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  1. Shenmue 3 and Persona Endless Night Collection
  2. Breaking street date as usual 😀
  3. Nioh is amazing but if you are going for the 100% expect at least 200+ hours of gameplay.
  4. Squirtle, Link, Solid Snake and a new PS4 controller. Botan, Ruby Rose and Asuka funkos
  5. I bought it day one. Big fan of the game. It runs better than PS3 (no crashes so far with 4~5 hours of gameplay) I have noticed some problems with the audio from time to time though.
  6. Season 3 episode 12!
  7. Better late than never ☺️
  8. The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past I have the game on my 3DS and Wii U. I hope it comes to the Switch at some point.
  9. One trophy set for single player trophies and another for multiplayer would solve it. In my case for example I would have loved to play Uncharted 4 in my main account just for the single player campaign but knowing there is online trophies and most likely online DLC trophies I had to pass on that game.
  10. Where can I find the avatar section on the playstation store website? 

    Can't find it anywhere... 

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    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      When I go to the website it's the last of the left hand part of the site. It'll go Featured, Games, Add-Ons, Demos, Themes, Avatars.

    3. ruffedgz


      Whats odd is that like 1 hour ago I checked the PSN site and didnt see the Avatar section on the left but now (14:50 CST) I see it.. It might have been a small over site and was fixed later

    4. Aexuz


      Thanks I coudn't find it in the morning but the section its now back in the bottom left of the site. 

  11. Disgaea 3!
  12. Final Fantasy XIV
  13. Sekiro
  14. Hitman
  15. Your homework:


    Event Horizon

    Europa Report





    Predator (original)


    If you don't like the majority of them then we'll have our answer. 

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    2. TheLakota


      Gore doth not a horror film make. It's about writing, atmosphere and of course, believable acting.


      Luckily, Event Horizon does all three reasonably well.


      Event Horizon wasn't well understood at the time it came out (and the at times grotesque imagery may have had a hand in turning off audiences).

    3. Aexuz


      Onibaba (1964) is probrably my favorite horror movie so far. 

      I will watch both Event Horizon and Sunshine this week, thanks for the recommendations. 

    4. TheLakota