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  1. Unfortunately it doesn't matter, if you want to reappear on the the leaderboard then you need to follow the instructions in the link attached:
  2. Neato, seems like a great way to incorporate some features until /if sly implements them. Features I'd like to see (if possible) : * Export/import backlog list (CSV?/pdf) * Filter functionality for guides - Difficulty between x-y, time between z-w, playthrough amounts and platform (i.e find all games with trophy diffulty 7 or lower, requiring only one playthrough with a time requirement of no more then 40 hrs for the Ps3) * Series/franchise builder on own page - Iike doing series of games. I believe this was sort of started but never completed but also I'd like it to see where I can remove games from a series - for myself) as I don't consider it a need for myself to stack regional games etc of a series for it to be complete. * Published by year sorter under games as a sort (sort all 2015 games together) * could games that have been started in the backlog be removed from there once a trophy is earned? Thanks for the awesome script
  3. Go to the person in questions TWD trophies, on the right side below the information about first trophy etc there should be a button in red lettering saying report these trophies,that takes you to a form to report the trophies
  4. If there is reason to believe the times are impossible you can always flag the person 🤷‍♂️
  5. I only counted 17 games done solely on Vita. There is afaik no way of knowing whether a game like Dungeon Punks was done on the Vita or PS4. For the record ; I have no idea if any games were cheated on this profile or not - just stating that the amount of games played just on a Vita is far lower then what the quote implies. The majority (if not all) of the solely Vita games are also very quick and easy games like Little Adventure on the Prairie.
  6. For games that only have a few online trophies then yes it would be great if they could future proof the list from server closure by having alternative ways to obtaining the trophies. This isn't going to work for games with massive amounts of online trophies, but if you dislike online trophies you should probably just avoid those games
  7. Personally I play games that interest me, it's not like a rare game = difficult. Last Guardian is like a 3% plat or something like that and it's very easy - but it's super annoying. Many games with online trophies are like this too, it doesnt take any skill to do a boost group and trade kills... But yeah if all the games you have on your list are 5 minute games then I don't see how that is fun but YMMV
  8. The twitter source has posted several tweets about this thats interesting; here is a txt summary: "Okay, what I'm hearing from sources I trust is it's a total closure due to bankruptcy. Skeleton crew is finishing off The Walking Dead, and then the whole thing will shut. Everything else is cancelled. Only The Walking Dead is going ahead now. According to the same source, Telltale almost didn't get through Spring 2018. The Netflix deal fell apart, which was supposed to save it. The source also says they believe the publishing arm of Telltale is also done for, too. So the Stranded Deep announcement earlier today won't go ahead now. Not sure about 7 Days to Die yet. (Which doesn't mean either of those games are cancelled, just no longer published by TT) Apparently, only Minecraft: Story Mode and 7 Days to Die were making a profit. The rest was investor money and the netflix deal, which dried up. According to the source, Batman t a n k e d and was one of the worst commercial failures for Telltale. Basically, only the first season of The Walking Dead made money. Everything between that and Minecraft was a financial failure - Wolf, everything post-Season 1 of TWD, Borderlands, Game of Thrones. All failures. Source says a big difference between the layoffs last year and these: nobody's getting severance pay this time. Makes sense because it's due to bankruptcy, but... god, I hope everyone there lands on their feet. Staff were told today. As in, almost the end of the month."
  9. I added the verge article which wasn't avaliable when I created the topic, I also updated the topic to reflect that it may not be a shutdown but just a massive layoff
  10. Doesn't seem officially announced yet but it does seem accurate and makes sense given they cut a massive amount of emplyees earlier this year Update: Different source reporting that they are downsizing instead of shutting down. Supposedly going from 250 employees to 25. IIRC they employed close to 400 before the previous layoff of staff. Update 2: Apparently they are closing due to bankruptcy and the 25 staff that remains are just finishing S4 Walking Dead due to contractual obligations... Update 3: via Katt; Seems definitive now; not a downsize but actual closure
  11. So I can rent it and not pay for it...err I mean I love hearing my PS4 when it revs up the disc
  12. PS4/X1/Switch remaster incoming perhaps?
  13. Checked their Twitter and someone asked if it was included in the complete ed ; their answer was that it wasn't and it would be a stand alone purchase & that they are launching an augmented ed with this dlc included.
  14. Not related to game sessions but are there plans of making the different listings like developer, publisher etc available? Right now if you go on Spider-Man for instance you can click on Insomniac games for instance to see all games made by Insomniac Games; but is there a list to see what all the developers are thats listed on Psnprofile s? Same with genres/themes/publisher etc thats all included in the game information tab