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  1. #289 AC: Odyssey Really a lot of fun. Hunting down the cult in this way was a fantastic game play addition that I really hope to see more like this going forward. It felt like the perfect way to hunt down a shadowy organization, without making every member some kind of main story fight. I also thought that the way the mercenary system worked was great as well. I thought the story was solid and the landscapes all looked fantastic.
  2. #286 Titan Quest Not a bad game, but it's the first i've played that had patches that seemed to be playing defense against making the game better. The first one broke some story missions so I got stuck at the final boss, the next one fixed that but random pieces of equipment would disappear, and the latest patch seems to have fixed all the problems. It still crashes a bit much, and loses textures at times but is playable and more importantly plat-able. So if you like Diablo clones with a few bugs, this game may be for you.
  3. #281 Vampyr This was pretty good overall. The story and the time period were interesting, and the game play was fun enough. I plays a bit slow at first while you gather information on residents and build up disease cures, but picks up a bit as you get used to the mechanics and the play style. The recommended path in the trophy guide is the best for getting the platinum in a single play through, but it may have been better in two. The choices to kill or not kill and who to kill or not really affects the world and make for some interesting results, and you lose that by not making any choices and leaving everyone alive.
  4. Graces was my favorite. I could see starting with Symphonia or Xillia for all of the reasons that other people have mentioned.
  5. The latest patch, 1.04, cleared up my problem. I was stuck on the very last story quest. I beat Hades, but the portal wouldn't generate for me to finish the game. In the new patch I was able to beat Hades and finally move on. I don't know about any other issues people are having, but broken story missions may be fixed.
  6. #274 Dynasty Warriors 9 Not a very hard trophy list, and no where near as grindy as past DW games. This is a pretty big departure in the formula with an open world China. It worked on some levels, but in other ways it really made the game feel a bit shallow. Maybe making you find the side objectives, or limiting the map during main story quests would have improved the experience a bit. I also miss the old voice cast, it just wasn't the same. #275 Southpark the fractured but whole Funny and fun, it felt like it dragged a bit at the end of the story. I liked the combat in the first one better as well.
  7. #273 Ni no Kuni 2. Good not great. It's a fun RPG, but much of it feels shallow. The kingdom building was fun, but it could have been so much more. I appreciated that it made it so you didn't have to farm materials that much, but I would have liked a few more specialized buildings rather than mining camp 5 or another fish market. The skirmishes were fun while in them, but the randomness of them appearing on the map was a pain. Someone in one of the forum topics suggested a war room in the kingdom to organize them and that would have been perfect.
  8. Library record coding allows for skipping all initial articles. A, an, and the are all skipped at the beginning of a title.
  9. Top Puppeteer The Saboteur Tales of Graces Nier Tales of Xillia Resonance of Fate The Witch and the hundred Knight Final Fantasy XIII : Lightning Returns Hunted: the Demon's Forge Katamari Forever Bottom Man vs. Wild Saw X-men Destiny Last Rebellion Magus
  10. This has happened to Class of Heroes 2G as well. It says there are 11 platinum achievers, but only lists 9.
  11. Rainbow Moon is now ultra rare, so my new lowest is Risen 2 at 5.44.
  12. #255 Y's VIII Lacrimosa of Dana A fun action RPG. Nightmare mode became a bit of a slog at the end, but overall an enjoyable experience.
  13. There really isn't. I used the first map of the seafloor cave and just wandered from set encounter to set encounter, and then went out to the nearest village to reset them. Unfortunately there aren't any items or accessories that increase encounter rate so it is just a grind. It really took me a long time, but i took frequent breaks, good luck.
  14. #250 Trails of Cold Steel This game is fantastic. I've had it on my backlog pile forever, and should have played it much sooner. The characters, the story, the world all of it is great. If you love (or even just like) JRPGs, and haven't played this yet you really should. The guide on the site was an immense help.