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  1. I've updated the guide with this information. Many thanks, @KKrischanz. You've been credited. =]
  2. I've just been playing solo and had this error come up when auto-saving from using the tractor, I've been driving around scavenging items then this hit. I played for around 2 hours and it came up several times, only once after this started happening did it actually save (via the tractor) and not come up with the save error/corrupt message. Figured this was a vehicle bug, so eventually got back to my homebase and saving via the main hub/building was also giving me this error with every attempt. Lastly, I tried saving and quitting via the pause menu, unsurprisingly this also gave the save error and then quit me out the game despite obviously not saving my progress. My world no longer appears under my Saved Games, so it's literally been wiped. So all the time investment exploring and building, down the drain. This, as well as pretty awful frame-dropping (it's like a flip-book) when I'm playing multiplayer with others (I also got a blue-screen crash error last night when playing, twice), makes these issue pretty game breaking. I've really enjoyed the game so far but this latest loss or progress knock-back is really demotivating me from wanting to start another world just yet, until something gets fixed, patched... anything lol.
  3. 251 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Quickest COD platinum I've earned. I was glad to see no multiplayer trophies, as I've somewhat grown tired of having to grind a mode (generally to level 55/first prestige) which I have no interest in for trophies. Slightly disappointed to see just a singular DLC trophy for Spec Ops (so far) though. but we'll see what's to come over time. =]
  4. SecretIn Tag der Toten, find the secret With finally earning this trophy, I finished Black Ops 4 to 100% for the final time! =] I hope...
  5. If it's anything like Pro Clubs, which it seemingly is (same character build tools, same rating levelling system, same skill points/skill tree system) then you can't unlock every trait. It's so that you have to experiment/mix and match your traits to find a build of your own preference, otherwise everybody would have the same OP players with identical stats, give/take minimal attribute difference in regards to height/weight. It's also why there is a reset option on the skill tree, that wouldn't be an option if you were able to unlock everything and essentially be a "complete" player.
  6. I've just replayed the whole story again on an alt, finally got to see the cut-scene! I had a bit of a nervy stuttered black screen again at the same end point after the match though, felt like it was going to give way again. I've finished all 5 sets of skill games to 5/5 and still no trophy. Was there anything else you did? EDIT: It just unlocked after I beat Issy Hitman in his legend match. so I'm still just as unsure how this works as I was before as I didn't play a legend match against each of the people. EDIT 2: Ok so I think you collect them by beating their teams throughout the story. I won every game on my main (this) before it crashed when I finished the story, so that would explain why I got both trophies upon loading Volta back up as winning the final match to beat the remaining legend (to collect them) is when you’d get the trophy. On my alt run, I skipped the single matches after each tournament that were presumably the legends team for that region. I did this to try and run through it quicker to reach the end. On some of the legends post-story, I had a legend match available but not on all of them. This is presumably the opportunity to beat the legend as you were unable to during the story, as when you win the legend match no longer appears for them on the menu. I got the trophy on my alt when winning the last legend match that was available to play. TLDR - Win every match in the story.
  7. So I just finished playing the Volta World Championships and won the final. Come the end of the match where I'm going to assume more cut-scenes would play, my game just hard crashed. When I reloaded the game, I loaded Volta back up and got both the trophies. So firstly, wow.. did I really just play through the whole story and not even get to see the ending? The story is marked as complete on the world map menu, so it's not even like I can go back and play that final match. But what I essentially want to ask - to anyone that has completed the story also and has these trophies, was collecting 5 legends just an automatic thing you gained after winning this championship? I don't have any new players in my squad management at all so I'm sort of lost with how they are "collected". Did they have to be recruited or something, as that's what I was expecting would be the case when playing through this, seeing as you recruit normal players along the way. Having looked at the trophy % for both of these and when people have been earning them, it seems these two trophies basically go hand-in-hand with how the timestamps look, basically seconds/minutes apart. However I've noticed that some people got one trophy before the other, and vice versa. So I'd like to know when/how some people got theirs and if anyone else has had their game hard crash at the final stage. EDIT: On the topic of trophy % again, the fact that (as of posting this) the Story trophy is at 2.93% but the Legends trophy is down at 2.48%, that's a fairly big gap for trophies that seemingly unlock alongside/incredibly close to one another. So either I have missed something because I was robbed of the ending or is this just bugged?
  8. 250 - Grand Theft Auto V I saved this one for the milestone. Having spent the last few weeks grinding online to reach level 100, I finally got there last night having played a million stunt races. It also continues my trend of trying to clean up my difficult/longer backlog games before starting new games, this one coming in at 4 years and 9 months for the platinum. I have 4 trophies left for 100% (heist-related), but I'm happy to have finally earned Los Santos Legend. =]
  9. 249 - Battlefield Hardline Another backlog game down, 2 years and 10 months to finally earn this. Not too worried about playing the DLC, finishing the base list was my main priority. Now I have 50GB+ space back on my system for the next backlog game! =]
  10. 248 - Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Finally finished this after spending days grinding multiplayer for level 60, just over 4 years completion time.
  11. All's Fare in Love and War Purchase Downtown Cab Co. and complete a private fare. This was the last trophy (just level 100 until plat now) I needed from Single Player in GTAV, which I had to start a new game for as my game bugged by never giving me a phone call to do a private fare. Happy to just have one trophy left now, but waiting on double REP events before tackling the online grind.
  12. Yup, but BR makes them more dough so their attention is 90% there. =[ Hopefully this is fixed soon, along with other issues - my game has crashed at least once every day whilst mid-mission since Season X dropped, which is becoming increasingly annoying. I've deleted and reinstalled the game as well in case there was any corrupt data when patches have downloaded and what not, but still no joy.
  13. 247 - Human Fall Flat My most recent, though a little while ago. I played it not long after Gang Beasts, which is also a similar game with rag-doll-like physics. Recommend playing both. =]