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  1. Some of the descriptions are awesome as well. Love how most of the vague ones just say "Die."
  2. Don't know if you prefer ranged or melee, but this is a melee build i've been interested to do for a while now: I'd say you'd be better off with Rhodey but maybe you can find a right combo with Tony.
  3. We'd have a better chance of getting new info about Agent than a LA Noire remaster.
  4. stamp lego on anything and i'll probably play it. can't wait for this one.
  5. i play it whenever i can
  6. Kingdom Hearts 3
  7. This will probably be one of the final games I get at launch. It seemed like I wasn't getting any trophies during my first playthrough, so I had to make another character to do so. BUT in order to do that, I had to create more than 4 custom characters beforehand because the beginning prologue is seriously bugged and I couldn't get out of the area everyone was in (When you check on your twin's pog after the crash). Not to mention all of my quests & milestones from my first Ryder could be seen on the second profile. It's a disappointing start so far but I'm not too sure that it'll change in the future.