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  1. Bienvenido a los foros 🙃
  2. Grim Legends 3
  3. Sorry I forgot to post it here. The setup for this method is done up to minute 3:24. After that is the actual farming process to get an idea of how fast you can get those 12736k Zeni. I've been lazy with the farming myself but I reached 11 million Zeni yesterday. 18 more days if I aim for 500k per day but I doubt I will make it cause Dark Souls for PS4 comes on friday so I will be investing all my time there.
  4. Demon's Souls Bloodborne Nier: Automata Metal Gear Solid 4 Journey
  5. Resident Evil
  6. From what I remember I think its harder than all the games you have mentioned. Nioh 100% might be a bit harder though. Bloodborne 4/10 difficulty Dark Souls 3 3.5/10 difficulty Nioh 4.5/10 difficulty (platinum) Just my opinion from what I remember.
  7. You guys are still in time to complete the online collectibles as well. I've been working on it and you can get around 450 tokens per day and if someone else complete your treasure hint you get 220 extra tokens. The total you need is 6000 tokens to get all the online collectibles so you can get everything in a few days.
  8. Is it just me or the trophy set image looks bad quality? Also why the hell they have to release the full game title with caps 😩
  9. You also consider PS4 remasters as stacks even if they have a different name or trophies? example Dark Souls II PS3 and PS4 version. Note that the PS4 version have also different trophy requirement because you need to complete most part of the DLC content for the platinum. I'm curious to ask to someone who doesn't go for stacks if there is you consider some games as exceptions.
  10. I'm curious about it. Maybe they will change the trophy images a bit. Hard to tell really. When I saw your trophy count a couple of days ago I thought you were saving your 300th for Dark Souls 😱 I guess is Undead Wolf and me for now for a milestone on this platinum. Same here. I have only been advancing my games but have not earned a platinum in like a month to save it for Dark Souls. I'm in for any trophy set really, everything but a shared trophy list 😱
  11. After so much anticipation imagine if they do the same as Okami PS4 and make it a shared trophy list I was also thinking about the no dying trophy but if they do everyone will probably start making cloud saves and the trophy won't be that hard.
  12. Do you guys think there will be modifications for the trophies?
  13. Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 9