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  1. PSN ID-Rupz_Koomar PS System-Playstation 4. Do accept blank friend requests. I am comparatively new to Playstation gaming.Add me and we will kick some B's together I am an Indian so my accent might sound a little weird to some of you but I will revive you every time you fall down.
  2. Virtuoso Rocket league Easy but I am still happy as it is my second platinum.
  3. Poor me, still downloading . My 2.5MBPS down connection
  4. About 70% of those are first hand(out of which 20% are digital and rest are physical copies) and 20% of my games I either traded with one of my game or bought used copy and 10% rent games. Even though from now on Ill rent games more.
  5. It is still glitches I did 60km with a single pair of tire.It hasn't unlocked as of now. Update: Got it just after 61km
  6. 1 only so Until Dawn
  7. I blame you for not having Hentai in your signature.
  8. Best purchase-Hard to tell.Almost all of the PS4 and few on X1 games.But I will go with Civilization 5 in 2014. Otherwise GTA V. Worst-Destiny(Crucible is the only part I enjoyed). 2015 has been a very great year for me in gaming and probably one of the best.
  9. Grim fandango Remastered. Classic
  10. Sorry that I made that mistake,I'll be more careful from next time. (:Thanx for the tips. I wasn't totally out of gaming.Were a PC gamer only but I did miss console gaming a lot. @everyone thanx again for welcoming me (:
  11. Elder Scrolls. Death Note Sherlock.
  12. I am a newbie here so won't be much of a help sorry Ill say the binding of isaac rebirth.Medium difficulty platinum with seeds and you are close I guess.
  13. I am totally new to console gaming here after SNES. Playstation 4 is my first console after SNES. Followed by Xbox one. I purchased Playstation 4 october 2014.And since then I am enjoying PS4 a lot. I found this wonderful community today with awesome members.Thank you for welcoming me to this community Greatness awaits!