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  1. Scratch that, looks like a lot of the rank 7-8 quests involve Multiplayer Missions, least you can do them solo though I'm going to bite the bullet on this one and team up with some people, past rank 6 the enemies start to get harder and harder to solo
  2. For those that don't know Japanese, plat should only take around 26-28 hours roughly depending on rng and skills For those with a good knowledge of Japanese that plat time should drop to around 18-21 hours The longest part of the game so far is looking like the guild quests, only 50% of guild quests will be accessible throughout the main storyline, the remainder will be post-game.
  3. Grind wise it isn't so bad, max lvl and 1mil Bells came to me through natural story progression and some slight grinding in one of the higher lvl dungeons. All skills for all the characters will unlock around lvl 60 for each character so as long as you share the love that should come from natural progression too. Quests won't be too much of a grind from what I can see, material drop quests are few and will generally be given to you through regular dungeon runs, there's even a blessing you can get from the church for a bit of bell that'll boost your drop rate by 50%, though that does drop xp gain by 20%
  4. Lily Ranks don't play any role in Cyberdimension Neptunia from what I can see so far (2 trophies away from the Plat ) The CG event trophies pop up randomly throughout the story within dungeons or the town itself.
  5. For the path is closed, you must be the sole damager of all 3 teleporters during the match, if it's a assisted destruction it won't count. I managed to get it on the Hollywood map using a tracer to zip in and plant a pulse bomb on/near the pad. Good luck with this one, getting a match against a noobish Symantra is pretty difficult.