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  1. I'd still play games even if they didn't have trophies. I didn't even really start to care about them until around 2012-2013 or so, and have been playing since the N64/PS1 era. I still play plenty of non-Playstation games and still sometimes seek to 100% them just out of sheer enjoyment. I do however, feel that trophies enhance the experience for me and I sometimes feel like I'm missing something if a game doesn't have trophies. Trophies give me some motivation to 100% games, explore side content I might not have bothered with otherwise, replaying games, and yes, gives me some small sense of pride. I remember earlier this year when I was importing The Liar Princess (it didn't get a physical here in Europe), for a while the PS4 version was sold out and I was contemplating getting the Switch version. But I felt weirdly disappointed in having to "settle" for that, so I just waited to get a PS4 copy, and thoroughly enjoyed both playing the game, and achieving the platinum. I don't think I would have felt the same sense of achievement or enjoyment if I got it on Switch, even if I did 100% it. It's the same thing with other games that are multiplat. I generally get them on Playstation whenever possible. I could get the Switch version of a game, but 1. They usually don't perform as well especially if they're AAA titles. 2. They're usually more expensive and 3. They don't have trophies/achievements. I actually prefer cartridges as well since I've never once had a cart die on me, they're smaller and come in smaller cases so they're easier to store, and they're just far more durable and convenient for swapping. But trophies > cartridge. The only times I've gone with another system over PS3/PS4 when they've been available for multiple systems is if they're only physical for one system. In that case, physical games > trophies. I love physical games even though I know they're becoming more "obsolete" and a lot of the time the full game isn't even on the disc/cart any more anyway. Just like the sense of actually "owning" something. Plus they're usually cheaper anyway, especially for AAA games. One thing I will say is, if they announce in 2020 that the PS3 servers will be shut down within a year or so and we'd no longer be able to sync trophies, I would make it a point to get through my PS3 backlog as soon as possible (mostly JRPGs sadly), even pushing aside other games that are coming out that I'd rather play to prioritise it. I personally don't see PSN getting shut down for PS3 or Vita any time soon since they share the same network as PS4 and presumably PS5, but I know they won't remain online indefinitely.
  2. I know this is a long shot since this game doesn't seem very popular and likely hasn't really got any active discussion going on any more, but I was wondering if anyone else had this game breaking glitch in chapter 22 (volcano interior/hell's gate) where a chest with a key that spawns in the room with the platforms simply doesn't spawn? I can't find anything about this (though there's no shortage of other known game breaking bugs), and I've tried everything I can think of to try and get it to spawn (restart the game, the PS3, killing myself in-game, etc.), but nothing seems to work. Anyone have any advice? My last save is back from chapter 19 in my cloud storage, which isn't terrible but this game has been mediocre at best and I really don't want to have to replay any large section of it if I can help it. The only reason I decided to play it was because it was a PS Plus game from a while back that's just been sitting in my PS3 backlog for a while, and I thought I'd give it a go. It's insanely disappointing with how close to the end of the game I was, and how close to the platinum I was, but if there's no way to fix this glitch, then I think I'm done with it.
  3. I checked last night, and my trophies still aren't syncing yet either (also European).
  4. Same issue here. Guess I accidentally posted in the NA version of the game's forum, but my copy is EU/UK as well.
  5. The trophies are there, so I sure hope they don't forget to upload the list to the servers sometimes. Not sure why it doesn't seem to share the same trophy list as the digital version. The disc has the first 3 episodes but the 4th one needs to be downloaded unfortunately. Honestly would have preferred it if they just released the physical version later with all 4 episodes on disc.
  6. I assume that's the case, the trophy list is there on my system and I'm still earning trophies, they just won't sync. I did try starting up some games I bought recently and the trophy lists for those synced fine, even after earning trophies in the Walking Dead.
  7. So I got the season pass physical version of this game today, and just got around to it. Got my first trophy (in the first episode), but when I try to sync it, it simply gives me a WS-37073-0 error code. The trophy list for the game itself just doesn't seem to exist in my trophies either. I assume maybe the physical version has a separate trophy list that hasn't been uploaded/unlocked on PSN yet. I have had this issue before with other games I've gotten a few days before release, as well as Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls I think back on the Vita (on/after release though), and the trophy lists have always eventually showed up on PSN and my trophies sync fine after that. Just kinda sucks not really being able to keep track of my trophies since I know this particular Telltale game has some missables. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. This almost makes me want to buy a brand new Vita as backup before brand new consoles are all gone. My current launch model is still doing fine however, just hope it keeps on kicking for years to come. It's a shame that the Vita never really reached its full potential. Over the years, there's been more and more games that were once exclusive to the platform being ported the PS4/PC, which I imagine just made it even less enticing to people on the fence about it. It still has a great library however, and I've personally always preferred its controls over that of the 3DS (I've had the rubber on the flimsy circle pad fall off twice on my 3DS XL, and once on my original 3DS). Main downside for me was the rear touchpad which made a few games awkward to control, and I've accidentally covered the speakers with my thumbs while playing a few times.
  9. I usually just play what I feel like playing at the time, which is usually quite a lot of different games. There's been games sitting in my backlog for years that I've basically always wanted to play, but then there's also other games I want to play that end up taking priority. RPGs and other long games are the big issue for me personally, especially since a very large chunk of my backlog are those. If a game is going to take me 80+ hours to complete, there's a good chance it could take me a whole month even if it's the only game I'm playing, so I generally tend to stick to shorter games even though there's a lot of RPGs I really want to play. I decided to recently log all of the games in my backlog (took me a good 4-5 hours), and I've determined I have roughly 608 games in my backlog, not including games I've dropped and may never return to, and including some collections as one game because I was too lazy to list each game in the collection separately. I always used to joke that I had 500+ games in my backlog, but I never realised quite how big it actually was. It probably doesn't help that there's a handful of games I tend to replay every few years. I've already replayed about 3 games I've already completed this year alone. On one hand, it's nice knowing I'm very unlikely to ever run out of games, especially with upcoming releases. On the other hand, it's kinda sad knowing I'll probably never get around to all my games. Wouldn't be surprised if some of my older consoles started to die on me before I even get around to the games in question (thankfully my backlog is only about as old as the PS3/360 era, there's a handful of physical PS2 and PS1 games though). I'm thinking of trying to tackle the smaller backlogs per system first for the most part. My Wii U backlog is currently my smallest, with only 6 physical games (but I have quite a lot of virtual console games for it as well, at least two pages worth on the console's dashboard). I actually only recently finally finished my Wii backlog. I definitely feel some sense of progress when I'm finally "done" with a console. I definitely don't bother to 100% every game I own, only the ones that are enjoyable enough for me to do so. Even then, if a game is going to take me a significant amount of time to 100%, I usually don't bother. Might return to it later if I really enjoy it enough, but it's rare. Those 30+ hours or whatever I could be spending trying to 100% one game, could be spent just playing a new game and chipping away at my ever growing backlog. Edit: Also I should really start checking dates on threads before I start necroing them.
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it's specific to this game (Jurassic World Evolution). I noticed my PS Plus storage was getting increasingly more full lately and was wondering why, and noticed this game seems to re-upload my saves as separate files every single time, instead of overwriting them. It overwrites the player settings file and autosave file just fine, just not the manual saves. It seems to treat them as new files each time, even though they aren't. The ps4 HDD itself is overwriting the files normally, I'm just rotating between 3 manual saves. It's not a massive issue but it is a pain having to keep manually deleting the older files off the cloud. I don't believe I've ever had this issue for any other PS4 game. Has anyone else had the same issue and found any way to resolve it?
  11. It's funny, I remember when these remakes were announced, I was actually thinking "I wonder how people nowadays are going to react to the middle eastern bomb throwing guy in the second game". Not surprised that he's been "censored" in this way. I do miss how people were generally more laid back in the 90s/early 2000s and didn't take fiction so seriously. The biggest controversy I can think of from back then was Jynx (Pokemon), then again I was just a kid anyway so didn't pay so much attention to these things.
  12. I've always wanted to change my username, since I made this account when I was a teen and didn't expect to be using it much, till I started actually buying some digital games/DLC for it, then it seemed pointless making another account. Definitely regret my username now though. However, the "not all games and applications may support the ID change" is concerning. I don't want to be locked out of my PS3 and Vita, or digital games I've purchased because they no longer recognise my username, so I may just end up not even changing it at all. A username change isn't worth it at all if that turns out to be the case. If it's more so a case such as "this old CoD game no longer has your saved online stats because your username is now different", I can live with that, since I don't play any PS3 games online any more anyway. Not to mention a lot of servers have been shut down at this point anyhow. That being said, I don't know how this would affect PS4 games released before April 2018. This is definitely going to be a "wait and see how it turns out" before I do anything. Also I'm sure it's probably been questioned several times already, but I wonder how this site will handle PSN username changes.
  13. I wasn't expecting much of this game, but it's actually become insanely addictive for me, and I generally don't like multiplayer games. I wasn't a fan of Dead by Daylight when that was free a few months ago either. Friday the 13th is glitchy, it's kinda broken, the graphics aren't great and the gameplay isn't perfect, but that somehow just adds to its charm, like a true B-movie classic. No way in hell am I ever going to attempt the platinum for this game, but it's highly enjoyable. Since it's free, I don't see why you shouldn't at least try it out. You've got nothing to lose (aside from a bit of HDD space). If you've ever played Evolve, this game reminds me quite a bit of that. Evolve was also another rather broken and glitchy mess, but unique and enjoyable enough to keep me playing on and off from launch until the servers were mostly shut down recently.
  14. I remember me and my boyfriend tried to play this online about 2 years ago now and it wouldn't work, so I'm not sure if support has only now been dropped, since there were a couple of others back around the time that claimed they couldn't connect either. We ended up eventually just playing it split-screen last month. Sucks that it's made the platinum unachievable, but unfortunately that seems to be the case for a lot of PS3 games now as more and more lose their online services when they have trophies that require online.
  15. Hopefully these come west, I've only just started on the Yakuza series (on 5, I know I should really start with 0 or 1, but I wanted to get 5 out of the way first since I have it on rental with PS Plus). I already have 3-5 on PS3, but it'd be great to actually be able to own the 5th game physically, assuming these games get physical versions of course. If not, I'll still be re-buying all of 'em, it'd be nice to have all the Yakuza on one console.