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  1. I hope you give it another try now that the trophy is way easier to get!
  2. C'mon, all this because an absurd trophy is easier to get now. " Aren't they supposed to make you sit there and feel proud of what you've just accomplished?" yes, they are. And the fact that this trophy is doable now doesn't remove the feel of accomlishment that some may get from it. If you still want to do it the "proper" way, then go for it. As another user said, it's great that now more people will get the platinum for a game they love, and not just to brag about how difficult it is to complete.
  3. I eventually got it, maybe my theory was correct? IDK, I just need Car Collector and Stocked for the plat.
  4. I recently got a Breakout sky blue body, would that one work? if so let me know.
  5. My only guess is that I played the game on Switch before it became free to play, so stats from that version are carried to the PS4 version. I hope it unlocks once I have driven 50 miles on PS4.
  6. Wait so the trophy is actually 80 km and not 50 km? the American trophy description also says 50 km. EDIT: Well I just checked and I have more than 50 miles/80 km and no trophy yet :/
  7. Yoooo I came back here after a few days and now everybody's getting the 20M trophy in a matter of minutes!!! 😂😂 It's so weird how they kept giving almost no zeni rewards and suddenly they just threw 8.5M in like a week. I'm glad for all the people who got their shiny new plat 😁
  8. lol that's true. I just checked and I have 163 hours of total play time. Basically less than 200 hours with grinding, more than 600 without.
  9. This. Season 3 is way more generous with zeni rewards. The new challenges are mostly things that you do anyway like super dash 5 times or play 3 casual matches; that and the Tournament of Power modes where you can easily grind while doing something else. They sometimes do events where you have to play x amount of matches for rewards, but if you do the maximum required amount of matches you also get the rewards from the previous requirements. For instance, play 5 matches gives you 150k, 10 matches 350k and 20 matches 500k, at the end you would get a million total.
  10. I play both the Switch and PS4 versions regularly. Since Switch doesn't have trophies I never grinded for zeni in that version, just regular story mode, arcade, practice mode and online stuff. I have played 675 hours and I had 16 million before the 5M reward. PS4 is harder to know since it doesn't have an easy way to know how much you've played (c'mon Sony) but I'd say I have more than 100 hrs with grinding and online play and I have 19 million zeni thanks to the reward.
  11. Hey guys, here's some big news! DBFZ has sold 5 million copies, and as a thank you every player who plays from today May 20th to the 28th will get 5 MILLION ZENI!!! Go claim yours by loggin into the game and hopefully this will grant that 20M zeni trophy for some of you.
  12. Hi! Do you know if those new weapons deal more damage or have any special benefit?
  13. Well remember you'll get zeni once in a while by increasing your rank. Also you still need to beat story mode which gives you zeni too. It's still a pain in the ass but at least is faster than previous methods.