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  1. The Proposal to Fixing the Platinum Trophy I'm not so sure about this being a case of fixing the platinum, but more so fixing the mindsets of those who feel more entitled than others because of a statistic. The value of a platinum trophy is only that of what the owner makes it, not by how many people have earned it. I've tried to keep up with reading all the feedback before posting, but it just seems like what could essentially be a nice feature, or cosmetic... wherever it be displayed, is being turned into filtering system. Introducing ribbons as a feature isn't the problem. It's the supposed purpose behind them that just doesn't seem right. I'm a casual trophy hunter these days, I've played games across the difficulty spectrum and my view on what I've earned or what somebody else has earned is neutral. There are probably people below me on leaderboards with more rarer platinums, people above me with more "ezpz" platinums. It doesn't make a difference in reality. If ribbons were to be added, then the only two I'd really understand would be an Ultra Rare ribbon, because props.. well done I guess, and a ribbon showing the number of completed 100% games. Yes, I'm aware this thread is about the platinum trophy, but games without them deserve some recognition too. Couldn't this also apply to those with an issue with platinum rarity/difficulty?
  2. How is me hiding it agreeing that I have hacked it? I have hidden it because I have been forced into a corner to do so, so that I remain on the PSNP leaderboards and can still partake in other forum activities (such as PST) which I have been doing for years.
  3. I linked that latest earners lists as I clicked the trophy after I saw my flag description about 2009 and noticed numerous people had earned it in 2010, so I was just curious as to why they are on there. I know it's a manual process so it takes time, but if I'm having to resort to putting a blue 'H' on my profile because of this game then I wanted clarification that the other players in the latest earners are also having to do that.
  4. Well I guess I just have to hide it then if it means being put onto the leaderboards. If it was unobtainable since '09, then how have so many people got trophy from 2010 onwards and are not flagged as well?
  5. RomanClaret FIFA 09 This trophy is going way back, though if I remember correctly that trophy popped when I was playing standard online Head-to-Head matches. I know I'd won way more than 5 Interactive league matches within the period that mode was live, though I believe if you won matches by DNF then it didn't seem to pop the trophy as the games had to be completed without the opponent quitting for it to register. So completing full matches on the server in H2H mode later down the line afterwards triggered it to pop for some reason, I've no control over the EA server for a trophy popping. I've no foul play on my account at all, so I'm quite deflated that after all these years of fair gaming I've been flagged up for a single trophy. If I could have any trophies on my account unlock, then it would be the unobtainable one on FIFA 10 which has stopped my from earning the only FIFA platinum I do not have. But it's unobtainable, that's life and you get on with it and play new games. I have no motive or reason to earn trophies illegitimately, for the 8 years that I've been trophy hunting. I've never hidden games either on my time on PSNP because I've never had anything to hide. I apologise if this is a long-winded response and it's only meant to be vague, but I've never been accused of cheating therefore I'm being as informative and transparent as I possibly can.