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  1. arkham city
  2. 250/301 about 83% Hidden object, telltale, and some other puzzle stuff is in the over 50 category.
  3. #301 Valthirian Arc Simple and fun. Left me wanting a bit more and wishing that it was a bit deeper. More buildings and more classes would have been great. I would have finished faster, but one of the weapon trophies glitched on me and I had to replay. So if you're going to get into this be careful with the Blade Which Sold the Mountain trophy. I thought that it had glitched because I had failed the mission the first time, and it just skipped ahead to the rematch mission, but when I replayed I'm pretty sure that there were a few missions that I just didn't get the first time. That makes me think that I advanced the game too far and it auto-skipped some missions.
  4. #300 Dragon quest XI A really great old school RPG. Fun characters and great environments with more than enough story. None of the trophies are particularly difficult and I never felt like I was working too hard to grind out levels or materials.
  5. Life is strange.
  6. I'm pretty sure that I only got road pieces from chests, so there really isn't any way to make it go faster. Just open them til you get it.
  7. If the troublemaker is carrying a brick you should try to grab it. In my experience chests only gave out plate type bricks and the others all came from the other two sources. I also got more gold bricks from troublemakers even after I got 100, but they still had more bricks to give out. If the troublemakers start having items instead of bricks, I think that means you've gotten all of their bricks.
  8. #289 AC: Odyssey Really a lot of fun. Hunting down the cult in this way was a fantastic game play addition that I really hope to see more like this going forward. It felt like the perfect way to hunt down a shadowy organization, without making every member some kind of main story fight. I also thought that the way the mercenary system worked was great as well. I thought the story was solid and the landscapes all looked fantastic.
  9. #286 Titan Quest Not a bad game, but it's the first i've played that had patches that seemed to be playing defense against making the game better. The first one broke some story missions so I got stuck at the final boss, the next one fixed that but random pieces of equipment would disappear, and the latest patch seems to have fixed all the problems. It still crashes a bit much, and loses textures at times but is playable and more importantly plat-able. So if you like Diablo clones with a few bugs, this game may be for you.