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  1. Finally got some gaming in yesterday and today. My left hand muscles are still killing me a bit so I stuck to some fairly "mellow" games - Golden Sun: The Lost Age on Wii U, and finished off Chibi-Robo on Gamecube. I've been holding off on the more "action-y" games I'm playing currently (Tomb Raider Legend and Shadow of War) until my hand feels more up for it. May try them this weekend.


    Since I don't usually talk much about games I play, especially ones without trophies other than in the "currently playing" thread occasionally, I guess I'll spend some time typing about 'em here, since I do enjoy sharing my thoughts on games.


    I'm not too far into Golden Sun currently, I finished the first game a few months ago now. The Golden Sun games kinda flew under my radar back when the GBA was in its heyday. I knew about the games, but being more limited in cash back then, I decided to spend my pocket money elsewhere. I'm glad I've finally given them a chance though, they're enjoyable little JRPGs that are very much "pick up and play". My main complaint would be that they're kinda too easy, and while I appreciate that the games don't hold your hand, occasionally I'm completely lost on where to go or what to do next, and have had to resort to a walkthrough. Maybe I'm just dumb though.


    Chibi-Robo is something I feel I would have enjoyed immensely as a child, but it came out kinda late, and I didn't really give it a chance until recently. Really fun game though, it's a pity this series hasn't done too well in the West. Like Golden Sun, I sometimes had to look up a walkthrough, especially for many of the side quests. But unlike Golden Sun, trying to figure out how to complete the side quests and where to find objects was often fun, especially since the game often gave me hints.

    1. ThatMuttGuy


      As you can probably guess, I'm a huge Golden Sun fan so that's a great game to play, especially if your hands are killing you. They never were too difficult, especially once you got some cool combinations with classes. Have fun with them!

    2. SuperSmexy500


      @ThatMuttGuy They're pretty fun, I'm definitely enjoying my time with the 2nd game so far. I also have the DS game in my backlog, I've often heard it's not as good as the GBA duology though.

  2. I'd say it's something like 60% Japanese, 40% Western. Been roughly that way my entire life. I remember watching some anime like Dragon Ball when I was a kid, before I even really knew what anime was. Nowadays, I don't watch much in general, but I generally tend to favour anime over anything else, be it TV series or movies, though it really just depends on what seems more interesting to me at any given time. I can't say I really listen to music any more. When I used to seek out bands and artists to listen to, it was almost always Western. Lyrics are generally important to me, and I like to understand stories within songs I'm listening to. Nowadays, if I mainly see music as background noise, and the majority of the time, that background noise will likely be a Japanese game OST, usually MegaTen. When it comes to reading, I pretty much only read manga and some manhwa nowadays. Used to read more Western comics, but kind of got thrown off but how often DC Comics was rebooting things. I sometimes still read non-superhero related western comics, but I don't find many that interest me any more. And when it comes to games, my main source of entertainment, it's generally pretty Japanesey as well. I've actually gotten more into JRPGs in recent years than I've ever been, even though I have always loved the genre, I always procrastinated on them due to them often being time sinks. But I kinda just regret not playing a lot sooner now. I still play plenty of Western games as well, but my patience has worn more thin when it comes to a lot of triple A and multiplayer centric games nowadays.
  3. The CMOS battery issue on PS4 is that, if your CMOS battery is dead and you're unable to connect to PSN, either because you don't have an internet connection or it's some hypothetical scenario where it's 20+ years in the future or something and PS4s can no longer connect to PSN servers, then you're unable to play anything, physical or digital, due to the system not being able to verify the time/date and licenses. It's a pretty hardware based thing, not really server-side. PS3 has a similar CMOS issue, with digital content anyway. PS4 firmware 9.00 has been around since, what, mid September? This issue with PS3 and Vita PS+ titles only started cropping up for people around early October, maybe late September. I very much doubt it's related. It's definitely a server side issue, there's been A LOT with PS3 and Vita this year. Again, if I were to speculate anything, it would be something to do with the store closures which never happened, or perhaps something to do with the fact they'll be removing all means to pay for content other than adding money to your wallet via top-up codes or other devices soon. This issue is not affecting everyone, I'm not affected other than my expiry dates being completely wrong. That may be part of the reason why there's not a load of coverage or discussion about this issue. And to be fair, a 3 page forum thread and a bunch of different posts about the same issue across reddit is pretty impressive for legacy systems like these. And, even if I was affected, I've already played all the PS+ games I want to play, so it would a minor annoyance at most. I imagine that's the same for many people I'm afraid, many still don't even play PS3 and/or Vita any more. Regardless, hopefully Sony will solve this eventually, and it's definitely worth it to continue to make this issue known via their social media handles.
  4. Do you have the game via PS Plus? Could it be related to this?:
  5. I kinda doubt it's related given the CMOS update with a firmware related one. I'm sure it may have changed something server side too, but there's been tons of issues with PS3 and Vita this year long before the 9.00 update on PS4. I think if anything, they changed something server side in preparation for the stores originally closing on those systems, which messed things up somewhere along the line, since it was around that time that a bunch of issues started to surface. Also I most definitely see myself still playing PS4 in 10 years at least, given backwards compatibility on PS5 is not 100%. I don't think there's much point making a scapegoat here. Sony screwed up somewhere, point the finger at them if you must anything. I haven't downloaded anything on PS3 and Vita for probably years now, but any PS+ game I start now that's since "expired" gives me the incorrect 2027 expiry date. It seems to be adding another 3 years on top of my current PS+ which already lasts nearly another 3 years. But it seems arbitrary, since some people have only added a month more of PS+ and it's added another extra year on top of that according to the expiry dates on PS3/Vita.
  6. Seems I've also caught a cold, probably from the bloody hospital, so that's cool, on top of my injuries. Don't think it's covid because it's mostly a runny nose, plus, I've been vaccinated. Been spending the past few days mostly sleeping, never felt so tired in my life.


    My father is also going for surgery for his bladder cancer next week, so hopefully that goes well. I'm starting to feel like life has it out for me and my family lately, so some shred of good news would be nice right about now.

    1. effdeegee


      Something they don't tell you is that you can still catch it, carry it, and transmit the virus even after you've been vaccinated. I hope you get better soon. Best of luck to your Father in his battle.

    2. SuperSmexy500


      @effdeegee Well if it is coronavirus, at least I'm basically already self isolating anyway. Just really sucks having to deal with this on top of my injuries. My hands are getting better at least, and I don't feel completely drained today so I may try picking up a controller again. It's only been about 4 or 5 days but I miss gaming, lol.


      Thanks for the words of encouragement, I hope he pulls through as well, this is the 3rd time the cancer has resurfaced in about 20-25 years now.

  7. I recently suffered a fairly serious injury, and likely will be taking a break from games for a little bit. My hands hurt, a lot, even typing this hurts a little. I may try playing something in a few days, but otherwise, I generally don't feel like doing a whole lot right now. I'll probably spend my free time reading or watching something, which kinda sucks because all I'll have is free time now for the next week I'm taking off work due to this (possibly longer, we'll see how it goes, my employer is being understanding at least).


    If anyone is curious as to what happened, I tripped. Yeah, that's literally it, sounds like such a minor thing, but it was one of the scariest things I've ever experienced in my life so far. I was out with my husband, we had dinner out and were generally trying to distress after a kind of hectic week - his credit card got compromised, our cat has some minor health issue right now, and to top it all off, me face planting on the ground.


    I don't know what caused me to trip, I was just crossing the road, when I suddenly tripped, and the next thing I know, I feel the sensation of falling and I can't do anything to stop it, and I'm trying to cover my face with my hands and closing my eyes shut. Then I realise I've hit the ground, don't really feel any pain, but I feel the sensation of warm wet liquid dripping down me. I keep my eyes shut and pull myself up by my palms, just repeating "I'm scared" over and over.


    Thankfully, my husband helped me up and two staff members of the store I basically fell right in front of helped me up and into the store. A passer-by also called 999 for us. I don't think I lost consciousness, but everything felt so dream-like for quite some time after that. I remember opening my eyes again for the first time when I had been sat in the store, vision slightly blurry, looking at my hands covered in blood and looking around seeing blood all over my clothes. I remember thinking to myself "wow, this a weird dream" then immediately thinking "oh wait, this isn't a dream is it, oh God please no, please no!"


    I spent the next half hour or so confirming what happened with my husband, and him asking me things that happened during the day, to make sure my memory was still intact (it was). Blood soaked through the first bandaged they pressed to my head completely, but it wasn't so bad with the 2nd and then 3rd. I was kinda shocked by the puddle of blood I left in the road, much bigger than I expected.


    I eventually got it seen to and got it stitched up (dissolvable, thankfully). I have quite a bit of bruising and swelling around the left side of my face as well, around my eye (thank God my vision is perfectly fine). Worse still, my hands got scrapped up badly from the fall, and I also got some cuts on the side of my body around my hip, some bruising both knees, a cut on the bottom of my right foot and some scrapes on my thighs. It sucks, I hurt almost everywhere, worst of all my foot and and hands which makes it so hard to do much of anything.


    Now I'm gonna go off on a bit of tangent. I haven't talked about my mental health loads on here, I don't think, but I've frequently had suicidal ideation the past, and it continues to come and go. I also used to self harm. I often thought to myself "I wouldn't really care if I just died", but... I don't know how to feel about this now. I legitimately thought I was bleeding to death then and there, and I was scared. I didn't want it to be real, but it was.


    I'm not going to go off on some spiel about what I think people should think and feel based on my own personal experience, that's just stupid. I've always hated the shit of "hey, look at me, I have no legs yet I'm a world class chef/athlete/artist/whatever, what's YOUR excuse?" I'm sorry, but you have no idea just how hard it can be to so much as muster the willpower to do mundane tasks such and brushing your teeth or even eating, I know I've gone through that more than I'll like to recount. There is no "excuse", everyone has their own difficulties and challenges to overcome, not everyone can be famous or super successful in their life, and that's okay, we don't need that to prove our worth as human beings.


    My experience is my own, and I can only speak for myself. What I will say is, I'm very cynical person, often misanthropically so. I've often felt so disappointed by humanity, so disappointed it often takes literal disasters and wars for us to actually take action on things, even if we were aware of something's existence beforehand. Ashamed of people that wreck things within seconds that took others several hours of time and effort to create.


    And I still very much hold these thoughts, but I guess humanity is kind of like a coin. We're capable of horrendous atrocities, but then we're also capable of literal miracles, saving lives through not just the power of medical science, but by just being understanding and comforting to those in mental anguish.


    This whole thing has left me very emotional. I've just randomly started crying for no apparent reasons a few times since the accident, because little bits and pieces keep coming back to me, and I keep thinking of just how close I was to death, how much worse the situation may have been if I was alone or with someone who made me feel even more stressed rather than comforted (maybe not of their own intent, but because they were panicking). I've never been so close to death before, and I don't think I'll like to revisit it any time soon.


    I sometimes keep feeling like the stitched up wound is bleeding, it will feel wet or otherwise throb and I either have to go to the mirror to confirm, or ask my husband. It hasn't bled since, but I have this weird fear now. I haven't slept much but I've already had nightmares of my head bleeding, just gushing out ridiculous amounts of blood and then that's the end of me. It's harrowing, and makes me wonder what would have happened if I did attempt suicide on all those occasions I was seriously, seriously contemplating it. It was often the fear of failing that held me back, and experiencing this now has just reinforced in my mind that yeah, it's prolly a bad idea.


    The nurse said I will likely get an intended scar above my left eye where the main gash was. I kinda don't really even care, I've been more mentally scarred by this than anything. Maybe I'll end up looking like some kind of badass for it. I generally look horrible right now anyway, looks like I got into a really bad fight. I guess I kinda did, with the ground, and I lost.


    I don't usually post status updates, because I usually just don't care to. I don't usually make such giant posts either (though I do tend to waffle a bit on threads), just really wanted to vent this, somewhere. Doubt I'll be doing much more posting for a while either, on this forum overall. Hopefully everything goes back to normal for me soon enough, and I hope everyone else is doing alright as well.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. MidnightDragon
    3. SuperSmexy500


      @kindajustin @AJ_Radio @Lonemankane @DrBloodmoney @MidnightDragon


      Many thanks for all your replies. It does mean a lot, even if none us really know each other too well.


      I feel a bit better today, both mentally and physically, but it's gonna be a steady road to recovery. The most annoying things currently other than my hands is the swelling around my eye, which isn't affecting my vision much at all, but is uncomfortable. Also still have a small amount of dried blood in my hair, very close to the bandage so can't really wash it right now (though I can remove the bandage tomorrow, so will definitely try to wash it then). Thankfully my clothes all washed out fine as well, despite how much blood there was, it had soaked through to my undergarments as well.


      Hopefully I stay on my feet in the future. 0/10 would not try again and would definitely not recommend faceplanting on the ground.

    4. visighost


      I had faceplanting on my bucket list, but I'll scratch it off. Joking aside, I do hope you feel better soon, both physically and mentally. It's encouraging that you can be open here and people are supportive instead of spurring your misanthropy on.

  8. Do you have any sources?
  9. Man, I can't wait to buy these games again for the 3rd time.
  10. Getting signed out of the PSN store, no. Having to have 2 factor enabled? I wouldn't really know because I've had it enabled for a few years already. All the issues with legacy systems in the past year does make me concerned about the future of PS4 and PS5 eventually as well though. I've completely stopped bothering to claim games on PS+, and actually just buy them later if I'm interested enough. I know there's nothing set in stone to say PS+ games will be having issues on PS4/PS5 in the future like PS3 and Vita ones have been on and off for months now, but I simply don't trust it, especially with no way to buy them outright with an active PS+ subscription like you can on Xbox with a Gold subscription. Sony has been through a number of changes at a business level since the 2011 hack, but one thing that hasn't really seem to change much is their competency and transparency to their customers, to be frank.
  11. I was hoping this would come west at some point. I'll likely wait for a sale or a physical to re-buy this for the 3rd time though, I'm in no rush to replay it.
  12. I may be misremembering, but I'm pretty sure that's how it used to be for me. Seems this is indeed affecting some PS3s as well, looking over at the other thread that was originally created for when PS+ games were just disappearing from people's download lists.
  13. Really weird, there must be something going on that's not allowing it to pull the correct duration of our PS+ for whatever reason. I also decided to check the "valid period start" for my PS+ games on both PS3 and Vita, and now ALL of them list the start period as June 2nd 2021 5:54pm, even the ones I started/"renewed" today. The only ones that don't list this are the games I have left "expired". I decided to check when I last topped up my PS+ membership. It was a code I bought from Amazon that was indeed back on June 2nd, back when PS+ was on a pretty good sale. I don't know the exact time I bought it or redeemed it because it doesn't list that on my invoice. So the "valid period start" is technically correct, but in the past when renewing expired PS+ games, it would always list the start period as being the date and time I actually started the game up again, not when my PS+ was last renewed/topped up. So Sony may have changed something on their end, or it's just part of the weirdness in general (or perhaps both?) Hopefully this is one of those things that eventually gets silently fixed, as a few other things have been (like patches not downloading on PS3). It really feels like Sony is leaving the servers on PS3 and Vita to rot at this point though.
  14. That's a shame. I have no idea why expired PS+ titles seem to be working for me, but are now apparently expiring in 2027. There must definitely be something up with Sony's servers in regards to PS+ on Vita (and PS3). It seems when it checks to verify the licenses, it's either unable to, as in your case, or assigns a wrong expiry date for some reason.
  15. I haven't tried to download anything, not really able to currently unfortunately due to only have less than 1GB free on my memory card. Hopefully extending your PS+ does fix the issue, keep us updated.