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  1. Tamako Love Story
  2. Which is the best/most efficient way to farm experience? I left my party at level 67 after I got the platinum.
  3. No official release date for The World Ends With you for Switch yet? This is one of the games announced for the Switch I'm more exited about.
  4. Strange... I can only see the Square Enix sale on the PS4 but not on the website. Maybe it was not supposed to be released yet?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. DARKB1KE


      Just spotted a banner on the right side of screen, but weird it's not also in the menu for "deals" 

    3. Jaco


      Playing Star Ocean 5, as we speak. While SO3 is my favorite Star Ocean, I have read it has crashing issues on the PS4.. 

    4. AlchemistWer


      @Aexuz Without a doubt SO III but keep in mind is more harden than SO V if you looking forward platinum but at the same time it's an amazing game with more than 110 hours, the story is awesome and the battle trophy you must reach is just the 80% (if I remember 220 BT) now the crashing issues @Jaco said is true BUT... I spent almost 140 hous and the crashing problem was no more than 5 times.

  5. Same here. Almost bought the physical version yesterday but ended up picking The Rise of Tomb Raider instead. Guardians of the Galaxy is my favorite marvel movie, hopefully the game will not dissapoint.
  6. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD collection (PS3) Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4) Bioshock: The Collection (PS4) World of Final Fantasy (VITA) Steins Gate: Complete Series Classic (Blu Ray) Shadow of The Colossus (PS4) Future Trunks action figure (Banpresto)
  7. I thought it was horrible too until I reached the ending scene. The ending alone make the game worth it even though the controls were pretty bad.
  8. Yeah you are right I need to get back to my RPG farming routine watching lots of documentals on youtube. It is kind of strange for a fighting game to have this kind of trophy. Most of the time is difficult but not grindy like this.
  9. I remember there were a lot of people flagged for these games in the past. They should have waited a little bit more for this 😅
  10. Wait... so to unlock the new route you need to beat that level 70 quest "A familiar fright" I'm only at level 41 and even with 3 other human players we coudn't beat that fight on time.
  11. That sounds crazy 😱 I am farming 300K per day and I end up bored as hell with that pointless grind every time.
  12. Thanks to you for trying it out. I was going to attempt it myself but then I saw there were 12 different gangs and because I'm not really familiar with the game and their locations I gave up. Please let us know your results with the other gangs when you attempt them.
  13. Could this be the solution? This was posted on playstationtrophies but no one have tried it out yet.
  14. Got the trophy some minutes ago as well. Reaching 300~350BP is fairly easy legit after that it gets hard to level up. I would definitely recommend reaching that level and start boosting from there. If you start at 0BP it would be extremely difficult to find your partner since there will be lots of people playing at low rank.