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  1. #Aexuz lvl 42 Thanks for the giveaway.
  2. Feel free to add me. I started playing again a couple of months ago.
  3. Stan Loona 😍
  4. ^ Perfect example. 😱
  5. Easy pick: Dark Souls Remastered.
  6. Elfenlied
  7. Ps plus free games with DLC.. . I'll pass 😵
  8. Someone with BB Cross Tag Battle can help me out with a couple of matches for the platinum? 

  9. Great news. I was already looking for other sites to buy PSN codes. Good thing $20 and $10 are back as well and not only the most expensive ones.
  10. Kingdom Hearts 2. I'm hoping to get this platinum some day.
  11. Yeah when I made the setup myself that was the max level both reached.
  12. It will be a point where the battles won't level up anymore so my advice is to save if you get one or the other.
  13. If you are lucky yes. It happened to me a couple of times.