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    My primary account here is Trialia_X; my real name is Tria. Please feel free to interact with me on either account, though :) I created my second PSN account in my sleep, though I am still a little bemused at the fact! So I'm keeping it to try for 100% on everything in it.

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    Web & graphic design, RPGs, platformers, music (mostly folk, classical & female-fronted metal), cats, travel, writing, reading, fantasy, speculative fiction, YA fiction, crime fact & fiction, book-swapping, anti-austerity political activism, & much more. Asexual, homoromantic, polyamorous femme/androgyne person using feminine (she/her) or neutral (they/their/them/ze/hir/zir) pronouns.

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  1. Interesting. For me it's wiped my leaderboard positions too.
  2. It's still intensely annoying, regardless of how long it supposedly lasts. I don't have another trophy I'm likely to be able to hit within the next several days now I've finished up with LJW (the other plat I've been working on is very long-term!), so if that's the only "fix", my profile will be stuck like this for at least a week. 🙄
  3. Don't we wish. A week and counting according to the earlier updates in this thread.
  4. Okay, this makes NO sense at all. My privacy settings are and have always been set to "Anyone" on my PS3 *and* Vita (though I haven't used the latter in years), but my profile here suddenly doesn't show anything. According to all the details the post says to check on PSN/PS3 and game info, all my trophies SHOULD show up ... but they're not! I've had several new ones over the last few days, just got platinum on Lego Jurassic World ... still nothing. Anyone? Please? Edit: Guess I should've checked new updates on the thread! This is ridic...
  5. Tbqh the whining just makes me roll my eyes at y'all. I had a fairly strong dislike of XIII the first time I played it, and I got frustrated & dropped it before the Vile Peaks, because the linearity of the game was driving me up the wall, having been a devoted FF fan for years to that point & being so used to more open worlds than XIII's. I decided to try again, because I like to have my trophy lists complete... and the second time, I gave it a chance and I warmed up to it. I'm currently working for the plat (I have a lot of health problems, so yes, it's really taken me this long). As for XIII-2, I actually like the story a lot more than that of XIII, probably because I love time travel in fiction. I've never been keen on Serah, she always irritated me for some reason. Not enough will to stand up for herself. But she gets better, a little bit. I haven't got very far with LR yet - I'm not fond of time limits in games & I want to plat the other two first.
  6. Even on a new console, the disc edition of this game still crashes everything. It's ludicrous.
  7. So tired... and tired of glitches. Tempted to get some sleep, now, except that I'd like to have this game completed on PS3 by my birthday (Saturday)...

  8. No... I meant complete by getting all the trophies as well as making it through the game. Honestly, I suspect some cheating or a modern equivalent of the old Xplorer cartridge, because I still cannot see any way it would be possible otherwise. The characters simply don't move quickly enough, if playing the game unaugmented. Oh well...
  9. I'm trying to escape the Indominus with Claire and Owen, in story mode, just after they found the kids' jeep tracks, and while I built the scaffolding for Claire to jump up to get the last bits for the chainsaw to cut through the huge vine, she seemed to be stuck in a strange black space where I couldn't see or move her. I swapped back to Owen, built the scaffold, but when I switched back to Claire for her agility, she was already on the far side of the undamaged vine - and it was impossible to get her back to the other side to do her jumping so that Owen could get there. I had to exit the level, in the end. So... there's another glitch for you all. Sigh!
  10. What I want to know is what's with the "fastest achievers" list for this game on here? There is no way that anyone can complete this game in under an hour legitimately: a) the cutscenes are longer than that and the characters don't move quickly enough in between to finish that fast even if you've played the game before! I know, I've tried! *muttering*
  11. Playing FF12 today, so nothing'll come up on my PSN profile about it. Still loads of fun all the same ♡

    1. DamagingRob


      :( I don't know why Square won't remaster that one.
    2. Trialia_X


      Me neither. It's in my top 3, & I vastly prefer it to VII - I wish they would!

  12. I love 8 and 9, but what I really want is 12 playable on PS3. *makes grabby hands* And if they remake anything, I think it should be IV or VI. Though V, IX & XII are my top 3 (INPO).
  13. SO tired..... *flop* #nowplaying audiobook "On Her Majesty's Wizardly Service" & #gaming Bejeweled 3 -- but more #sleepgaming than anything... I can't be doing with this...

  14. I should mention again how irritating it is when people just put in a video and don't add the info of the song in text alongside it. Know why? Because the videos don't show up in notifications for thread updates by email, even HTML ones, so they all come through as blank posts & you can't see what's in the thread. Please bear that in mind, people ... As for what I'm listening to... right now just the spinning of a fan and the purring of a cat - and my own uncontrollable hiccups - but I'm being earwormed by Nobuo Uematsu's "The Breeze" (I do so wish I knew who the vocalist is for that! Nobody seems to be sure). Such a great song, and the album's good too. It's such a damn shame Draiman is a f***wit. (I argued a point of politics with him once on Twitter, very politely, & he set his whole crowd of followers on me. I got so much abuse from him and them - mostly misogynistic bs - that I had to switch my account to private for a week & block about a dozen people.)
  15. Hiccups can FOADIAF plz. Right NOW. Have been going ever since I woke 11 mins ago & they won't stop >_<