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  1. No more mini uncharted style puzzle every time you need to search for something? Well that will be different I suppose Wonder if they will fix the store in general to make it less clunky, can't remember last time I used the store on my console due to how poorly it performs; so much easier just to use the phone app or the webpage atm
  2. Some other reasons to play however:
  3. Just Cause 2, Detroit Become Human, Dishonored 2 and Dishonored : Death to the outsider have been completed from my pyramid
  4. Yeah you can select Canada , I'm in Canada and use that site, the default is just the US site. The site offers notifications if you signup for it as well so you can have an e-mail sent when something on psn store goes on sale
  5. Gimme that stability
  6. I'm confused, I pointed put that the season pass has been on sale before, I can't help if you think the price is too high; it's still been on sale. And last I checked you *are* getting a full game in Mafia 3, the DLC is not required. It's not like Destiny where not having the dlc makes the base game crappy. Smdh
  7. It's been on sale numerous times in the past, at least for NA
  8. Saudia Arabia (and other ME region?) Gets Torment : Tides of Numenera instead of Mafia 3 if anyone is from that region
  9. I think we need to expand the trophy cabinet to 27 so we can fit all these glorious trophies in our showcase
  10. Looks like new content on August 9th; Gematsu claims there will be more this winter and early 2019 as well;
  11. Thnx, sounds like it might be frustrating with the controllers I have so I guess I'll rebuy it lol
  12. For Batman Arkham City/Asylum how much precision is required for the challenges? I own the PS3 versions of those games but my PS3 controllers are kinda trash so I'm wondering if it's worth re-purchasing them for the PS4 where I have controllers that actually function properly. Or is it not really a factor and I should just save the few $?
  13. PS4 already supporta this, just almost no games that utalize it. Fortnite is one of iirc 5 titles that have m+k support on ps4 without using 3rd party stuff
  14. Thanks
  15. Neat idea, always looking for an excuse to play games UR: The Evil Within (PS4,NA) VR: Just Cause 2 Ico R: Detroit Become Human InFamous Dishonored 2 UC/C: Oxenfree Tomb Raider Legend Dishonored : Death of the Outsider The Walking Dead: Michonne I'd post fancy images but tbh no idea how to haha