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  1. Seems interesting, I generally like business management sims like this. I'll definitely keep my eye on it, will likely import from PlayAsia since I like hoarding my physical games. Considering the Japanese trailer also has English audio, I assume there's no Japanese audio option? Not a dealbreaker, though I can't say I'm a massive fan of the voice acting.
  2. Not sure if I'm just getting old, but I've been finding it increasingly harder to enjoy anime in recent years. Probably doesn't help that I'm used to so many of the done-to-death tropes, character archetypes and similar plot/setting concepts (like why the hell are there 50 different Isekai anime a season now?)


    I haven't really watched a series in full for about 2 or so years now, and the only anime I've watched in that time has been anime movies. If I'm going to be doing something "weeby" in my free time, I seem to much rather spend it playing a Japanese game, or reading manga. It's not like those forms of entertainment are free of the typical animu BS either, but it does seem easier to find ones that are, and even if they do contain some animu nonsense, it can usually be overlooked in favour of the rest of the story and/or gameplay.


    Mind you, I've never really been massively into all things anime, and especially the "anime community" (which has often been more insufferable than many gaming communities in my experience, so I generally steer clear). Most of my favourite shows were things like Monster, Space Brothers, Mononoke (not the Ghibli movie), Ghost in the Shell and Beast Player Erin. There were definitely more "anime" series I enjoyed as well though, like Gintama, JoJo and Evangelion.


    But I haven't been able to find much that interests me in the same way those series did, and even if they do look interesting on a surface level, I never get around to actually watching them anyway. There's been many sequels and new seasons to anime I previously enjoyed that I want to watch, like JoJo part 6, but I just can't find the motivation to. And I tell myself I've already read the manga anyway so it's not like I'm missing much by not watching the adaptations (even though I want to).


    I definitely feel a bit jelly whenever I encounter "young weebs" that have recently gotten into anime and seem so ecstatic talking about it. Reminds me of the days I used to binge 6+ episodes a day. Nowadays, I watch 1-2 movies a year and 0 episodes.


    Anyway, that's my personal rambling done for today.

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    2. CelestialRequiem


      Manga died with Miura as far as I'm concerned. Literally the greatest manga ever is done - and so is that medium. 

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @MercilessWaffle they are all on Amazon Prime. Also once you see them (again) plus finale, it may be diff than OG series for all its own reasons. But yeah it'll make sense. 

    4. Slava


      I think you'll be fine without rewatching the rebuilds before 3+1. Just read the story summary of 3. The technicalities of what is happening will not matter anyway. Just like in the original Eva, the focus is on the characters.

  3. I've always hated discussing positive things about myself because I don't really know how accurate they are, dunno how to be certain if what I think are positive traits I possess actually exist or not, but here goes... I enjoy learning about things. I often feel I'm a bit of a "jack of all trades, master of none" in this sense, since I'll get interested in a topic, do some digging for a bit, then move onto the next thing, but at least I have surface level knowledge about a somewhat sizeable range of topics, I guess...? I don't have much patience for other people's nonsense. But that being said, I still struggle with this a bit, I was kind of a doormat throughout my childhood and early adult years, and contrary to believing it might make people like me more, or at least not be as hostile towards me, it just gave them an inch, and they took a mile 9 times out of 10. It made me miserable. I've lost a lot of patience for people being assholes or otherwise trying to manipulate me, and will often just try to remove myself from those situations when they arise, if at all possible. If not, I tend to be just as bitchy right back. Not sure if if I'd say it's a "positive" trait, as it's both a blessing and a curse, but I can be insanely stubborn and refuse to give up on things that I'm extremely determined about. Oftentimes, these things are just games or something otherwise kind of trivial which definitely nullifies a lot of the "positive" attribute of this trait in my eyes. I'm told I'm funny, apparently. Don't have strong feelings on this either way, as I'm rarely actively trying to be humorous, I just say dumb shit. This is one that's been confirmed by others a few times, so I assume it has some validity - I'm a fairly honest person, and generally don't have reservations about admitting my own faults or times I've wronged someone. I may not be great at owning up to my BS in the moment, but once things have cooled, I do try to make an effort to apologise and rectify things. Those sometimes I don't always know when I've upset someone or otherwise fucked up, and sometimes I think I've screwed up when I haven't, which has led to many misunderstandings and needless conflict, but that's prolly thanks to my autistic brain if anything.
  4. Just Far Cry Primal, because I received it a few days early, actually really enjoyed it, and since it was a fairly straightforward plat, I thought a guide wouldn't be too difficult to write for it. It wasn't, but it was definitely still a time sink, and I honestly didn't even put tons of effort into it, but hopefully it's helped some people throughout the years. I've always been tempted to write guides in general (not necessarily trophy guides), but there's so many factors make me very apprehensive about even attempting: There's usually always someone else writing a guide for a game before me, even if the game is brand new or not even out yet. Or there's already guides out, and they're almost always comprehensive enough that I don't think there's any point for another guide. And sometimes, there's games that don't really need guides, and there's already enough info and/or videos out there for the few times you may need a little extra guidance with something specific. They're massive time sinks, and you have to often really scrutinise the games you're playing, and/or play them multiple times, in order to make sure your guide is 100% complete as possible for all the game has to offer. Which can sometimes ruin your own enjoyment (at least in my case, it often does). Even once the guide is done, your work isn't, as you'll likely still be receiving questions, corrections or other addendums to your guide. Not to mention when the game gets updates and/or DLC, you may feel the need to revisit and rework on your guide. At the end of the day, you write a guide for yourself more than anything, because you enjoy your time producing it. It's not like you get paid to do it (most of the time anyway), and while the knowledge it'll benefit others will likely be reward enough for many, the payoff for the effort and time spent may feel like they could be spent elsewhere, which is what it often boils down to for me - if I feel like doing something "productive" with my free time that isn't just general chores, I'm probably going to spend it studying Japanese language or learning about something. I have massive respect to everyone who does dedicate their time to writing game walkthroughs and guides. Even if they write mostly for their own passion for the games, they've proven invaluable to me throughout the years. And the insanely detailed ones that cover 100% of everything the game has to offer? I can only imagine how much time and effort must go into writing those, especially for large games.
  5. Ah, fair enough, we're definitely in agreement there then.
  6. Uh, I dunno dude, I just finished Return of the Obra Dinn a few days ago which has insanely easy trophies given you can basically cheat and get the answers online. It's stuck in my mind since I finished it though and it's one of the best mystery/puzzle games I've played in a long while. And even when I did admittedly have to look up all the answers in the end, it still felt very rewarding and satisfying. Heck, a lot of the games I've platinumed have been piss easy, probably doesn't help that one of my favourite genres is visual novels. But they're games I thoroughly enjoy, which comes before all else for me. I don't think trophies being easy to obtain in a game = crap game. Unless we're talking about games created solely for obtaining trophies, like My Name is Mayo and those "The Sheep P" games or whatever.
  7. Only part of the blog that stood out to me (since I'm not really interested in the new PS+ tiers otherwise). I'm hoping this does mean that previously purchased PS1/PSP games will be made available on PS4/PS5, that's something I've been hoping for since literally the launch of the PS4. Nice to see Ape Escape 1 on that list, will definitely rebuy that if it's made available. Find it a little strange they only announced one PSP game that'll be available.
  8. Nope, couldn't care less. What does bother me though is leaving a game unfinished. If a game is truly atrocious or insanely boring in some way, I'll drop it, but I've trudged through some games that I have minimal enjoyment with simply because I have this weird part of my lizard brain screaming at me "you must complete every game you start!". And by "complete" in my book, it's pretty much just getting to the credits or equivalent, no need for extra fluff or 100% completion. And if it's one of those "endless" games like Minecraft, I simply stop playing when I've had my fill (and maybe return to it once in a while, it's one thing I can appreciate about games like that). I've definitely become less patient with games as I've gotten older though, I've already dropped 8 games since the start of this year, which is kind of a record number for me in less than 6 months. According to my HLTB, my "retired" tab is at 9%, though I do have a few "endless" games in there such as MMOs. I'd say dropping roughly 1 in every 10 games isn't too bad, I do thankfully enjoy most of the games I play.
  9. To have PayPal linked to your PSN account, you need to set up an agreement with them to allow pre-authorised payments, which bypasses the need to log in/enter your password.
  10. Yeah I think I guessed about half of the identities at most, and didn't bother entering them until I confirmed they were correct with a guide either. Figuring out the deaths for each character was generally easy enough, since it shows them to you, but the still image flashbacks weren't often enough to figure out the identities of many characters. Also as much as I love the art and graphical style of the game, it did sometimes make it a bit difficult to make things out. Fantastic soundtrack that I can't fault though. Very much enjoyed my time with it, even if I did basically cheat at the end. I still think I prefer Papers Please, as I preferred the gameplay, setting and narrative that game told. Obra Dinn was disjointed which I don't mind, but my dumb brain sometimes finds it hard piecing together the full story whenever a game/movie/book/etc. tends to do that.
  11. Was kinda weirded out when I saw the star icon on this thread, don't remember ever posting in here, but my memory is notoriously bad, especially when it comes to stuff I posted literally years ago. I'm happy to say I'm still with the person mentioned in this post though, and he still remains the most important to me in my life. If anyone has ever been cheated on or otherwise severely wronged by a partner, just remember you deserve more. I used to believe there wasn't much point getting my hopes up on being able to expect even common decency in a partner, but that's just because my self esteem was in the gutter, which many serial cheaters will prey upon. Anyone can do better than a cheater, no matter how unlovable you may feel, which I may know sound meaningless or perhaps condescending to those that may hate themselves, but it's really all a matter of perspective, and how you view yourself and the world can unconsciously attract the wrong kind of people. But always remember that even then, you can do everything right in life, and still fail. Don't beat yourself up over it, life is notoriously unfair and chaotic, but that doesn't mean you're in the wrong or unlikeable - those who choose to wilfully cheat says a lot more about them than it does those who are cheated on.
  12. Heavily depends on the game. If it's purely aesthetic, it depends on my mood, or which character model I prefer. I don't usually find it any easier or harder to identify with a character based on their gender, so it's kind of a non-factor for me the majority of the time. If there's some small differences, like how other characters respond to you based on your gender, or if there's different items/armour, endings, etc. I may look up to see the extent of it and base it on that, but for the most part, it depends on my mood again. If there's actual gameplay differences like different stats and classes, I pick based on which gameplay style I prefer.
  13. Atlus have released an English survey. It's apparently only meant for those living in North America but I went ahead and took it anyway.


    It's a pretty long one (40+ minutes) and like many surveys, tends to ask samey questions that can be a bit of a pain to repeat, but Atlus is one of my favourite game studios, so I thought it was worth completing despite the small time sink.

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    2. MercilessWaffle


      @SnowxSakura Yeah, since they announced a concert for later this year, I imagine we'll likely get some announcements then. I imagine there's a good chance they'll announce Persona 6 then. Would have been cool to have a few more announcements of ports/remasters other than P4 Arena Ultimax sprinkled throughout the year though.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @MercilessWaffle because I liked Atlus on fb i keep seeing all these cosplay things they post. Im like.... yaaaaa some are good but ok, where the game announcements at... 

      At least give us P3 and P4 in a dualpack physical, AND announce a remake of P2 that isn't going to take forever... and that P6 is in development?


      Between Persona 25th anniversary, and Square supposedly going hard on FF35th anniversary perhaps my expectations may be high. I do have Catherine coming to my local store..Hopefully arrives within the week. Sadly not steelbook. 

      But yeah, PC has P4G, why doesn't PS4/5?!

    4. SnowxSakura


      I wouldn't be surprised if they end up remaking persona 3/4 since they have the updated persona engine models already made in the dancing games

  14. If you set it to save your password and auto-login, you don't have to. That's what I've been doing for the past few years since setting up 2FA.
  15. Just updated my and my hubby's PS3. Both still signed in fine after the updates, we've already had device passwords for years since setting up 2FAs on our accounts anyway. Can't really tell what account management settings are meant to be missing? It's been a while since I seriously looked at them though. I have noticed they also updated the PS+ cloud storage icon as well, for whatever reason. Still seem to be able to access cloud saves fine regardless. Updated my Vita (first update in about 2+ years I think), again, still logged in fine, and other than that, I noticed no changes. I did decide to briefly start digital games on all systems to make sure there was no authentication issues or whichever, which I doubted there would be, and there wasn't. I can understand some people fearing for the future with updates like this, but I actually think the fact they even bothered to push updates like this to begin with probably means PSN on PS3 and Vita likely aren't going away anytime soon. If anything, I think we're more likely to see the issues that have been cropping up in the past few years, like recently downloaded games having "expired" back in April, as they continue to neglect the servers. I'm personally more worried it'll get to the point where PSN is basically a wasteland on these consoles, and Sony is either taking forever or not even bothering to resolve issues any more. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I do see that being the more likely scenario for how PSN "dies" on these consoles, rather than being shut down outright.