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  1. Just finished my last Playthrough on the Japanese Version of the Game, did all endings and got all Trophys for them but not the one for getting all of them... Did anybody else had the same issue? EDIT: Got it... Had to delete all Save Files and do them from Scratch.
  2. You need to Gold the Stages atleast on Normal.
  3. Why didn't someone already came up to help People in this Situation? I can't stand the fact, that those ppl are having their way with them. Hope that this will turn out positive for you all. Really sad that some ppl can ruin a game like this.
  4. Just one Question, if they can turn them negative. Is it possible to turn them back in their state before they got negative?
  5. Should be enough but will upload the whole run tommorow. EDIT: Trophy's start poppin on 5:50 and im showing the complete list on the last 20 secs of the Video.
  6. Will be up in About an hour from now. Full 2h Version will be up by tommorow morning.
  7. I recorded the whole run from beginning till the End. Currently only uploading the last 30-40mins of the run by noon the whole 2h should be online. Depends on my Internet Connection.
  8. I can't answer with my UncrwndKng account anymore but i found out what triggers the glitch If you finish the Game on Twisted with Gold Medals and do TMA at the same time you won't get We Buy Gold. Uploading Video on this Right now.
  9. The Plat is still possible. 09.12.18 Just got it today and hosted and online lobby!
  10. Ok got the Trophy now, you can really let your time with the wrestling camps as long as you get the other ones done by 9 Camps! Rest was easy
  11. Sometimes im getting 4-5 done but most of the time im really struggling with getting 3, when you Takedown the AI it just lays there on the Ground for an eternity... It's just ahhhh but thanks for the Tipp!
  12. Yeah i already now that one.. I almost read all of them That's why im asking ppl here. Maybe someone nows one or two tricks to get the Ai to the Point where you can actually do the task withput getting Taken down
  13. Im currently stuck at the Trophy Collector Trophy, sadly you need to get the Wrestling Camps to LV4 for it and there dead ass Balls Stupid. There is no explanation what you need to do and the Limited Time you have is also an Factor which makes this Harder then it should be. Currently im trying to get 30 Points per camp, i read somewhere that this should be enough. My question is how did you finish them? And dou you have some tipps for certain tasks?
  14. You ARE my Hero! Hate this game and hated this Trophy so much..
  15. Yeah gonna try this on my own.