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  1. I agree with everybody else, 20M for a trophy is ridiculous. I have played for almost a year on Switch, 500+ hours between story mode and online matches, earning zeni through z unions, special events, etc. , and I only have earned 10M.
  2. Exactly, that's what makes it great. It also includes a digital book with story bits, art, etc., but since there's no trophy for reading that most people won't care.
  3. Dude this game will sell like hotcakes on Switch, while PS4 won't get that many sales based on the responses on this thread.
  4. First time being part of this, and it's a cool idea to recognize the work of others when it's due. Here are my votes: Trophy Guide of the Year: Monster Hunter World Trophy Guide. The amount of content and detail that had to be put in the guide is insane. Exceptional Niche Game Guide: Reverie Trophy Guide. Very well put and extremely helpful. Exceptional Use of Formatting: Shadow of the Colossus: Time Trials & Items Guide. A perfect complement to the SoTC guide I wrote. The creator of that guide definitely put a lot of effort into it. Exceptional use of Original Content: Stardew Valley Trophy Guide. I didn't use it specifically for the PS4 or Vita versions of the game, but was very useful when playing on another platform.
  5. From my own trophy guide, which is waiting for approval: After beating the game once, you'll be able to play Time Attack Mode. Now, if you beat the game on HARD, go ahead and beat all Colossi on Hard TA. After that, manually create a save file, then go back to the menu and start a new game +, but this time choose NORMAL. Choose the save file you created and beat all 16 colossi again, but this time it would be way easier. By doing this you will have all the items from HARD and NORMAL on the same savefile, which is needed for this trophy.
  6. This list is a litlle easier compared to the PS3 one. If you already played this game you won't have problems getting the Speed Demon trophy, and even the Last Man Staning tophy (for not dying once). Apparently you don't need to eat all the fruit and collect all the lizard tails this time, but you still need multiple playthroughs to max out your stamina and health.
  7. Batman Arkham Knight - I AM the Batman! Platinum.
  8. If you think that getting the Game Over trophy was painful, imagine being half way on your journey and have to star over again. That happened to me. Around six months ago I was trying to fully upgrade everythig (already had All Powered Up) but my system decided to crash while the game was saving, and my save file was gone so I had to start over. From zero. I recently got the final trophy, and still like the game, but damn I wasted so many hours on this.
  9. Yeah it wasn't the best Flash Sale ever. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Does A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks have trophy support? The game it's kind of old so I asume it doesn't.
  11. The last trophy I got it's important to me for 2 reasons. First, it was a Platinum. Second, it's my 1000th trophy Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD . Snake Eaten (Collect all trophies).
  12. @ALfheimNilvalen yes, it still works. Check this out:
  13. Thanks man, it worked even when I died a couple of times between the kills.
  14. Hey man. I see you play Smite, and also that you've achieved the infamous Final Form Trophy. Did you get it through normal play or is the Mystical Mail trick still effective?

  15. Literally Boom, Boom, Kaboom! PD: He likes One Piece, which makes him cool.