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  1. Top Puppeteer The Saboteur Tales of Graces Nier Tales of Xillia Resonance of Fate The Witch and the hundred Knight Final Fantasy XIII : Lightning Returns Hunted: the Demon's Forge Katamari Forever Bottom Man vs. Wild Saw X-men Destiny Last Rebellion Magus
  2. This has happened to Class of Heroes 2G as well. It says there are 11 platinum achievers, but only lists 9.
  3. Rainbow Moon is now ultra rare, so my new lowest is Risen 2 at 5.44.
  4. #255 Y's VIII Lacrimosa of Dana A fun action RPG. Nightmare mode became a bit of a slog at the end, but overall an enjoyable experience.
  5. There really isn't. I used the first map of the seafloor cave and just wandered from set encounter to set encounter, and then went out to the nearest village to reset them. Unfortunately there aren't any items or accessories that increase encounter rate so it is just a grind. It really took me a long time, but i took frequent breaks, good luck.
  6. #250 Trails of Cold Steel This game is fantastic. I've had it on my backlog pile forever, and should have played it much sooner. The characters, the story, the world all of it is great. If you love (or even just like) JRPGs, and haven't played this yet you really should. The guide on the site was an immense help.
  7. #248 Danganronpa 1 2 Reload. A fun pair of games smushed into one package. I really enjoyed the first one, but felt like the second didn't improve on the formula at all. Some of the extended class trial games in part 2 really felt tedious and not fun.
  8. #244 Tales of Zestria Not my favorite tales game, it felt a bit lacking in some areas, but not too bad over all. It is ultra rare, but I have a feeling too many people try to do this in one play through and get frustrated by the end. In two play throughs it never got frustrating and I was able to beat the various boss difficulties without issue.
  9. Lollipop chainsaw
  10. Arkham City. I really need to get back to my copy.
  11. Used to be War for Cyberton, but now it is Rainbow Moon at 5.03%.
  12. Stick of truth.
  13. Bayonetta. I keep trying, but just seem to be missing something with the combat.
  14. Crack in Time.
  15. It took me a bunch of tries, but what I found that worked was using the group repel power by pressing and holding square to force the various groups away and then shooting them and throwing in a grenade from time to time. I tried to time my push just as the wave was approaching, and finishing off the enemies so the power would be charged just as the next wave was arriving. I basically stood right on top of Roya. Even then in felt like a fair bit of luck, but the waves do stop/you kill them all after a while so if you're quick you can kill them all and just wait out the last 15 seconds stress free.