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  1. That i did on ps4 aswell. Its glitched on vita when i tried it.
  2. Fun read! And hail the Napster era! Regarding your games, id pick Bloodborne from your backlog to do, and Diablo 3 from your purchased pile. I rate those 2 very highly. The PS4 version of D3 is amazing.
  3. Im not lying about the report reason? The report reason stated they were done too fast. The other crap i sorta just shrugged and thought to myself that people dont think longer than their noses reach sometimes. And not to mention the "elitist" groups in here can be like vultures so I wouldnt really care If they were flagged or not in the end, for reasons which cannot be proven by either side as it be word against word due to how the system works. Anyways, it was the black ops one I was disputing anyways. The red banned just looks so ugly I did notice something else from the time of my DOA5+ dispute though after i changed my psn settings that could be interesting to look into, not sure if a feature or a bug, but i’ll PM it.
  4. Dude, wtf have you ever heard of having games hidden BEFORE they are added to this site? No. They wouldnt show as hidden, or show on any stats. I unhid my games as i went on back to doing them. Somyeah. I hid everything again to stop people who doesnt seem to understand how this crap works. So using web history searches proves nothing. So yeah, very nice "staff" for accusing before understanding how your site even works lol.
  5. Flagged for too fast lol, as the first phrase is still 24 hours is like, double the time the faster completionists have done it, so they are pulling the shit out the hat again x)
  6. Cissa90 Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Done too fast?<br /> How? Im not even near fastest completion lol.<br /> Heck, i even know people on the list whos faster.
  7. What you are saying is true. You get powerps for driving on water. Most useful powerup for the 100% is the one for becoming very small. Best one to use imo.
  8. Ive made one here
  9. If the game is good, beating a harder difficulty is just great imo. Its still a free update, so doesnt matter. Would be worse if it costed money to unlock. I usually welcome these free post launch updates with added difficulties or such. Theres people out there tnat will love it who are not trophy collectors. Got to remember that teophy hunters are a very small minority when it comes to the gamers, so no matter the amount of salt you feel over it wont make the AAA devs and publishers change their minds.
  10. Guess we gotta store the links for this game so it can be downgraded
  11. Ive made my reply. would happily purchase the DLC again if they decided to release.
  12. Well 2K only publishes (its a branch of take two), so all in all its still gearbox themselves who have the answers you are after.
  13. Also its most likely confirmed theres no shares list. As Japanese players appear on PS4 version with a new 0%... shame, gotta harras gearbox for this one then!
  14. I believe they have copy pasted the patch across all regions, including the trophy files, so sony probably updated the game adding the dlc trophies from the patch file itself. The funny thing though is they have edited the files for the Japan goty specifically aswell, since it doesnt share same ID as the other regions. Very odd indeed.
  15. What you also can do is tweet to randy pitchford and ask to release the dlc! "@DuvalMagic I see the japanese version of Borderlands 1 on PS3 just got the claptrap DLC added into sony’s trophy system, but there is no news regarding release for this. Specifically the japanese physical Game of the year edition." Is my tweet to him lol. Also I doubt the japanese PS4 version shares list with PS3 version.