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  1. Final Fantasy XII
  2. Guacamelee. I'll get back to it at some point.
  3. Deception IV
  4. Gravity Rush
  5. Need for Speed
  6. Moonlighter
  7. Sleeping dogs
  8. Outer World
  9. I would 2nd the library suggestion. Mine has a pretty good collection, and depending on your library they may even take suggestions for purchase.
  10. Plague Inc
  11. Lego Jurassic world
  12. Assassin's Creed 3
  13. Infamous first light
  14. Bayonetta
  15. Lego Batman 2
  16. It is completely possible. I believe this is the one tied to the rabies events in India, and I think that these don't show up as big events on the screen, but show up just as lines on the news feed in the upper left. It has been a few months but this was maybe the most frustrating of the event trophies. Totally random and took a long time to play out. If you don't get the first rabies message before India is completely infected you should just start over.
  17. Kingdom hearts II
  18. Need for speed rivals