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  1. You shouldn't have done longer sessions than 20 minutes, otherwise this happends, you will have to turn the game off and start again but the progress will the retracted and so start again but make sure you end match every 20 minutes.
  2. Correct, no crashes when intervals every 20 minutes but i do not remember how many token i had to use, i always used 5x but all of the previous crashes i cannot say how many i used, i got to level 100 about 10 times before figuring out to take 20 minute breaks. Hope it helps and happy grinding.
  3. Correct, if you do it for longer than 20 minutes for me it would crash the game and not save any problem and so 8 hour loss so i decided to do every 20 minutes as after some trial and error i narrowed down that this is when the game had problem saving. If you do 20 minut sessions then it will be fine.
  4. Every 20 minutes i would end match then do it again, just make sure to not back into the menu or you will lose the multiplier.
  5. Do you remember where the four geysers are ? I know one is on the right and two on the left of the worm but not sure about the 4th.
  6. Hey when you say a few hours for Sellout trophy, what is the brought estimate? I just afk turboed for 8 hours with only getting 75k fans and so figure that I did something wrong? I did the same map and faction with the same mobs and captured 3 out of the 4 fan gens so the game won't finish.
  7. Thank You for the guide.
  8. Hey, the issue was that it didn't pop after 50 more like 75ish but i only synced at 84 so just a buggy trophy.
  9. Glad to help, happy ginding...
  10. That sounds good, ps3 games getting discounts is a good step,
  11. Want to add that these crashes are on the PS5, would this be the issue and I should try on ps4 or the game is just in this state? I do remember crashes on PS4 too and don't want to sink another 8 hours just for a crash
  12. Hey mate, should have boosted with you, 😢My main has 83 wins and 2nd account has 82 but neither has the trophy. Nothing like looking like an idiot online, forgot to sync trophies. Thank for helping me realise.
  13. I tried to do the forfeit exchange method over the last two days for a total of around 5-6 hours which far exceeds the 2 hours in the guide that this method should take. I would like to find out if I'm doing something wrong or if there is a trigger that I must do like let the match last more than 3 seconds before a forfeit?
  14. I have been hovering around 80 using the method in the guide, however when I end the game to back in the main menu, the game usually crashes, I tried to go into Archives, start SP, Start MP or just change options and it crashes everytime after the XP session and so I'm here to find a reliable way to get this afk farm going and be able to sync my XP without crashes,
  15. The only solution was to delete the save and start over, after that the cards for as intended. The game is used bugged I have been at level 100 for 3 days not before the game crashed so I had to afk more to level 100, currently back at 86.