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  1. Unfortunately, this game is known to be very buggy on PS5. Sorry this happened to you. There's a number of other PS4 games with major issues on PS5 as well, some even basically unplayable. A lot of the PS2 classics on PS4 have major graphical glitches on PS5 as well. Hopefully Sony does patch these at some point but I'm not holding my breath. I doubt they care too much about non-AA/AAA games performing poorly on PS5. Definitely recommend anyone who hasn't already done so to hold onto their PS4s. The backwards compatibility on PS5 definitely isn't 100%. Not quite as bad as PS2 backwards compatibility was on the original PS3s at least, but it's probably still ideal to play some games on PS4.
  2. As others have already stated, seems the first 2 games were published by Atlus in the West, with Prelude to the Fallen being published by NIS America. Atlus' licensing has expired, hence why the games were de-listed. Would have been nice to get some forewarning on it, but sadly it seems more common for games to get de-listed without any heads up whatsoever. There could be a chance they get re-listed at some point if NIS America or someone else picks up the licensing rights, but who knows if that'll actually happen. Currently the Vita versions are still listed on the UK PSN storefront at the time of writing this, and the games are still available digitally on Steam, as well as physically on PS4.
  3. Not to sure where to post this, but I thought it worth informing anyone who stumbles upon this that sadly, the digital PS4 versions of Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth and Mask of Deception have been delisted from PSN without any prior warning. I checked the PSN store, the Vita versions are still listed, at least for the UK store anyway. ZAN and Prelude to the Fallen (both Vita and PS4 versions) also seem currently unaffected. I also came across this tweet that seems to confirm this: If for any reason you've been looking to get these games but have been holding off on it, get the Vita versions while you can (if you can), or get physical copies as the tweet suggests, before they get too pricey. I got the trilogy last year physically, all brand new, and they honestly weren't that cheap then either (especially Prelude to the Fallen). Not sure how much they go for nowadays, but they will likely inevitably go up in price since the physical versions would be the only way to obtain the PS4 versions legally now. I'm unsure if all regions are affected by this delisting, so please let me know if the PS4 versions still exist on any version of the PSN storefront.
  4. I believe that version came out sometime last year (2020). Strictly Limited did a special limited edition of the game, but otherwise the standard physical is indeed just a regular retail release. I got the LRG version a few years back when it came out, so this kinda annoys me, given I likely paid double what the retail EU/UK version goes for when you count the shipping + import tax, and I only got around to actually playing this game recently. Not the first time something similar has happened, doubt it will be the last, I'm just too much of a sucker for physical releases.
  5. Just started this game myself and yeah, the walkthrough isn't perfect. It sometimes feels like it's skipping kinda crucial steps on how to get from point A to B. I'm mostly just using it so I don't "miss" collectibles during the main story, trying to minimise backtracking in the post-game. I'm mainly using the maps with the item locations and using the text if I can't figure out how to them. I noticed that it lists how to get the Gold Coin in chapter 2, the instructions on where the crying stone is confused me to no end, so I looked up a video and... Found no crying stone. Turns out it doesn't appear till chapter 3, so you can't even do that sub-event for that item until then, so seems the walkthrough has a few inaccuracies in that respect as well. I don't remember what walkthrough/guide I used for the first game, been years since I played it, but I definitely don't remember having too much trouble with it.
  6. Honestly it could be anything, could be a CPU issue, motherboard issue, could even be that a cable somewhere is loose. Could be the graphics card, but I kinda doubt. I actually had a super slim suddenly have its GPU die on me, and it would still turn on like normal, just nothing would ever display. Didn't matter about the cable, TV, or resetting the video options or anything, it just wouldn't work with anything. Took it back to the store since it was only 5 months old and they confirmed it was likely the GPU. So I think the PS3 would likely still "work" rather than just switching itself off if the graphics card was dying, so you can probably rule that out at least, but take that with a pinch of salt, I'm no expert on this. All I can suggest is either taking it to a specialist repair store if that's at all possible, or try fiddling about with other things to see if anything works. Sorry this happened to your PS3, it always really sucks when a console decides to just stop working.
  7. Might be a weird question, but out of curiosity, are you playing PS2 classics on it? I've actually occasionally had this happen on both my slim and super slim models shortly after starting PS2 classic games on them, without warning they just shut down and when I look over, the power light is completely out and needs to be pressed to get it red again. Assuming that's not the case, and you've already tried changing the power cable and PSU as you said, then yeah, it could be motherboard related. Also, are you using an HDMI switcher at all? It's unlikely, but if the PS3 is plugged into something like that, it could be causing the power issues. I've occasionally had issues with this, but it's generally just been things like the SNES mini, which don't draw much power anyway and don't really output enough power to properly power an HDMI switch. Might be worth posting this somewhere like r/consolerepair on reddit, they'd probably be knowledgeable about this kind of thing.
  8. This trophy didn't pop for me either. Re-did the final boss with Toal and "Hardly a Fight" popped but not Three Ways. Beat the final boss again with Yunica and Hugo and still nothing. I just give up at this point, probably wasn't going to plat the game anyway, but this just killed my motivation stone dead. Pity it's still so buggy all these years after it came to PS4. Aside from the trophy bug, it also had a few little brief hang-ups/hiccups while playing, and then it decided to randomly crash just before Toal's final boss the first time around (only time it ever crashed for me though). Hear the Vita version is/was a lot worse though.
  9. Just checked, it's still on the North American store. Try searching the old web store (links in this thread) if you can't find it on consoles. However, if you're searching any of the European storefronts, you won't find it as it was never released in Europe (not even back when it originally came out on PS1. We missed out on a lot of good JRPGs back in that era thanks to that fact and region locking). You'll need to make a North American PSN account in order to buy it.
  10. Different strokes different folks, glad to hear you're looking forward to it, I do honestly wish I could be hyped for it. I didn't hate FF15, just found it decent at best. I personally haven't been too impressed with many Final Fantasy game since the PS2, I've chalked it up to maybe me just having rose tinted goggles, but I'm still enjoying newer games from other long running series such as Dragon Quest, SMT and some Nintendo franchises. I think maybe FF has just been a bit too experimental in its newer entries for my liking.
  11. Obviously, but based on what I've seen so far, it just seems like FF15 medieval edition. Still going to play it eventually regardless, but I'm not expecting much is all.
  12. I plan to get one within the next 2 years or so regardless. The only exclusive out for it currently is Demon's Souls, and I've already played the original, I don't care to get a new console for essentially just one game, so I'm waiting for it to build up a bigger library, and hopefully finish off my PS3 backlog so I actually have physical space for it when I do eventually get one. Really can't think of anything that would suddenly come out for it that I would want to play ASAP. I kinda don't really care to play games as soon as humanly possible any more, unless it's something I've long been anticipating, which hasn't been a lot in recent years. Only thing that comes to mind would probably be an Megami Tensei game. SMT5 is apparently coming to Switch in the next 2 decades this year, and Atlus will likely keep milking Persona 5 for another 2-3 years so... I don't see that happening until after I already have a PS5 anyway. A lot of upcoming JRPGs are still coming to PS4 (or Switch) this year anyway, and FF16 is probably just going to be another mediocre modern FF game so I can wait on it like I have with every other FF game after 10.
  13. I have actually heard of this game before this, and I seem to vaguely remember there being an article or something where one of the developers was commenting on "cancel culture" or whatever. (Edit: After skimming through the thread, it seems @Abby_TheLastofUs has posted a link to the article/interview I was talking about). Pretty much have zero interest in the game, even after looking into gameplay and reviews, so I'm kinda indifferent to this. The drama surrounding this game baffles me to be honest, it's hardly the first game to have sexualised female characters, and a lot of the people I have seen in screenshots/receipts getting irate over it seem to be "TERFs(?)" for some reason. Either way, good on them for not censoring the game I suppose, but I imagine things like this are sadly very, very common in the industry, and I imagine a lot of developers/studios just don't really even bother to bring it up publicly. Not gonna lie, this whole thing smells a little fishy to me, I'm not going to say it's manufactured drama or whatever because I have no proof that it is (or isn't), but it just seems very strange in a way I can't quite put my finger on, especially when comparing it to other "outrages" over games or something such-and-such developer said in recent years.
  14. I've never been a fan of censorship of any kind, but at the end of the day, a company publishing a game has every right to decide what gets to be and not be on their platforms. I can't really blame Sony or Microsoft for wanting to protect. When you have games like Omega Labyrinth Z being refused classification in Australia and the UK, ultimately never coming west at all, and getting attention on big news sites like the BBC... I can understand why companies don't really want to have anything to do with a similar game, one that has sexualised depictions of underage girls. Nothing wrong with being pissed over these decisions, but don't expect your being mad to do anything about it. No one owes you this game, and at the end of the day, it's available for other platforms. Plenty of things in Japanese games get changed or censored all the time, but I find it funny how people only ever seem to kick up dirt when it involves censoring the tiddies and panties. I remember when Wrecking Working Designs back in the day artificially made games harder or more annoying than their original release to try and deter people from renting them, and get them to actually buy them. Not to mention all the pop culture references they threw into games that obviously never existed in the original Japanese dialogue. Not to mention all the piss poor translations back in the day, which thankfully are becoming less and less of an issue, though there are still a few exceptions (Ys 8 when it first came out, and some more recent VNs). Maybe it's just me, but that kinda thing pisses me off a lot more than anime girls having slightly less cleavage when a game is brought west. Don't give two hoots about a game like Gal Gun anyway, so I know my opinion is probably biased, but so are a lot of people's in this thread it seems.
  15. Actually had this happen to me again today. My profile colour went back to grey on both my PS3 and Vita, but my "about me" section and languages were untouched this time at least. It's a minor annoyance but I have no idea why it's happened twice for me now in one year, don't think it's ever happened for me before, or if it has, it's been so long ago that I've just forgotten. Edit: Never mind, seems my "about me" has been deleted, but it was still showing on Vita initially, not on my PS4 though. Super annoying.