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  1. Welcome fellow Metal Gear and Dark Souls fan
  2. Thanks for the good wishes. Its been 35 years without a place in the worldcup 😂
  3. Resonance of Fate for PS4 would be awesome. I may consider playing again SO4 depending on the trophy list. If its 100% of the battle trophies again there is no way I would go for the platinum.
  4. I was more happy to see that 3-0. Much respect for Brasil. The entire country was checking the other match results at the the same time. It was a really tense night for us and we own the playoffs to Venezuela, Brasil and Ospina for touching that indirect free kick from Guerrero.
  5. Yeah 180 minutes left my mistake. November 6th and 14th.
  6. I'm from Peru and we have not been able to classify to the World Cup since Spain 1982. We still have one more match left against New Zealand in november. Lets go Peru!!
  7. All time favorite
  8. Tomorrow: Brasil vs. Chile Ecuador vs. Argentina Peru vs. Colombia Uruguay vs. Bolivia
  9. Welcome to PSNP! 😁
  10. Hey welcome to PSNP! Yesterday's match was super tense (I'm from Peru) 😵

    We have not been able to classify to the World Cup since Spain 1982. We are playing a crucial match in two days against Argentina.

    1. Atlas


      Hope Peru can qualify this next tuesday. 

    2. Aexuz


      Its going to be a tough one against Colombia. If we won we can get third place in the table.

  12. Consummate Storm Master You won all trophies.
  13. Persona 5!