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  1. I platinum-plated the game a week ago
  2. there is a mission where you can farm them rare Abandoned God Arc. +1 ?
  3. Oky thanks
  4. hello I have 2 questions for two trophies 1: Not Classy: if I choose chapter 5 via the chapter selector in easy mode. is the race easier? or will it be identical to the classic mode? (as a difficulty) 2:Motor Museum: to get this trophy what do i have to do exactly? do i just have to get in a car ?? or should I take a car and bring it back to the bar's garege? sorry for my English
  5. I got the platinum trophy using VR,
  6. Thanks
  7. I made 18 perfect songs. today I wasted 3 hours but I did nothing (I always missed one) how fast do you play? I use the 1.0 and use the vr.. I'm tired, this trophy makes me too angry
  8. hi. how can i unlock these hunter pack missions?
  9. you are right. I found 3 songs to try again Thanks
  10. I have now finished all the songs in proud (normal) mode but no trophy
  11. I have now finished all the songs in proud (normal) mode but no trophy
  12. i finished all songs in proud mode with one button function. I wanted to warn that the trophy is not unlocked. don't make my mistake😡
  13. personally the most beautiful is SWORD ART ONLINE RE: HOLLOW FRAGMENT TROPHIES
  14. Nice Thanks 😁
  15. Hello . my question is this im play in proud mode, the heartless kills of the mode one button do they add up to kills in normal mode? (with all buttons) or they are two different lists? sorry for my English