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  1. What I mean is maybe the fridge note isn't the one he's missing, maybe it's another file that he didn't notice he was missing because he didn't bother checking the rest of the files once he saw that he was missing the fridge note. But I guess you're right, it might be easier to just restart.
  2. Keep in mind that the notes in your inventory are only for that save file, it's possible that you might have picked up the fridge note on another save file. I had a similar experience, the game said said I had 44/47 files but there were 4 files missing from my inventory, the reason being that one of those 4 files, I picked up while loading an old save file. What you should do is compare your files to a complete list of the file names online and list all of the missing ones, there might be more than one if you went back to a previous save file and picked a missing file.
  3. From my experience I think that the infinite ammo dragoon and infinite ammo flash bang are enough for the harder difficulties. I learned this pretty late but the infinite ammo flash bang is extremely helpful in cases that you just wanna rush past the enemies and it can even be useful in some boss fights like the propeller one. The dragoon is also stronger then you might expect, it won't make boss fights trivial but it's enough to get through them without much stress.
  4. i wanted to go for the one shot trophy,and i know there's a way to go back to the last save when you die,but i kind of thought its a bit risky,i wanted to know if restarting the mission you died in,and then continue without dying is safe or not?
  5. i wanted to try this game and i was wondering if the online is dead or are people still playing?
  6. best 3,ubisoft worst 1.ea 2.square enix 3.nintendo
  7. if kara dies in stormy night, the 'on the run' chapter won't happen and one of connors deaths is in that mission
  8. super smash bros on nintendo ds
  9. i got the exact same messages from 3 different ids today
  10. thanks
  11. i can't find the event, whats the name?where is it? are the event times deferent for each region
  12. since red hood released and we didn't get any trophies it would be weird if they added trophies in the future
  13. how do i do the event????
  14. yes much easier
  15. i opened of about 500 gold boxes, i think i got an ability for almost every character, i even got 9 lives for catwoman but didn't get cat call
  16. i wonder if character levels have an effect on what you get in lot boxes cause maybe if you max level cat woman and don't max level the rest maybe it will give it faster???
  17. it didn't pop for me at first too, i won another match and then it popped
  18. thanks for taking the time to write this!
  19. either their psn profiles account wasn't updated at that time or they just started being tracked by psn profiles or they didn't sync their trophies until a later time, most likely the first one edit: definitely not the first one since you didn't get the platinum recently
  20. 51, my name is mayo😁 other than that 47, finished life is strange episode 5 and got most collectibles in one day, plus some uncharted 2 trophies
  21. thanks,GOD that's a lot, hope it doesn't get boring
  22. how long was the game?
  23. considering what blind mango said, would you kindly send a pic of the trophies?
  24. that's nice to hear, i think i'll give it a go if it hits a pretty good discount, thanks for the info!
  25. well i guess i can't judge since i haven't played driveclub, i didn't think the dlcs are actually good and not ripped of from the main game, it kind of looks that way with the amount of dlcs it has