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  1. Yes but that's one of the reasons given for not being open source. If they make it open source then more people will have access to that information. Also many official servers can also ban you and can be shut down with out notice. It's stated in many online games. Also they have been mentioned on the news (Washington Post) There's other sites that mention them to.
  2. There reason for not giving the source code out was stated on there discord server. I searched for hours last night both on their website and discord channel regarding trophy boosting. The question was brought up a few times by others but the answer given was inconclusive. They never specially said you could do it nor that you can't do it. I also found no where on their site or discord channel where they stated trophy hunters would be banned. Lordidude asked this question on their discord server, One of their staff members "Thalhammer" left this reply, As you can see it seems to be a gray area right now. I still don't know where you guys seen someone say you'd be banned for it. You guys haven't even given me any sources to these claims. I sent a message to their staff asking about boosting trophies. I have not received a reply back yet but when I do I'll post it here. We also have to realize that there are 2 types of boosting. There is Stat / Leaderboard Boosting also known as stat padding. This is where people boost to get higher up on the leaderboards. This is what they don't want you to do. They want the leaderboards to be legit. The Problem is Trophy Boosting. On it's own it is semi harmless as trophy hunters do not care about leaderboards but the process of boosting a trophy can make it seem as if you are stat padding and their staff is not going to be able to tell the difference between a stat padder and a trophy booster. Especially if you are moving up on their leaderboards to fast. "The don't over do it part" was basically them saying that you are allowed to do it but just don't do it to often or to much as you may be mistaken for a stat padder and risk being banned.
  3. I read the thread "What Constitutes A Flag" and this is what it says. I highlighted the most important parts. In other words here you can as long as you earn the trophies in the same manner as when the official servers were online. I had a look at their site and discord channel and it seems like these people are heavily against cheating so I don't see them putting mods or any other cheats to use on their servers.
  4. If it's closed source then how did I get access to it? I never asked them for access. I just followed the directions to access the server and I was in. Something anyone can do.
  5. Also I don't see anywhere on psnprofiles where it says you can't use it. It just says, "use at your own risk." Can someone point me to an official forum thread where it says we can't use it?
  6. Where exactly do they say trophy boosting will get you banned? I went to their discord server and found a message by the OP. But the devs reply was "As long as you don't over do it". I couldn't find anything that said "Trophy boosting will result in a ban"
  7. Why would using it get you flagged? Anyone can go into their network settings and input the dns server ip address needed to access it. It's not like you have to jail break your console or use mods to achieve this. I also came across this thread from some who appears to be a trophy hunter at he talks about PSONE. I'm not sure if he's part of the team that brought back Warhawk but he talks about using it to boost trophies. His statements and the statements here about using their servers to boost trophies seems to be contradicting each other.
  8. I came across PSONE from an article I was reading. I had to check it out. Setup my ps3 to connect to their servers. Started up Warhawk to see if it would work, it did. I got all excited until I read your thread and now...๐Ÿ˜กโ˜น๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ญ Well if they can do it so can we. Who here is smart enough to create our own server that we control. Come on now I know at least someone here is; perhaps many people here are.
  9. I'll try that and see what happens the next time I earn a trophy. I just set it to fetch the time automatically and set day light saving time to standard. Logged out of psn and back in again. Then I checked and the time stamps are correct on the trophies now.
  10. psnprofiles is showing the correct time stamps on my profile.
  11. The PS4 is. The PS3 is not ever since I had to manually change it for that one Twisted Metal trophy. I just never bothered to put it back to the correct time and date since then. Although I don't think the PS3 time settings effect the trophy time and date stamp as the time and date stamps on the trophies always show the correct time and date even if the PS3 is showing a different time and date.
  12. I was looking at my trophy list earlier on my PS3 when I noticed something wrong. I had just earned the trophies The Ghost Killer and You've earned it. The time was 5:58am when these 2 trophies popped. However on my PS3 trophy list it says they were earned at 6:58am. When I look at it on the PS4 it has the time at 5:58am; which is the correct time. Why would the PS3 and PS4 show 2 different times? I don't think the time setting on my ps3 will effect the time stamps for trophies. My PS3 is way off time by 24 hours and 35 minutes behind the current time. Also the date stamps for those 2 trophies are correct. 11/22/2020 while the PS3 is showing a date of 11/21/2020 at the top right of the screen.
  14. Read my post for full details as this is not permanent.
  15. Bungie is Vaulting content in Destiny 2 which includes Leviathan. This activity is required for the trophies "Belly Of The Beast" and "The Prestige". If you don't currently have these trophies I suggest you get it now or you will have to wait until they bring Leviathan back. When will these trophies become unobtainable? You have until Tuesday November 10 2020 (6 days from today) to get these trophies. Which Trophies will become temporarily unobtainable? Belly Of The Beast The Prestige Are these a trophies required for Platinum? Yes The Good News Even though Leviathan is being vaulted which will make the associated trophies and platinum unobtainable. It is not something permanent. Vaulting is basically when they take content out of the game to make room for new content. The old content such as Leviathan is put into a vault and has the chance of making a return to game next year. This chance is not guaranteed but every year there is the chance it may come back. Sources (Explains Vaulting) (8th bullet down mentions Leviathan being Vaulted).