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  1. I have the disc versionps4 . is it normal that the option to upgrade ps5 does not appear?
  2. because when I use this object, it also takes away two spirits from me? the description says something else
  3. I have already been playing platinum for a weekšŸ¤£
  4. I solved. friend you were right. i got platinum.
  5. after I check, but I don't seem to have it
  6. Hello. Im have question. how do i unlock the mine?
  7. Do I have to win the game to confirm the kills? or if I lose they are always confirmed
  8. try to put speed 1.0 (it depends on the song) unfortunately I don't know how to help you for the joystick mode do you have the possibility to borrow the VR from some family member or friend?
  9. this game is full of bugs
  10. I platinum-plated the game a week ago
  11. there is a mission where you can farm them rare Abandoned God Arc. +1 ?
  12. hello I have 2 questions for two trophies 1: Not Classy: if I choose chapter 5 via the chapter selector in easy mode. is the race easier? or will it be identical to the classic mode? (as a difficulty) 2:Motor Museum: to get this trophy what do i have to do exactly? do i just have to get in a car ?? or should I take a car and bring it back to the bar's garege? sorry for my English
  13. I got the platinum trophy using VR,
  14. Thanks