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  1. I have tried downloading the online pass from the EU store. That did not work. I have tried downloading it from the Asian Store like pokwey suggested. That did not work. I have downloaded it and redownloaded the dlc bundles numerous times from the US store and the online pass still doesn't show up. I have even sent a tweet to Scott Lowe regarding this issue and so far he hasn't replied back yet. I have the disc version of the game. (Region 1). Does anyone have any suggestions in order to obtain the online pass and factions unlock for free?
  2. Thanks. Looks like I'm going to have to buy a couple of discs for cheap.
  3. I was wondering if this game has a free multiplayer I can download like Uncharted 3 has? If so where can I download it from?
  4. I have a better idea. Now I'm not sure if this has been suggested here before but what if we did this. What if instead of white listing games we were given the ability to hide our trophies. Hiding trophies would only be done on psnprofiles and would not be done on the console. So here's how it would work. Let's say you have illegitimately gained trophies and you don't want those trophies appearing on your profile. You would go to your trophy log or profile, select the trophy you want to hide and it would be hidden from the rest of the community. The system would treat it as if you never earned that trophy in the first place and your trophy level, stats and position on the leaderboards would be adjusted accordingly. A hidden trophy would either appear hidden or locked to another user viewing your profile. If a trophy is hidden that is required for another trophy then that trophy is also hidden. So lets say you have 3 trophies. One requires you to get 25 of X another 50 of X and another 100 of X. If you hide the one for 25, the one for 50 and 100 would also be hidden. The same would be true if the 25, 50 and 100 were rank level trophies for multiplayer games. However if you only hide the 50 one then 100 is also hidden but not 25. If a trophy required for platinum is hidden then the platinum is also hidden making it looks as if you never earned platinum for that game.
  5. Well before when ever all my characters would not appear I could always go back and add what didn't appear little by little and eventually the entire message would appear on the "Notes from session host" part. I'm going to be creating a session later and will add pictures of this happening.
  6. I took it half way apart (just the covering to expose the fan) and there isn't much dirt or dust in there. I got out what little I could. I was wondering for future use if it would be okay to use 100% pure Isopropyl alcohol? Not to be confused with regular rubbing alcohol (that you may find under your bathroom sink) which only contains 70% alcohol. 100% pure isopropyl alcohol contains no water and is extremely volatile. Because 100% pure isopropyl alcohol contains no water it won't leave any behind when it evaporates. I have heard that it is best to use this when cleaning electrical components. Has anyone here used this before and can comment with their results?
  7. I'm going to take my ps3 apart to clean it but first I would like to know if there is any risk with taking it apart before I do. The main areas I'm concerned about are. Electric Shock. (Do I risk getting shocked by the internal components even when it's off and unplugged.) Are there any ribbon cables I need to watch out for. (I know on the ps2 phat the power ribbon cable was on the shell and could easily be torn when taking the shell off. Was wondering if the ps3 slim is the same way as the ps2 phat was?) Thank You!
  8. It's possible to get quick wins by having the other team(s) quit the game after you have scored a point or kill. When you start a game up the winning team will need to score at least 1 point or kill. After this is done the other team(s) will need to leave the game. This will result in a win for the remaining team. Please note that if you start a match up and have the other team quit out without first scoring a point or kill then the game will end in a tie. Doing it this way will shave a lot of time off if all you're going for is wins. Dropping the time from 20 minutes to just under 1 minute per match plus the time it takes to get paired back up again. Team Deathmatch We tested this yesterday and it sometimes didn't work even if we played a full 50 kill match. The time it took to get paired could of easily been the length of a match. So Team Deathmatch may not work best for this method. But if you can get your team(s) paired fast enough and not waste time getting paired together then this method will work real well for fast wins and save you a lot of time. I tested this with Three Team Deathmatch and I got paired real fast. I went in game killed 1 player on an opposing team then had the other 2 teams quit out. This resulted in a win for the team that stayed and the match only lasted 30 seconds. Credit goes to @ace86heights for finding this out during our session.
  9. The "Notes From Session Host" section is broken and has been for quite awhile. What is the problem? The Problem is I can't fit everything I want to say on there. My message is 2,633 characters but only 1,592 get shown. Normally I could go back and edit the rest in little by little but I just tried that and it didn't work. I could just post the rest as a message below but I'd rather it be all together. Would also be nice if you could edit messages to instead of having to delete the entire message and reposting it just to fix one mistake.
  10. It's a slim.
  11. Don't have an air conditioner.
  12. I'm currently running my ps3 right now and the temperature in my room is 91°F (32.8°C). My ps3 is in a well ventilated area but the fan sounds like a jet engine right now. The sun is going down right now so the temperature should start to drop into the upper 80s here soon. But I was wondering if there is any damage that could occur by running a ps3 in a hot room? Does the ps3 have a fail safe that will cause it to shutdown if it reaches critical temperatures?
  13. Here is a strategy I thought up that should allow 3 people to boost in the same game. The Setup. You will need to have 6 players minimum. 3 should be on the team that will be getting the kills. These 3 will also be the spawn points for the ones being killed. The other 3 will be the ones getting killed. Will break it down like this. Teams A1, A2, B1,B2, C1, C2 (A1 Kills B1) (B1 Spawns on B2) (B2 Kills C1) (C1 Spawns on C2) (C2 Kills A2) (A2 Spawns on A1) So the ones being killed are B1, C1 and A2. The ones doing the killing are A1, B2 and C2. Spawn Distance. i estimated the spawn distance the last time I was playing to be around 15 game paces away from the player that is being spawned on. You'll have to play around with it a little to figure out how far you have to be before it will allow the player you just killed to spawn in on their buddy. It's not that far of a distance though. If you can find a wide open area you could create one giant circle. This method works easier when you are shooting guns. If you are doing melee once you've killed them you will have to run back a little to allow them to spawn in. If you are throwing grenades then the person being killed should step away from the player they will be spawning on so they don't get killed as well. The End Results. By doing it this way you can effectively boost 3 players at once and each team should end with 24 kills and 24 deaths with one team ending in 25 kills and 25 deaths. I'll see if there is an effective boosting method for other modes as well and post them here if I do.
  14. Most of the times when a modder is attempting to unlock your trophies you will notice some text on your screen that will read something along the lines of, Attempting to Unlock all Awards. Attempting to Unlock all Achievements. Attempting to Unlock all Trophies. Or just Unlocking all Awards, Achievements or Trophies. Some may even say Easter Egg Complete thus unlocking the trophy for that easter egg. Anytime you see any type of messages like this immediately turn off your ps3. Don't just quit the game out. Hit the power button on your console. I use to play bo2 all the time and have played with a lot of modders. Out of all the modders I have played with only 1 has ever attempted to unlock all my trophies. When I do run into them I tell them to (a) Not unlock my trophies and (b) to not mess with the rounds because I want my leaderboard to be legit. In which the majority have replied that they don't do that kind of stuff. They can make zombies fun even though the game doesn't seem to last that long and some can even share the mod menu with you and let you play around with it even though you don't have a jail broken ps3.
  15. Because it's bigger and easier to read. Plus I have my screen in portrait mode and the my playstation website won't even give me the option to read my messages when in that mode. Yes, But I like to see my messages on a bigger screen next to my tv that I play on.