasma Pit Foggy Swamp Goblin Festival Rainy Ruins scarletite: Miasma Pit Also note from the doc: Reloading an autosave that occurs when you reach the boss battle allows you to "reroll" your loot set so you only need to redo the boss fight and not the entire dungeon super helpful for farming set 8. Can also be done to change chest loot since the game autosaves after a screen transition
  5. Can confirm it's still Lich in Rebena Te Ra. Since it's the "last" dungeon before last boss. It's basically tuned to be cycle 7. Looking at the grouping up cycles, Goblin Wall and Rebena Te Ra are on cycle 7, the highest of all other post game dungeons. Though I beat Goblin Wall yesterday and it did not net the trophy. These are the difficulty cycles on each post game dungeon.
  6. Yeah, some scrolls or even materials seem to be just from the last selection after beating a boss in the bonus difficulty dungeons. Note, these dungeons have same layout as the old versions, except a different color/miasma background, reskinned enemies, and bosses. And the difficulty really spikes in them. 3 times the amount of enemies it feels like. And bosses got really high HP. Almost forcing you to play 3-4 people to have a chance. The so called "strongest" enemy i dunno where is yet. Looking at the trophy image for a new enemy, and strongest, it might be time based on the daily rotation. As the current dungeons got yellow icon, and not red. (Same as the 2 trophy images).
  7. There are new equipments that must be crafted. Even the DLC weapons are stronger than the old ultima ones. Plus theres a few new artifacts aswell. Ring of meteor being 1 lol. New artifacts should be: Strength: Futsu-no-Mitama (Str +7) Magic: Stardist Rod (Mag +4) Defense: Royal Crown (Def +3) Rings: Holy Ring Gravity Ring Meteor Ring New Equipment should be: Weapons: (X = weapon type of choice) Chronicle X Vanitas X Acies X Then 2 new Ultimate weapons. Both use same materials. Both got same stats (54 strength on racket for example, 56 hammer etc). 1 of the rackets turns the focus attack into Haste (speed up movement and spellcast). This is called Evergreen. The other one is called Faerie Tail. This basically makes focus attack inti Clear/Esuna. Materials needed per weapon: 2 Adamantite 2 Rainbow Stone 1 Wind Crystal Scroll name for said 2 weapon types: Clavats: Twilight Weapon Dawn Weapon Lilties: Sealed Weapon Aurora Weapon Yukes (Gets 3): Smoldering Weapon Gelid Weapon Storm Weapon Selkies: Garden Weapon = Faerie Tail Paradise Weapon = Evergreen The other weapon scrolls for all races are: Beginnings Wpn. Empty Weapon Noble Weapon There are also new scrolls for other equipment: Lustrous X Beginnings X Empty X Noble X Copycat/Kupo X Palladium X Cursed X Silver X Accessory: Zen Scroll = Wiseman's Soul (+15 magic for Yukes) New crafting mats: Electrum Adamantite (Used for new ultima) White Fur Hard Driftwood Stream Water Blaze Mushroom Hollow Onyx Chipped Gear Diamond Damascus Steel White Coral Time Shard Stone Marker Dragon Scale Dragon Eye Star Shard Black Slab Moonstone White Veil Abyss Eye Regal Horn Dusk Sand Gold Needle Rainbow Stone (Used for new ultima weapons) Hope Shard Scarletit Golden Feather The blacksmiths in Marr's Pass can craft the weapons and armors.
  8. There are some new remaster scrolls thats even stronger than ultima weapons aswell. Requiring materials from the new dungeons. Same with armor, belt etc too. The highest atk weapons are at about 54 strength now. So could be those. Considering people could have the ultima done almost already by year 5 if so be, and lucky on drops from dungeons in cycle 3. Maybe it isnt The greatest scroll that counts anymore, but rather 1 of the new ones. edit: can confirm A New Power requires Garden weapon or Paradise weapon scrolls. Marr's Pass blacksmith (Lilty/midget) can craft them. materials are: 2 adamantite 2 rainbow stones 1 Wind Crystal Also note the new dungeons change daily, and are not set.
  9. Its still luck based. I had over 10 bonus games and not one extra free spin. Did over 5000 spins over time:p Even read on FB some did over 6k spins and not a single bonus game for em. X) but yeah, its not bad, just luck, and will prob be same bonus game for all seasons
  10. So this new seasons update seems to actually be seasonal based. for the 3rd trophy, you gotta play on all 4 seasons, and patch notes from developer states machines changes with seasons. So gotta play for each season, and we prob wont see anyone get the last trophy until december at this point. Big yikes Go get a big win in spring which is currently active, so 2nd one can pop for summer season. Also to get free spins during free spins, is basically getting bonus within the bonus (bonus is 5 free spin).
  11. That i did on ps4 aswell. Its glitched on vita when i tried it.
  12. Fun read! And hail the Napster era! Regarding your games, id pick Bloodborne from your backlog to do, and Diablo 3 from your purchased pile. I rate those 2 very highly. The PS4 version of D3 is amazing.
  13. Im not lying about the report reason? The report reason stated they were done too fast. The other crap i sorta just shrugged and thought to myself that people dont think longer than their noses reach sometimes. And not to mention the "elitist" groups in here can be like vultures so I wouldnt really care If they were flagged or not in the end, for reasons which cannot be proven by either side as it be word against word due to how the system works. Anyways, it was the black ops one I was disputing anyways. The red banned just looks so ugly I did notice something else from the time of my DOA5+ dispute though after i changed my psn settings that could be interesting to look into, not sure if a feature or a bug, but i’ll PM it.
  14. Dude, wtf have you ever heard of having games hidden BEFORE they are added to this site? No. They wouldnt show as hidden, or show on any stats. I unhid my games as i went on back to doing them. Somyeah. I hid everything again to stop people who doesnt seem to understand how this crap works. So using web history searches proves nothing. So yeah, very nice "staff" for accusing before understanding how your site even works lol.
  15. Flagged for too fast lol, as the first phrase is still 24 hours is like, double the time the faster completionists have done it, so they are pulling the shit out the hat again x)