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  1. Well, it may not be Yanagishita proper, but his actor (Nasubi) starred in a bizarre reality TV show at one point. Have fun.
  2. Time for a top 10 I suppose (no particular order): 1. Morgana - The House in Fata Morgana 2. Naoto Shirogane - Persona 4 3. Lenneth - Valkyrie Profile 4. Chris Lightfellow - Suikoden 3 5. Kyoko Kirigiri - Danganronpa 6. Aiba - AI: The Somnium Files 7. The Boss - Metal Gear 8. Lady Maria - Bloodborne 9. Glados - Portal 10. Mao - Shadow Hearts From the New World
  3. You're too kind.
  4. I actually made a lengthy status update kinda about this recently. It definitely feels like the PS3 and other games from its era have gotten that distinct "feel" for them, the "ah yes, this is THIS generation" feel - Environmental destruction, lots of rather drab and gritty colour palettes, lots of realistic graphics style games had objects with a "shiny" or metallic look to them, many playable protagonists were kinda boring self-insert-type characters that lacked personality, etc. I have mixed feelings about the 7th gen, but yes, I would say it's started to feel nostalgic for me now, at least the first half of it (2005-2009 or so). I still remember playing LittleBigPlanet for the first time in 2008, and being blown away by the graphics - the textures looked so real, like there was barely any difference between general household items and arts 'n crafts, and the imitations in the game. Of course, the graphics have aged now, but I think it was the first time throughout my decade prior of gaming that I legitimately felt like the graphics were "realistic". There were a lot of great games from that gen I have fond memories of, and others less so... It was definitely kind of a rollercoaster of a console generation, with a lot of my favourite games actually being handheld ones (particularly the DS). There were motion controls with the Wii (and PS3, to a lesser extent), memory cards were now a thing of the past, wireless controllers (which blew my mind at the time, especially how they never seemed to disconnect and had amazing range), online gaming really started to kick off, digital games on home consoles became a thing, giving way to a lot of interesting indie and "Xbox arcade" games. While it may not be one of my favourite generations, it'll definitely be one of the most memorable for me in terms of all the innovations and advancements that we take for granted nowadays.
  5. I was bored so decided to spend 5 minutes making this shitty bingo card. Have fun.
  6. I'll be honest, I didn't even look at any of the comments in this thread aside from the OP before making my own post. Was just going off based on what I've seen in previous threads of this nature. After skimming this thread... it seems there's already been quite a few bingos.
  7. I feel like someone should make a bingo sheet for these kinda threads: "GOAT contender" "Will there be a guide?" "This is a travesty and the end of gaming as we know it" "This thread is gonna be locked" "Just let people play what they want" "I bet one of the trophies is glitched" "AJ_Radio will inevitably comment" And so on and so forth.
  8. Wonder if someone else will resurrect this topic again in another 5-10 years, and people then will be thinking "who the fuck are these schmucks?" about us.
  9. I second this. The last 2 cases of Danganronpa V3 were also quite the ride. Other than that, a particular side quest line that often comes to mind for me after all these years is the Dark Brotherhood quest line in Oblivion. I won't go into detail as I don't want to spoil it, but it was a very memorable series of quests. There's many others that come to mind, but I know I'll turn this post into a wall if I go off rambling about them.
  10. Based Uchikoshi


    Forewarning: There's some minor AI: The Somnium Files - Nirvana Initiative spoilers in the full Twitter thread.





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    2. Raidou Kuzunoha XIV

      Raidou Kuzunoha XIV

      @Undead Wolf Oh you sweet summer child...

    3. StraightVege


      Oh, yeah, someone linked me to that thread recently. I had never heard of the guy beforehand, since I don't play visual novels, but he seems like a pretty awesome fellow. Him quoting Sartre at the French chud tickled me pink. 😆


      It almost makes me want to try his games, but unfortunately, I think the boredom would set in fast. I just have a compulsive need to slash stuff with a sword or something, y'know?

    4. Raidou Kuzunoha XIV

      Raidou Kuzunoha XIV

      @StraightVege Fair enough, visual novel type games ain't for everyone. The Somnium Files games are more point-and-click than straight up visual novels, if that at all entices you, but I won't deny that around 70% of your time will still be spent reading.

  11. I'm in my late 20s, which I've been told on a few occasions is "too young" to be a millennial, which I've always been simultaneously amused and confused by. Also had others argue I'm a zoomer because I was born at the tail end of the cutoff years for millennials. But yes, I'm a millennial by the typical definition anyhow.
  12. Feel like I'm losing money left and right to Square Enix this year. Very happy this is getting a physical version. Now give us Final Fantasy Tactics already.
  13. I've recently been playing Star Wars the Force Unleashed on the Xbox, having never played this version before (originally played the Wii version back in the day, which if you're not aware, was essentially a different game). Also just a forewarning, this is one of my "trips down memory lane" tangents so it's gonna be loooong (though I'm sure you've already noticed that already).


    Back on topic, playing the Force Unleashed, along with other early-ish (2005-2009) 7th gen games in the past year or so... I've noticed they've started to have this somewhat "distinct" feeling to them for me now, like how games from previous generations often also have their distant looks/feel/quirks/etc. For example, the PS1 with its blocky graphics, warping textures, sausage like appendages for limbs, the slight "jank" to the frame rate and movement in many 3D games, the pre-rendered backgrounds, etc.


    For early 7th gen games, the graphics generally haven't aged that well - what were once realistic graphics now simply just look outdated and kinda blurry. Environmental destruction seemed to be all the rage, lots of rather drab and gritty colour palettes aside from 1st party Nintendo games, I started noticing texture pop-in became a thing (have never really noticed this with 6th gen games or older), lots of realistic style games had objects with a "shiny" or metallic look to them, also many playable protagonists were kinda boring self-insert-type characters that lacked personality.


    There also seemed to be a boom of linear action hack-n-slash games, at least that I noticed. Quite a few on the Wii as well taking advantage of the motion controls. Tons of open world games as well, which extended into the 8th gen. Also, games with a good-evil morality system (which I've always liked the idea of, but I've yet to find a game that has implemented it amazingly tbh). And of course... It was the dark era of JRPGs, which has always upset me dearly. Thankfully it wasn't completely devoid of them though, and the DS had a lot of good Japanese games to offer.


    And finally, speaking of the Force Unleashed on Wii essentially being a different game - I think this was the last generation where we saw games with the exact same name being entirely different games on different platforms, like a game existing on the home consoles but also having a handheld console version that was completely different, not uncommonly by a different developer as well. These pretty much stopped existed later on in the 7th generation. It also seemed to be the last generation where we got movie tie-in games (for the most part).


    Moving on, I wonder if 8th gen games will ever have their own distinct "feel" for me or not. There's many late 7th gen games that could pass for 8th gen games (at least ones early in the generation), and likewise, many 8th gen and 9th gen games currently are fairly interchangeable. There's also a lot more variety to how games look and play nowadays. But I also had similar thoughts all those years ago when the 360 and PS3 were still new, so... I guess we'll see in another decade or so.


    I find it fascinating how things that once felt mind blowing and fresh to me are now things of the past, and often kinda feel it when I play games from those generations now. Even games I never touched back in the day will often still have that distinct "yeah, this is an X year/X gen game" feel to 'em. There's definitely some things I do miss about older games, but conversely there's other things I'm glad no longer exist.


    I never thought I'd say it but the early 7th generation is definitely starting to feel "retro" for me now. I still have many mixed feelings about that generation, there were lots of things I loved about it, and many things I didn't. I think overall, the 8th gen has been a much more enjoyable journey for me, and has been one of my favourites since the 6th generation of consoles. I'm not quite sure if the 9th gen will be able to top it in the long run, but time will tell.

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    2. PooPooBlast


      To me the defining feature of ps3 graphics is a grey/brown colour palette with the occasional janky camera! 😅.  


      I've been finding it very difficult to go back to old games on the ps3 just because I'm so used to the level of polish that PS4 and ps5 game have. It's things we take for granted now but and won't really notice them until those things are no longer there! 

    3. Raidou Kuzunoha XIV

      Raidou Kuzunoha XIV

      @Infected Elite I'm thankfully done my PS3 backlog (there were some games I dropped along the way though), but I've been mostly holding off on my remaining 360 backlog under the excuse of backwards compatibility ("I can just get around to them whenever, don't need my ol' 360 hooked up any more"). Not gonna lie, it's definitely felt like a bit of slog getting through many of these games, but it's been an interesting trip down memory lane as well.


      I'll get around to Force Unleashed 2 eventually, prolly gonna try Blue Dragon at some point after I'm done the first Unleashed.


      @PooPooBlast Sounds about right, feels weirdly nostalgic though (but not quite in a good way... just a weird indescribable way).


      Strangely, I've been having less difficulty playing PS1 and PS2 games in recent years than I have PS3/360 games. Maybe part of it is me being a bit more "used" to those generations in general, but I think it also helps that they aren't saturated with brown muddy colours, and tend to have a tad more variety and "charm". The controls in many PS1/PS2 games are definitely the main killer though.

    4. NullRay85


      I'm in the middle of clearing up my PS3 backlog and yeah, I've noticed that a lot of 7th gen. games suffered from performance and camera issues and the occassional jank gameplay.


      Some games did age better than others (GOWIII/MGS4/FFXIII) but games like inFamous 1 were hard to play due to its dark and drab look. Worse yet is going back to the DualShock 3 when DS4 is confortable and better in everyway. 


      At this point, early 7th gen games can be safely considered retro but some late gen games of that era can easily pass for early 8th gen. Gran Turismo 6, Last of Us, Metal Gear Rising, and Ratchet Into the Nexus come to mind. 

  14. Old enough to be a millennial to some, young enough to be a zoomer to others. Or so I've been told anyway.
  15. I've been waiting on Digimon Survive and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to show up since Thursday (they were dispatched Wednesday, Royal Mail 24). And I've literally not even had a single letter show up for 3 days now... I guess there's still some time for Royal Mail to deliver today, but it seems unlikely at this point. First time in a while RM has been this painfully slow. I've heard there may still be backlog due to the heat wave here a week or so back. Hope they turn up Monday at least, it's definitely dampened my weekend a little. :c

    1. Zassy


      Some poor fortune from the post for you, of late. :( You ever decide to refund that chipped D6?


      Our heatwave hasn't been as crushing, but it *has* mildly impacted numerous services incl. my own employer; and although I can't speak for RM, I /can/ relay that the USPS fleet wasn't elegantly designed for climatological extremes - the one summer that I needed to drive a postal vehicle at times, it kept buckling under the 36º C swelter. Likely factor in your delays. Not that it makes the waiting any more pleasant. >.<

    2. Raidou Kuzunoha XIV

      Raidou Kuzunoha XIV

      @Zassy Yeah, not sure why, but my luck on the gaming side of things hasn't been too great lately. I did managed to refund the broken D6 and got a replacement that's in perfect condition, thankfully.


      Given I've seen videos of vehicles catching on fire here, and a whole village basically destroyed (Wennington), it definitely doesn't surprise me a vehicle wouldn't do well in those kinds of temperatures. I'm usually okay with heat, but I felt my energy being sapped so quickly even doing just mundane, every day tasks back during the height of the heat wave last week. The post never did show up today, but fingers cross they'll come Monday.