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  1. Yup, even used some of those github programs and the excel thing to try and get through it, and I eventually did with one of those, but it's just so luck based that that's really what it came down to in the end. I hear the trophy had an even higher requirement for the score in the Japanese release before they patched it. I don't even want to imagine.
  2. Monolithic Achievement in Danganronpa V3. Hated that trophy with every fibre of my being. Literally spent 10 or more hours of my life on that piece of shit mini-game. I don't think I've ever been so pissed and frustrated over something in a video game before, and I've had plenty of frustrating moments in FromSoft games, some Castlevanias (Rondo of Blood comes to mind), old NES/SNES games, Cuphead, etc. But nothing tops this, literally nothing. No other bronze trophy, no matter how much of a hurdle it was to overcome, has ever compared to this. Yet.
  3. The cheapest place I've managed to find Spiderman is £47 on Simply Games, for the PS4 version. I really hope games aren't actually going to be £70 for the PS5, I'm still used to paying around £40-50 for brand new AAA games. £20-30 more is way too much of a price increase. If this actually ends up being the case, I'm seeing myself waiting for games to drop in price a lot more often, unless it's something niche that might actually increase with price as time goes on.
  4. On one hand, I like how this seems to be more traditional FF in terms of its setting. On the other hand, it gets to the combat and all I can think is that this seems like FF15 medieval British edition. Hopefully it'll be decent, but I'm very much a stickler for old-school turn based or ATB FF.
  5. Sony ending PS Plus support for the PS3 and removing cloud saves is what worries me the most, more than them just disabling your ability to sync trophies or even forcing you to buy any PS Plus games you have. I have tons of copy protected saves on there, and in hindsight, I know I likely won't ever play those games again, but I still like keeping my saves both as a memento of sorts, and also just in case I ever do want to use those saves again. There's been plenty of times I didn't think I'd ever play a certain game or use an old console again or something, and I have eventually gone back to them. I have nearly 19GB of save data on the PS4, and I'm gonna have to assume PS5 saves are gonna be even bigger eventually.
  6. I know they state they may delete your account after so many years of inactivity, didn't think it actually happened very often though, especially to accounts that had made previous purchases. That really sucks, my condolences. Really hate this about the PS3. At least nothing on PS4 seems to be copy protected, at least not what I've come across in my 300-ish games on there so far.
  7. I don't think the ability to sync your trophies on PS3 will be going away any time soon. I don't really know how PS Now works since I've never used it, so take what I say with a pinch of salt, but I'm pretty sure you can earn trophies while playing PS3 games via Now (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I imagine this uses the same "servers" as syncing your trophies on PS3, just as playing a 360 game via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One is essentially just you playing an emulated 360 with its online servers intact. As others have said though, as more and more servers for games get shut down, your opportunity to get online-only trophies is definitely fast dwindling. I think they're more likely to shut down the PSN store on the PS3 first, but still allow you to re-download your purchases and make new purchases through the site, as is the case with the PSP nowadays. Though with the state the PSN store is on PS3 atm, I think Sony has kinda already forgotten about its existence anyway...
  8. That's bizarre. Did you not sign into your MS account for years or something?
  9. I played most of the old Sonic games when I was a kid via those collections on Gamecube, as well as some other old Sega games on the PS2 collection. I remember being obsessed with Ecco the Dolphin for weeks until I finally managed to beat it, probably one of the hardest games I played as a kid. If I was fine playing "prehistoric" games back then, I imagine there's plenty of kids nowadays that would be excited to play the 3D All-stars games, especially considering they're not quite as aged as 16-bit era games. A large portion of Nintendo's fan-base is still kids after all.
  10. Only game that I know I'm in the first 50 achievers for is Gorogoa. Apparently I was the first ever platinum achiever, in fact (European version anyway). I think it was during half term or something, I remember having the week off anyway, and just played through it the morning I bought it, the day it came out. It was a game I'd heard good things about and was looking forward to play. While it was definitely an artsy and enjoyable little puzzle game, I do think it's insanely overrated imho. I think I might have achieved the first 50 for one or two other games as well, but I can't remember which (think one might be Repulique but not 100% certain). Doubt I'll be achieving any more any time soon since I haven't played many games at launch recently, especially not games I'd likely get the first 50 achievers for (aka, indie or not-too-popular games).
  11. I think the Dualsense is definitely going to jack up the price, wouldn't be shocked if those things sell for £70+ on their own. I don't know how much the PS5 will actually be of course, but I got a feeling it'll be a bit cheaper so Sony can feel like they've "one up" Microsoft again. Wouldn't be the first time they let the competition announce the price of their console first, then strutted in and declared their console is cheaper (quite literally in the case of the Sega Saturn and the PS1). Time will tell, I doubt the PS5 will cost any more than £500 at least, unless they decide to pull another PS3.
  12. That's most games for me actually, especially this year. Most of my favourite games have never had trophies/achievements, or didn't in their original iteration at least. If I had to pick something that does have trophies that I would replay despite already getting the plat, the first thing to come to mind is the Spyro trilogy remakes. I've already played through the originals probably more than any other games I've owned, and I wouldn't mind playing through the remakes again some day, even though they did have some issues and glitches (which have hopefully been patched since I last played them).
  13. I'm actually rather pleasantly surprised, I was expecting this to be £500 minimum. It's £450 here (for the series x), which is only about £20 more than the original Xbox One was at launch. Still won't actually be getting it at launch though, I'll wait until my Xbox One backlog is finished, which actually mostly consists of 360 and original Xbox games. I have 27 games left in total but it'll probably take me quite some time since it isn't a priority for me at the moment. Personally have no interest in the series s due to the lack of a disc drive. I'm definitely interested to see how much the PS5 is going to be now. Got a feeling it'll probably be a bit cheaper, and I think it'll be a poor move on Sony's part if they did decide to make it the more expensive console this gen. Obviously the disc drive-less console is still gonna be more expensive than the series s though, since it's just the same console minus a disc slot. I'll likely get a series x 3 or so years down the line, and hopefully a PS5 in the next 2 years or so. Wouldn't mind getting a PS5, or both, at launch, but it's more of a space issue for me atm than a money issue. I have 8 consoles hooked up to my TV currently and there's literally no room for any more consoles, especially not the behemoths of next gen. Hoping to be finished my PS3 backlog in the next 2-3 years, then I'll put that into storage and get a PS5 in its place if all goes to plan. Other than that, I'm curious how loud the PS5 and Series X will be. My original Xbox One is pretty silent aside from the weird windows 95-esque sounds it makes when turning on or off, whereas my launch PS4 sounds like a jet engine taking off with some games, definitely the loudest console I've ever owned I think.
  14. I definitely used to torture myself a lot more with getting plats/100%s for games that weren't that enjoyable. Nowadays, I don't really care too much about plats any more. Been playing plenty of games this year that don't even have trophies or achievements. I'll generally only platinum a game nowadays if it doesn't take too long and isn't too annoying to achieve, or if I actually want to 100% it because it's just enjoyable enough to, and it doesn't necessarily even need trophies for that. In most cases though, even if I really love a game, do I really wanna play it 3+ times and spend 200+ hours on it (and I know that might be a bit of an extreme example, but I play a fair few JRPGs and a lot of them do require multiple playthroughs for the plat)? In most cases, no, I'd rather move onto something new, and with how big my backlog is (literally at 1,000+ games), I'd rather prioritise that than trophies nowadays. Me prioritising trophies in the past is part of why my backlog is so huge now. Anyhow, getting worn out from trophy/achievement hunting is pretty damn common. As I usually always say, you just have to remember why it is you play games. For most, it's to have fun, so just play games you feel like playing and don't worry about trophies. You can always go back to trophy hunting later when you feel more up to it. If it's games in general you feel tired of, take a break and do other things you enjoy for a while instead.
  15. Not arguing with that, it's the de-listing of the digital version just 7 months after release I have an issue with, even if I couldn't care less about it personally. Your only option after that will be the physical, which will definitely be expensive. That's what I fear, and partially why I'm so appalled at Nintendo for this. I know it'll only keep happening and getting worse, and it's not like I'm gonna stop buying games any time soon unless they cross a very extreme line, but it's still disappointing to see the route the gaming industry is going. I don't doubt the PS6 and next Xbox will likely be digital only, perhaps even the revisions of the PS5 and Series X.