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  1. Yeah. I'm hoping they will in the upcoming days. I'm downloading the game right now but I will have to wait until very late today to finally play it 😖
  2. The game is available in the store right now but there is no avatar or theme bonus with the purchase 😰
  3. They announced avatars and a theme with the preorder. Its on their official site.
  4. Same list as the PS3 version with the only difference they removed the Tera-Drive trophy which is a shame because it was a very unique trophy and one of the easiest in the trophy set.
  5. Getting ready for the DBS movie. I'll be watching the Broly movie Trilogy next.
  6. No yet. 12 angry men (1957)
  7. 36 fragments of midnight.
  8. Little Big Planet
  9. The difference is that you actually need to do what the trophy asks you. Survive about an hour with the bounty on your head. You won't be earning the trophy automatically like other cases. If they flag this trophy then they need to flag all the people that used the exploit in Red Dead Redemption using the hacked lobbies to shoot dead bodies making some of the trophies faster to obtain.
  10. So tomorrow is the last possible day for the preorder to show up in the store since the game is releasing on friday.
  11. Outlast 2 😱
  12. The most strange thing for me is why some poeple kept playing with an ID they didn't like for such a long time instead of creating a new profile. You have to wait to get 50+ plats to realize you don't like your ID 🤔
  13. I'm surprised there is no preorder yet. The store fully upgrades around 12 ~1pm and because Steam already had it I was certain it was coming today to PSN but it was not the case it seems. I will be checking the store from time to time to see if it still comes later today but if its not the case we will have to wait another week