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  1. ^This Sadly it's a fairly common issue on PS4. I had this happen to me randomly after starting a new game nearly 2 years ago now, and I only have my one account/profile on there. I managed to fix it after coming across a very helpful post on the other trophy website. Keep in mind you will essentially be soft factory resetting your PS4, so you'll lose all saves, screenshots, videos, etc. tied to the profile you'll be deleting, so make sure to back those up to a USB stick beforehand (or PS Plus for the saves). Downloaded/installed games won't be deleted, but any folders you have will, and some settings may also reset themselves.
  2. As others have already suggested, and it may not be ideal for you since it is 100+ hours, but I highly recommend Persona 5. The Royal version in particularly has a super easy plat, and there's no trophies affected by what difficulty option you choose. The later Persona games (3 to 5) are honestly really good JRPGs for newcomers. Persona 4 was one of my first JRPGs when I was trying to get more into the genre beyond just Pokemon and Digimon, and it had me hooked. If the time commitment of Persona is too much for you however, then some other recommendations I have are: Dark Cloud - Pretty easy plat, not too long and a pretty fun little dungeon crawling action JRPG. It's a pretty old PS2 game, and while it is very addictive, it doesn't have the most memorable stories or characters, and the gameplay may be a little niche, so you may want to look into a bit first if any of that deters you. Final Fantasy 7 (original) - This one has a pretty easy plat, and if you haven't ever played it, it's definitely something you want to play if you're looking to get into JRPGs. I would also recommend FF8, that has an even easier plat from what I've seen, but FF9 has kind of a hard plat. FF10 is relatively easy, same goes for FF10-2, FF12 and FF7remake. FF15 is almost pathetically easy, and FF14 is an MMO with a very grindy plat that I wouldn't recommend at all. The FF games can be decently lengthy, definitely not 100+ hours, but do expect to be spending 30-60+ hours on them. Nier Replicant and Automata - Both are pretty easy plats, especially automata where you can simply buy some trophies in-game (with in-game money, they're not mircotransactions). These are kinda bordering on JRPGs however, they're pretty much just straight up action games with some JRPG elements thrown in. They're great, thought provoking games that I would highly recommend regardless however. Some other ones I would recommend, but maybe don't have the easiest plats or shortest playtimes are: Kingdom Hearts series - Some of the games have decently easy plats, I'd say 3 is definitely the easiest. They're relatively short games, and a good introduction to action JRPGs. Dragon Quest 11 - Easy plat, very long play time, will almost definitely take you 100+ hours. Like Persona however, Dragon Quest is a very good newcomer's JRPG. The series has always been very much basic JRPG formula, almost to a fault, but that's part of its charm and addictive gameplay.
  3. Can't say I'm surprised, it really does just feel like Sony kept the stores open as a way to please the crowd, and earn a bit of extra dough. Guess all those Vita games that got cancelled due to the store closures, will likely remain cancelled. I highly doubt the Vita and PS3 stores will last more than another 5 years, at most.
  4. Still haven't got around to the first game, have it in my backlog, just waiting to get through more of the Yakuza games first. I'm okay with this series now being the "classic" Yakuza style of gameplay, as long as that style lives on in some form, I actually quite enjoy the combat in Yakuza. I do like turn based RPGs as well so I imagine I'll enjoy Yakuza 7 when I eventually get around to it, and its future titles. Very nice to see this getting a worldwide release for once, we usually have to wait a while for these games in the west. Hopefully this is the standard going forward now, it's nice to see more and more Japanese games releasing simultaneously in the west, or at least not long after. Now if only Falcom could do this...
  5. I am, and I'm not. I don't make it my mission to 100% every game I play, that would just feel like a massive waste of time to me, especially when a lot of games end up feeling like chores trying to get all the trophies or 100% them. A game has to be something I really, really enjoy for me to consider 100%ing it. That, or it's easy and quick enough to 100% anyway. Even then, if the platinum trophy or 100% competition requires too much grinding, I may not bother. I likely will still do everything I can that's actually fun, but having to grind to level 100 when it takes hours to level up, or having to play irritating mini-games over and over, etc. I'm not going to waste my time on that 9 times out of 10. If a game ceases to be fun for a prolonged period, it's no longer something I'm doing because I genuinely enjoy it, and I've already done enough of that with games over the years. I'm only getting older and my backlog is only getting bigger, I don't want to continue to waste several hours into games that are no longer enjoyable. Another thing that often deters me from 100% completion are games with multiple endings, especially if they're long RPGs. Might be fine if it's one of those games that branches off at some point, so I can return to a save point halfway or later in to do the other endings, but if I have to play the whole game all over again, I usually just watch the other endings on youtube, if I care enough. If I know a game has multiple endings and it's not something that's going to be quick to replay (or meant to be replayed anyway) like Silent Hill or Drakengard/Nier, I will usually see what the "true", canon or otherwise "best" ending is and try to aim for that. Other than that, I do try to do every side quest and what not possible, unless it's something that doesn't feel too important (e.g. it's just a radiant/repeatable fetch quest), or otherwise unenjoyable. Even if I don't 100% a game, I do try to do most of what the game has to offer in a single playthrough, unless it just simply isn't enjoyable enough for me to bother, or I want to play it completely blind, I'm probably going to miss some content if it's isn't always obvious. I still 100% games with no achievements/trophies now and again as well. Trophies are definitely a nice incentive, but I don't take them too seriously, and the lack of trophies in a game I otherwise love won't deter me from doing everything I possibly can in it.
  6. My favs are kinda generic, but here goes: Silent Hill 2 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Shadow Hearts: Covenant Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Psychonauts Still have my PS2. Not my original fatty, but a slim that I've had for over a decade now. Still play it now and again, still have a small backlog on PS2, and I always generally prefer playing on actual hardware over emulation. Unless it's something super old like NES or SNES.
  7. FF13 for me, though there are others that I would say are worse, just not in the mainline, numbered series (looking at you, Mystic Quest). FF15 was... Okay. Didn't feel much for the story, the world had some cool scenery, but ultimately was kinda forgettable. Not a fan of the combat/gameplay, but I definitely had some enjoyment out of it. FF13 on the other hand was mostly just a chore. The story was nonsense, even for Final Fantasy, most of the characters were either annoying or dull (or both), and the gameplay wasn't much to write home about. FF13-2 was definitely an improvement, but the story got even more ridiculous. Then Lightning Returns comes along and it probably has the most batshit story out of the trilogy, but it was actually surprisingly quite enjoyable to play. Nothing amazing, but definitely my favourite in the trilogy. I'm getting some FF15 vibes from FF16, so I don't have high hopes for that game, but I'll still play it. Eventually. In like 5 years. After release that is. I really don't prioritise FF games much any more, not gonna lie. Still don't know when the hell I'll ever get around the FF7 remake, kinda wanna wait for all the "parts" to be out first, so I reckon that'll be another 10 years, plus another 10 years for me to actually get through them all. Should hopefully keep me entertained in my middle age along with FF22 on the PS8. Edit: Since I know it gets a lot of hate, I actually like FF2. Then again, I like the SaGa games, which basically spawned from that. FF1 is also pretty forgettable and not great, but it's more forgivable given it's the first game in the series, and it wasn't exactly meant to get any sequels anyway.
  8. This has happened to me 3 times since last summer, no idea why, it's completely random when it happens as well. Like you, it resets the profile colour of both my PS3 and Vita back to the default grey/white one. It also tends to reset the languages I have listed on my profile. I've decided not to bother re-adding my "about me" back either, because I just know it's going to get deleted again in a few months anyway.
  9. Cool, now to never link my Discord to my PSN and just continue using it as a replacement for PSN messaging/voice chat as I have been doing. Kind of ironic that they are getting linked now considering that's what I've been doing for the past 2-3 years.
  10. It's not a bad idea at all, not sure how seriously it would be taken though. It'd probably be one of the few ways the limit would actually get lifted however. It's something I'll look into more seriously at some point, thanks for the suggestion.
  11. You can probably go off the age rating on the front of the case: PEGI, USK and ACB for PAL, ESRB for NA/NTSC, CERO for Japan/NTSC-J, etc. Failing that, the license/product ID or barcode is usually different for each region. GameFAQs usually has info on this under "release date" on a game's page, but it seems a little scarce for PS5 games right now. To give an example, here's a PS5 game, and here's a PS4 game; I can't seem to find any PS5 games currently that actually list the product ID code. They're usually never 100% anyway, there's always some IDs missing, but you should be able to find what region your game somewhere is by searching for the product ID on Google (it's usually the small print on the bottom of the spine of the case).
  12. No, but most of it came down to that. There's backing up saves to USB, yes, but that isn't an option on PS5. I mentioned it previously, but the ideal solution to this (at least for me) would be the file limit being removed or (significantly) increased, or being able to back up saves to USB on PS5. I've already made my wishes known for both to Sony, not much more I can do individually. This is probably just going to be one of those things that never gets resolved until it affects enough people, and/or causes enough of an outcry for Sony to take notice, as with what happened with the PS3/Vita stores. I do think making the issue known through forums like this helps with that, even if just a little. But there's really not much else to be said on the matter at this point, I agree that in the grand scheme of things, it's not like anything we say here is going to get through to Sony, at least not directly, but if nothing else, at least a few handful more people are now aware of the file limit.
  13. Alternative solutions that I'm sure we've all thought of ourselves. It's not like getting rid of old saves is some kind of revolutionary idea. Again, either way, it misses the point. I don't expect this to change, I can hope, and I obviously don't expect someone from Sony to be browsing this forum and think to themselves "hmm, maybe we should change this". I've already contacted Sony about this myself, expectedly, they didn't care, not much more I can really do as an individual, but I retain my right to complain about this practice as a paying consumer, even if it does fall on deaf ears. Either way, the more people that are aware of the issue, the better, there's no denying that. Many people have no idea about the 1,000 file limit until they reach it themselves or they hear about it through forums such as this. I personally didn't know about this until someone mentioned it through twitter, then I reached the limit myself a year or two after the fact.
  14. So it seems the PS3 is limited to 1,000 saves as well. From what I can find, this has always been a thing, since back in the day when the max cloud storage capacity was just 150mb. I imagine this probably isn't ever really discussed because not many people at all have reached it, a lot of PS3 games didn't make tons of saves (literally the only one I can think of that does is Bioshock Infinite), and not as many people have auto-upload enabled. I'm unsure if it's the same case for Vita, can't seem to find anything on it, but I imagine it is. The strange thing with the PS5 is that, from what I can find, it apparently also has 100GB of storage available, separate from the PS4's 100GB, but somehow it seems the 1,000 save file limit is shared (OP is not the only person I've come across that seems to confirm this). I don't know why whenever this topic comes up, it always brings the "why not just delete your saves?" crowd out of the woodwork. I don't really understand the point of commenting on something you don't really care about? No shit we can delete our saves, but as aforementioned, many of us like keeping us saves for various reasons. If you don't particularly care about your saves, then great, you do you, no reason to be puzzled about why others may prefer to do things differently. This is like telling people how they should play their games, I'm sure many of us have experienced people being baffled or condescending as to why we "waste our time" on trophies, after all. It's missing the point anyway, the point is that the cloud storage is advertised as being 100GB, which is impossible to fill much beyond perhaps 20GB at most, on average. The PS5 doesn't allow USB backups so we're at the mercy of the cloud on there, which is where this becomes a real issue, especially since it seems the file limit is shared between PS4 and PS5.
  15. I forgot there's no way to really even check how many save files you have on PS4 in general. On PS3, if you press triangle and "select multiple", it shows the exact number of how many files there are and how many you've selected in the top right corner. Tried doing this by going to "delete" and "copy to internal storage" on the PS Plus cloud on PS4, and nothing, it just tells me how much more free space in GB I'll have after deleting/copying. I apparently have exactly 471 saves on my PS3 cloud storage. No idea how many I have on PS4, but back when I deleted a bunch after hitting the limit back in October/November, I'm pretty sure I deleted around 300-400 saves, and I've already accumulated another 100 or so saves since then, so I probably have about 600-800 saves on my PS4 cloud currently. Again, also have about 100-200 saves on Vita, so I don't think the file limit is shared between those systems at the least, at least not for me anyway. I've heard some people say that the file limit was actually lifted years ago, and they managed to get around it by completely deleting all their cloud saves on PS4, and re-uploading them. But I've tried that and it didn't work for me, just said the storage would be exceeded once it reached 1,000 files yet again.