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  1. #209 Darksiders Genesis
  2. Another new update today that fixed a bug that prevented certain enemies from appearing in the maze. Various bug fixes.
  3. Yep so does the majority of everyone else that got the plat. It isn't needed.
  4. It's not that, I've had both Sonny and Conny since the first week or two it came out. Most people got it with just 175 and without needing the second Sonny and Conny. So I still had the same issue. I even uploaded a video of me having it but I've had it longer than that. 176
  5. I've been trying for weeks. You have a better chance starting a fresh new game and hoping that it doesn't happen again. Other people I've talked to had the same problem.
  6. Inactive
  7. Seems easy and straight forward so far.
  8. It's the first one that was originally for mobile.
  9. The new update today seemed to have fixed trophies. They are popping for me now. Had to start a new game.
  10. I talked to them through discord, the devs are aware of the trophies not popping and are fixing it.
  11. PSN ID: xDevilBringer PS System: PS4 Accepts blank friend requests: Yes
  12. PSN ID: xDevilBringer PS Systems: PS4 Mention that you're from PSNP
  13. PSN: xDevilBringer I play lots of games. Make sure you say you're from this site. Will accept everyone.