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  1. I played it years ago, and I think I remember it crashing/freezing once, but otherwise it was smooth sailing.
  2. I'm surprised, given it doesn't seem to be getting a physical release(?). I was expecting it to be a tad on the cheap side as a result, as is usually the case for digital only titles (say £30-35/$40-50). As much as I've been anticipating this game, I'm definitely going to be waiting on it, mainly because I know I won't have time to play it right away anyway, and partly because I'm still gonna wait and see if there is any physical release at some point. Digital is definitely worth a lot less to me, so I can't justify getting a full priced game digitally to myself, not unless it's something I'm absolutely dying to play, and much of my hype for this game has honestly waned given how long it's been since its initial announcement.
  3. Unfortunately I don't have any kind of solutions, but I thought I'd chime to say I occasionally find myself getting kicked off PSN on my PS3 as well. Definitely not as frequently as you, it may happen once in every 5-10 gaming sessions on the PS3 or so, but it's definitely not an issue I used to experience. I've also been having my profile constantly getting reset to the default grey one on PS3 and Vita, along with my languages being reset, and "about me" deleted. Never been an issue until the past year, and I know there's others that have had this exact same issue, so I think there's definitely something up on Sony's side. I'd imagine it's server neglect if anything, even if PSN is mostly the same thing across all systems, there are some differences/things specific to certain systems, and I doubt Sony cares too much about the PS3 and Vita any more. Not entirely sure if it's related to your issue or not, but it could be exacerbating it. Hope you manage to get it sorted out.
  4. Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles are thankfully finally getting re-released in the Sonic Origins collection, releasing sometime in 2022. I don't think they ever actually announced what platforms it's coming to, but I'd be surprised if it doesn't release on PS4 and/or PS5.
  5. I've always wondered why when something goes down, it's not unusual for a bunch of different things to also start having issues. Guess now I know why. Anyhow, I wasn't even playing anything on any of my PlayStation consoles, and was kinda shocked to see this sudden thread with 4 pages in just an hour, but did notice Steam briefly go down. Seems to be fine now though.
  6. Man, there's been a few things on sale on my wish list almost every time there's been a new sale this year so far. Definitely don't remember ever spending so much on digital PS4 sales the past few years. As much as I like being able to buy games I want at a discount, this is really put a hamper on my hard drive space, lol. I'm literally down to 2GB free on my 2TB external after this sale. Doesn't help I haven't been able to clear many big games off my hard drives recently since I haven't been playing PS4 tons, and I'm currently playing Persona 5 Royal which is probably going to take me a few months to complete. Anyhow, I picked up Angels of Death, World of Final Fantasy Maxima DLC, Monster Sanctuary and Stranded Deep (yeah I didn't get it while it was a free PS+ game, don't really like have games locked to that any more). I've been cautious on Monster Sanctuary since I know a Switch physical is confirmed via LRG at some point, but no word on a PS4 physical, and at less than £10, I don't mind double dipping if it does eventually ever get a physical copy. There's a few others on my list that are on sale, but I'm gonna hold off on them for now. One being The Colonists which only came out back in May, this is its first time on sale and 25% off isn't the best, I'm sure it'll likely go on sale for deeper. Borderlands Season Pass 2 is another but I'm just gonna wait and see if it goes on sale for cheaper, it's already been on sale for this price numerous times already. And lastly, Tale of Paper, which I hear is getting a "complete" edition on PS5 with extra content, so I'm just gonna wait for that.
  7. Might be a long shot but it may be worth contacting Atlus directly. They were replacing people's copies of Persona Q when some of the cartridges started failing 6 or so years after release, long past the warranty. They may ask you to post the game to them though (assuming you got it physically). Really bizarre you're having so many issues. I've heard of issues with the screen occasionally fading to black after a boss battle or such and never coming out of it, ending trophies not popping, or random freezing (which was an issue in the original release as well, just a fairly rare occurrence), but this is the first I've heard of the issues you've described. Assuming you've got the game all updated to the latest patch and what not, I have no idea what could be causing these issues. I've occasionally encountered the odd glitch or other stability issues that no one, or barely anyone else, has ever encountered in a game though, so could just be you're unfortunately really unlucky.
  8. Strange, from what I've heard, most of the major bugs have been patched out. It still isn't perfect but I generally haven't heard too many complaints from people that have played it, unless they've played it on PC or Switch which seem to somehow perform worse than the PS4 version (PC version has infrequent crashes anyway), at least from what I hear. Sorry to hear you're having issues. Nocturne is one of my favourite JRPGs as well, and I was planning to some day replay this version for my 250th or 300th milestone plat. Hopefully they may continue to iron out glitches, but it seems Atlus has kinda already forgot about this port sadly. Edit: I have to wonder if perhaps the glitches are region specific. I remember when they re-released the PS2 version of Nocturne around 2015, when they put up a digital version of it on PS3, and produced new discs for the PS2. In Europe, there were issues with the game freezing during one of the endings (unless you played it in French, for some reason), both on the PS3 version, and on the new PS2 discs. This issue apparently wasn't present in the North American re-release/PS2 Classics versions. I noticed you seem to be playing the European version of this game. Makes me wonder if Atlus screwed something up on the European side again. I can't imagine how, but it wouldn't be the first time. Hopefully that isn't the case, since I own the UK/PEGI version of the game myself. Unfortunately, I doubt the issues will ever be fixed if that's the case. Atlus has often given Europeans the shaft, we had to wait a year for SMTIV to release here after America, and only received it digitally, there's been a few games we've never received in Europe at all, and it's continued radio silence on whether or not Europe will ever get the premium edition of SMTV or the steelbook.
  9. Sounds like either a corrupt user profile or dying HDD/hard drive. I'd recommend you first of all try rebuilding the database. You don't lose anything with this aside from your folders IF you have anything installed on an external hard drive and you have a folder that only has games from the external in it. Regardless, any external HDD games will get thrown out their folders after a database rebuild as it will have to re-read the HDD. If that doesn't seem to help, try to re-create your user profile. You'll lose almost everything except your installed games, so make sure to back up all your saves to a USB stick or the PS+ cloud before, same goes for any screenshots or videos you want to keep. If that still doesn't help, all I can recommend is replacing the hard drive in the PS4.
  10. Haven't had any issues with any of the trophies in this game so far, but I just noticed this trophy didn't pop for me, despite already passing that boss fight in the story. Can't find anything about this online either. Anyone have any advice? Edit: Already tried closing the game and reloading my save, as well as power cycling the Vita. Edit 2: Nevermind, I'm stupid. I just realised I defeated Striegov, not Xeromized Striegov. Not yet anyway. That's what I get for only paying half attention while playing this disappointing title I suppose. Mods, feel free to delete this pointless thread.
  11. I'm kind of interested, but it's definitely going to be a "wait and see" thing for me. There's very few PC exclusives I'm interested in that don't already work fine on my PC, and the few that don't, may end up getting ported to console eventually (e.g. Planet Zoo). It probably wouldn't be a worthwhile investment for me, but I'm definitely more interested in this than their Steambox or whatever it was a few years ago. The handheld aspect of it definitely nice, but I got a feeling it'll just be one of those handhelds that's permanently stuck in my house anyway. I don't like big handhelds, the standard Switch is way too big for me, it pretty much never leaves the dock unless I'm switching carts or dusting it off. I still stick with the 3DS and Vita if I do plan to take a console out of the house with me, since they still have backlogs, and that's pretty much only when I'm going to be away for a few days, which hasn't exactly been a thing in the past 2 years with covid. Otherwise, I either don't have time to play while out of my house, or I'm just playing some game on an emulator on my phone to pass the time while commuting or something. Anyhow, personal spew aside, I honestly don't see this doing too well. The Switch is still selling like hotcakes and I'm sure the cheaper price point and Nintendo exclusives is going to be a lot more appealing to many. I imagine the only people that would prefer a Steam handheld over the Switch are those into games that can otherwise be played on home consoles and PCs anyway, in which case, I can only assume that's a fairly niche audience. With the PS5 and Series X/S recently released than a year ago as well, I imagine many people are saving up to buy one or both of those, not a new handheld system that would be able to play most of the same games. But time will tell, it could go either way. Will definitely be interesting to see how it goes at least.
  12. The PS4 is just noisy with some games, mine can be consistently fairly quiet playing one game for 5+ hours, and immediately go into jet engine mode within mere minutes of starting others. I've cleaned it as well, and regularly clean around the vents and outside of the console once every week or so. I'm not too concerned considering I've never had it give me warnings or shut down due to overheating, and it's been doing this for several years now. My partner's PS4 is way louder than mine, for no apparent reason. Both of our PS4s are launch model ones, still kicking after 8 years of use. He opened it up fairly recently and thoroughly cleaned it, didn't help with the noise at all. I think some PS4s are just nosier than others, may just be slight defects or quirks in the production line. Anything mass produced like this is bound to have some units that have some minor variations between them. His PS4 has had other issues as well, such as discs randomly ejecting themselves and some discs not being read initially, neither of which have ever been an issue on my PS4. It may be worth getting the thermal paste replaced if you're concerned, but I can't guarantee it would help with the noise.
  13. Did you ever factory reset your console or delete the user? Only thing I can really think of that would cause the save to be deleted if you didn't do it yourself.
  14. Good to hear, hopefully no more issues crop up. Have they perhaps decided to press the disc version with the patch now? I notice the release date for the physical version seems to keep getting delayed here (UK). It was originally supposed to come out late last month, then it got delayed to this Friday (16th), then 23rd July, and now 30th July. Have no idea if it's related to the patch or not though.
  15. Honestly, as someone who is disabled myself (though thankfully not in a way that really affects my ability to play games), an invincibility mode for those with disabilities wasn't even at the forefront of my mind, I was thinking this was more for people that have limited time (which something I'm struggling with more and more myself), or small children. I admit I only skimmed the article previously. As I said in my previous comment, I can definitely understand not being thrilled that this mode doesn't lock from you earning achievements/trophies. I personally think achievements/trophies are something you should do for yourself, but I realise not everyone has the same feelings about them. I definitely get the feeling of trophies being cheapened if you can still obtain them using cheats or an invincibility mode, even if you can simply ignore them. And yeah, Double Fine being condescending about this in that one tweet is really not a good look. You can try to make something more appealing to a certain audience without taking a dump on another. Though, I think it's important to remember that just because this option isn't going to appeal or help you, it could still be beneficial for some. But there's definitely far, far more they could have implemented in terms of accessibility, and I do agree it's kind of insulting that they seem to think this will help with "all ages, all possible needs". My husband broke his hand last year and couldn't play anything for a few months. I can only imagine how difficult it is for those that unfortunately have permanently disabled arms/hands; how the hell is an invincibility mode going to make this game any more accessible or enjoyable for them?