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  1. There is currently a quest that will give you the game Zombie Vikings for free, it says extremely limited #s so be speedy if interested
  2. Always thought the other Devil May Cry games looked very mediocre; this however looks very good. Kind of looking forward to it
  3. Saw it posted on reddit, just passing along the message
  4. If you add it to the store and go to checkout it's $0 now, likely a glitched that will be fixed soon , so take advantage while you still can *bugeyes*
  5. That release date is horrible, they are basically sending the game out to die commercially
  6. Are you able to update the guide to have the missing "say hi to the internet" trophy as well? The comments of the guide has description of how tonget the trophy , but its not part of the actual guide
  7. Looks like Borderlands might be coming to the PS4 as the GOTY ed has been rated by the Korean rating board for PS4.
  8. XCOM2 (PS4) Trials Fusion (PS4) Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier (PS3) Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition (PS3) Squares (Vita) Atomic Ninjas (Vita)
  9. Is there a trailer out there somewhere? Tried searching on Youtube but due to the name you end up with a lot of well baking videos 😛
  10. DLC

    Releases June 5. True Achievements habe the achivment list which I think is safe to assume will be what trophies are too ;
  11. $200 USD is a pretty hard pill to swallow...
  12. Have you tried starting the campaign yet? If I recall correctly I had to start the campaign before any of the tricks worked. I was able to get contract trophies , friends trophies etc but was stuck at $0 until after the first mission iirc then after that contracts started registring I think?
  13. Looking at previous announcments I think you are correct. I guess Deep Silver is the publisher under the THQ Nordic umbrella then ? All very confusing and the THQ press mesaage doesnt mention 4A at all, either in the Swedish or English verions
  14. Looks like someone else also want a guide for Elex so hopefully someone writes a guide for that, I'd also like to see a guide for Pyre
  15. I think the game would have been DOA if it was released this fall, so a Q1 release date hopefully means that it's a success for them