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  1. As far as the collectibles I'm not seeing what's wrong on his list, he gets the eyes trophy after "leave hanging" which is earned in Temple of Oracle; the earliest you can get enough eyes for the eye trophy is during Temple of Oracle. He gets the feather trophy after getting the Splash trophy which takes place during Challenge of Poseidon, which is the earliest chapter you can get that trophy, making it possible as well.
  2. Awesome that (a few skilled) people are able to get it done on PS4, was worried that all that would end up being PC runs with m+k and accuracy that can't be achieved on with a controller. Once the game hits big discounts I'll pick it up and probably fail miserably 🙃 and no I wasn't waiting for lower price because of the trophy but because I'm a cheapskate 😆
  3. I'm gonna assume this is on the JP PSN store 🤔
  4. K coo, iwI as under the impression that you couldn't Plat with just vanilla anymore since you can't unlock artifacts with just the base game; but as long as rise doesn't do anything like that I guess I'm fine. Honestly so confused when playing this, have no idea wtf I'm doing 90% of the time 😂😂😂 good thing the gameplay is oddly satisfying 😁
  5. I've got the Taken King edition that I got when I first got my ps4, hated it when I first played it but was likely more due to being unfamiliar with controller etc. Decided to try it again last week, and it wasn't as bad as I recalled ; what am I missing out on by not having the Rise expansion? Is the platinum still doable? Is there anything like artifacts being added in taken king that is in rise? Tldr; is it worth spending the money to get the rise expansion when you just try for Plat or just if you want 100%?
  6. Trophies unlocking too fast and in completely wrong order... I'd suggest you don't let your friend speedrun anything else on your account as its a pretty clear case of save file...
  7. February 6th release date based on description in video
  8. Watch the trophy glitch and not unlock too 😝
  9. My biggest issue with that trophy is how you supposedly can't skip a big portion of cutscenes - talk about time wasters. I mean maybe it happens on your first try but I think a majority of people who get that trophy will have tried many many times before they get it, have fun watching the same cutscene for the 10th time 😖
  10. Nice idea, would it be possible to have something similar to this implemented for the "games" tab as well? I know you can search by trophies the platinum etc but just to go into games by itself would be nice as well
  11. Many seem to have issues with the Metro games with PS4 slims, unfortunately doesn't look like there is a fix from what I've seen.
  12. The flag is correct, "Routes of Future Past" occurs in the Barry half of episode 4, which is played last, and in order to get both routes you have to do the Claire portion of the 4th chapter two ways. Completing Barry's portion the first time will grant you the "clear episode 4" trophy, it is thus impossible to get the Routes trophy before completing episode 4, for the Route trophy to unlock before episode 3 and 4, both those trophies would have had to glitch, and on top of that episode 4 would have had to glitch twice (not unlocking until completing the *third* playthrough)
  13. So you get the trophy for completing the last mission and getting the veteran Difficulty first. Then ~15 min later you get the trophy for completing the game on hardened Difficulty. Another 40 min passes and you complete the game on regular Difficulty. Then another 3 hours pass and you finally complete the tutorial level. Pretty clear case that those trophies aren't legit...
  14. Shadow Warrior and Hotline Miami 2 for me, both will probably put years on me trying to Plat them , glutton for punishment lol
  15. For Saints Row he could have just idled the game without getting a trophy, if he's doing this in coop he would get the coop trophy before 3 hrs as well. While perhaps strange that you'd start the game by idling for hours it's still something you can do so imo that should be lifted