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  1. I need help as well. I left 3 outposts for this trophy, do they count?
  2. I already did it. The worst part is that nobody seems to have the same problem as me
  3. I have finished the game and I want to start the valley of the yetis campaign to get the 100% but when I select it from the main menu it says "this feature is urrently not available try again later" Is there a way to fix it?
  4. Yes I had the account before I turned 18 but I dont know what account my profile is linked to
  5. I post this here because I dont know if there is a thread for this. Anyway, I cant log in to psn with my other account because a message shows saying that "the family administrator has to accept the new terms and conditions". As far as I know that account is not linked to any other, even my main one. Less I know which account could be. Is there any way to recover my account? or at least get to know which account my other profile is supposed to be linked with? Thanks for your help and excuse me if my english is not 100% correct.
  6. Thank you very much for your help people! I will go get the ps3 version 😆
  7. is there any difference between the ps vita version and the ps3 one? I am a big fan of the franchise and this one, alongside chronicles are the only two I have not played so I am looking forward to buy it but in the ps3 store there are two versions listed: the psvita and the ps3 one. I know they have different trophy lists and the psvita one has multiplayer, other than that the game is the same? which should I get?
  8. Thank you so much man!
  9. I am about to play the mission where I get to the southern island. Once there, can I go back to the northern island to play the side stuff I havent done? The same question goes to another game I am playing, Infamous. I defeated sasha and instantly got to the warren district and I am not sure how to go back to the neon district to complete the side missions
  10. Is there any difference between freedom cry (standalone game) and freedom cry (black flag's dlc) because I've noticed there is a separate list with 12 trophies and a list with 6 trophies included in black flag. I am looking forward to buy a ps3 bundle that includes AC liberation and freedom cry but I dont know if it is the standalone game or black flag's dlc. I would like to get the dlc and have it in the black flag's list and not separated. Is the dlc available?
  11. does the scavening locations still appear in a territory where you reduced the threat level to 0?
  12. I am playing the game on hard to get the absolution trophy but changed the difficulty to normal to create a contract. Do I have to restart the campaign again or it doesnt matter?
  13. I took cover in the spot near him at the beggining. You will need some grenades and a pistole equiped. Throw all the grenades at once first and during the explosion go back and start shooting with the pistole. As soon as his helmet goes off, you will be able to hit him and counter his attacks, then Chloe appears and kills him lol.
  14. This game is trully a pain in the ass but I ended up liking it, I have never tried to get gold or platinum medals in the events because some of them are pretty hard but not as hard as the hard mode lol. I am now going for the Web of knowledge trophy and I think its the last trophy I will try to get in this game