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  1. I'm logging off because I'm bored. I'll log back on in 5 minutes because I'm bored.

    1. sweetismia


      This is how it goes for me too.

  2. I did not have any certificate issues before the design change. The tweet is from May 14th and I'm sure this was not an issue for me long after that. Did you change certificate authority? Anyway I understand that it's a PS4 issue that hasn't been solved since May 14th. I don't expect much of this...
  3. Although it sucks in general, I use the PS4 browser to check stats, profiles, trophy guides and tips. Now I'm having problems (latest PS4 firmware).
  4. Game of Throphies
  5. Hello No real trophy hunter myself. Quick win tip: Have you played FC primal? Fun game to play and even I managed to get a platinum on that game.
  6. Just saying
  7. I can't remember but as far as I know my char was lvl 25-30 and I do not have a single trophy. I really tried hard to embrace this game because of my PC MMO experiences. I can't help to find that it's a boring game and looking at my (young) profile it seems like I only fired it up once.
  8. 1 post closer to some fun lottery I am allowed to join
  9. I tried about 20 different rather normal and rather cool PSN ID's and then I gave up. Now I'm stuck with this one
  10. I watched Warcraft yesterday. I was one of the 5 people in the theater I guess this has nothing to do with the movie because it was much better than I expected. You can see that Blizzard has a lot of money.
  11. Besides the fact that I actually bought my ps4 because of this game, I just hope that it's worth all the waiting. Some people have a lot of critique on why they had to wait so long for a Gran Turismo title on ps4, especially after seeing the first gameplay video's (dunno why... I was impressed but have gt5 as my latest reference). I must say that I'm happy it will come out before all these ps4k announcement rumors. I was afraid I bought my ps4 to early to fully enjoy the next Gran Turismo.
  12. Can't wait! Pre-ordered Gran Turismo® Sport Digital Deluxe Edition yesterday
  13. In the Netherlands I found the preorder for the digital edition and digital deluxe edition you can preorder and to be released 16/11/16 https://store.playstation.com/#!/nl-nl/games/gran-turismo-sport-digital-edition/cid=EP9001-CUSA02168_00-GTSPORTPSNPREORD https://store.playstation.com/#!/nl-nl/games/gran-turismo-sport-digital-deluxe-edition/cid=EP9001-CUSA02168_00-GTSPDLXPSNPREORD The preorder of the deluxe offers some nice extra's: - Pacecar-pack - Dynamic theme Deluxe offers -Autosticker-pack, themapack Japan, themapack Amerika, themapack Europa, chrome racehelm and 1.000.000 credits I always rather have the offline media with a box but ordering online does seem to have some benefits
  14. Playing right now: Gran Turismo Sport | LIVE FIA Gran Turismo Championship, Pre-Season Test