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  1. Yes , played all on ps3 and popped it on vita without any effort
  2. As a kid I always collected all stars/coins etc as a mean to make the games last longer as NES/SNES games were quite expensive. More or less falling out of gaming only to get a PS4 in fall of 2015, I started playing the first Uncharted and naturally found a treasure ; causing a trophy to pop. Felt like a really natural progression from what I did as a kid, and if they would have existed when I grew up Im sure I would have been going for whatever arbitrary goals the devs would have laid out then instead of what I made up myself
  3. Bundle with Umbrella Corps for max profit!
  4. To improve % wise you probably want to start with games on your list that you have low amount of trophies collected in, but if it was me I would start by sorting by % competed and go where you are the closest to 100% and go down the list. If a game has online prioritize that game so you don't get stuck with server closures. By doing it this way you can go for the near completed and feel like you get somewhere.
  5. Never had any issues with cross save with this game switching back and forth between PS4 and Vita. Most masks in the game are earned by high scoring a level, and the few that are picked up during a level arent equipped ; u have wait til next level to use them. I mean it could have glitched I guess , its not like these are the hardest trophies in the game
  6. Doee the Mass Effect Trilogy include the dlcs? It doesnt look so based on the store and they are pretty pricey :/
  7. Armature studios ; the company responsible for the Vita port of the hd collection have updates their website for their Metal Gear Solid Project, and now on versions it lists both the PS4 and the Vita for versions. Maybe its nothing but Im hoping this mean we will get this on PS4
  8. Normally season passes feel like a waste but this looks promising. I was planning of renting FC5 , hopefully the price of the season pass will be resonable and ill pick that up :-)
  9. For PS4 Is Rime and Knack ; Source : dashboard for ps+ has a blue box saying "Explore the beautiful yet rugged world of Rime and set off on an adventure of epic proportions in Knack - February's Monthly Games for PS Plus members." Edits; PS4: Knack Rime PS3 Spelunker HD Mugen Souls Z Vita Exiles End Grand Kingdom (crossbuy PS4) PSVR Starblood Arena PS+ Bonus Gem of War starter pack (Feb 13-Mar 13)
  10. Metro Last Light was a ps+ game on ps3 so dont think we will get that and I think the other Metro game has been known to have issues on slim versions of the PS4
  11. Got the plat in both but would be a great month if true. Maybe the overpriced dlc for FC4 could go on sale too
  12. How much improved are the controls over the PS2/3 versions? Never played this Colossus in the past but intrigued by it , but The Last Guardians controls were frustrating to say the last...
  13. First Treasure ; Uncharted Drakes Fortune remastered Fitting name to start trophy hunting lol
  14. Assuming they don't move away from the x86 architecture ; backwards compatibility with PS4 games
  15. More fuel to the fire; I don’t speak/read Japanese but here is a translation provided from user mastocklkaksi on Reddit : “tweet translation: unlabeled Dark Souls remaster. shocked that pre-orders started. Tried to Google, but no info. Is there a chance the store put this out too early? I'm blurring [the bottom], but the people who get it, get it. “ On top of that Kotaku posted an article about it being anncounced today as well;