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  1. I discovered that you can kill adamantoise with one shot. bringing the magic statistic to 2000 or higher + lv 99 + equip noctis ring + press triangle to use special attack. use items that top up pm (99) sorry for my English
  2. hello. hi, I have a big problem the fishing pole does not appear, I checked in 3 different areas (watching video) I saw that the mission is buggy, useful tips?
  3. Weaker hunter Eleanor, rokurou, magilou, Eizen. I need help with this title, I hit the weak element but the counter does not increase. where can I farming this title and what skill should I use?
  4. thank you so much🤩🤩
  5. Is there a guide or map to find all the herbs? I'm stuck at 71/80 ..... I need it for the title of Eleonor
  6. where I can farm rare materials to upgrade weapons? raw invigorating powder( it is the material needed to increase from 2 to 3)
  7. A thank you so much. I have laphi lic 54
  8. Hello. yesterday I collected and used the red orb and defeated the mini boss, but the third special attack does not unlock, is it a bug?
  9. Bug try again and again.
  10. is the coop mode separated from the single player mode?
  11. anything. .... I will try again tomorrow. Thanks for the quick response
  12. I arrived in the region of sekigahara, the game went offline and I can not go online anymore. how can i solve?
  13. is 100% confirmed that I have to be online to get this trophy? can I accept the mission and turn off the ps4?