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  1. #225 My first platinum 12 years ago on PS3 now my #225 on the PS5. Just in time for Elden Ring 😁
  2. #223 First platinum of 2021! Its been a while since I had so much fun with a game. Absolutely loved this one. My very first playstation game was Tony Hawk 4 for PS2 so even though I never played the originals back in the day this game brought back so many good memories. I definitely miseed this series. 90% of the rophies were really fun to get and some were pretty challenging as well but that level 100 trophy I have to admit was a real pain to get. The grind was totally unnecessary since you finish the game around level 65 - 70. Fortunaley there are some methods to earn exp faster but it becomes really boring and repetitive to grind al the way to level 100 that way. Overall the game experience is amazing but is you care about completion you will have to spend quite a few hours to get that last trophy.
  3. Level 94. Finally getting close to this platinum. At this point I'm getting a whole level in about 30 minutes.
  4. Skatestreet Marseille Philadelphia Venice Beach Bullring Roswell Mall School 2 I had a lot of trouble with School 2 and the mall so that would be my order
  5. Yeah both are extremely boring though. I don't think I will have the patience to do it at the moment. Yeah if you already completed School 2 I think you are set for the trophy. I still think is the hardest. Venice was fairly easy. I made a video with the easiest method I found. The last manual is a bit tricky though.
  6. School 2 was a nightmare to me. I always messed up with the manual or grind at some point. It probably took me 100+ tries. The other 'hard get theres' challenges I was able to do in 20~30 minutes.
  7. Credit to Ace Annihilates from xboxachievements for the video.
  8. Definitely doable in that amount of time but a really boring grind. You can earn about 310xp in around 2 minutes offline. That's 9300 xp every hour if you can survive the boredom.
  9. I made some alternative methods for skate heaven and Venice beach. Hope it helps
  10. Shenmue 3 and Persona Endless Night Collection
  11. Breaking street date as usual 😀
  12. Nioh is amazing but if you are going for the 100% expect at least 200+ hours of gameplay.
  13. Squirtle, Link, Solid Snake and a new PS4 controller. Botan, Ruby Rose and Asuka funkos
  14. I bought it day one. Big fan of the game. It runs better than PS3 (no crashes so far with 4~5 hours of gameplay) I have noticed some problems with the audio from time to time though.
  15. Season 3 episode 12!