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  1. Killzone 2 is up now
  2. I probably would have gotten the DLC if this had a full-fledged trophy list... Think I'll stick with Stella Stage for now.
  3. This really helps, thanks!!!
  4. I remember attempting the grind last year and I gave up halfway. It's very long and annoying with randoms, but who just has 5 PS3s laying around?
  5. Some really great games here, a couple of really nice digital-only releases, too. The woes of a collector make it hard to enjoy sales that don't have many digital-only games, so it's definitely relieving.
  6. I believe it's just the first game. It's the updated version with new art in HD that released back in 2011 for the PSP, and more recently on the 3DS.
  7. I would like to see more development on this project.
  8. Nah, we were both level 1 actually. We fixed it actually. I think it was having issues hosting the match from his end, because when he searched for me it worked and not vice versa.
  9. I've been reading this topic and I just really want to know what happened lol
  10. I'm trying to play ranked for the level 11 trophy with my partner, and we just can't seem to get through. Player matches and lobby matches work fine.
  11. We're in different regions I believe, and I have a physical copy of the game. We completed the matches yes.
  12. I played through every game mode, even making sure it was in the same session, and no trophy ever popped. I tried it again and still nothing. Had another player help. We are friends on PSN if that means anything. Help!
  13. I read on a guide on PlaystationTrophies that the online trophies can be done via ADHOC instead. Should I worry about servers potentially going down someday, or can I solo these missions using an adhoc lobby?