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  1. Do you have a ps3 world ?
  2. The server is always offline for me, you can see the screencap below. Also any chance you run a ps3 trophy world ?
  3. So the server status was about the Ps4/5 Version and for ps3 i was wondering if you have a trophy world ?
  4. No error message but rather the server just seems to be offline, any chance you also run this for PS3 ?
  5. Do you still hosts for PS3 ?
  6. @CookiestMonsterr Is the server down ? as it seems to be offline for me. @Fill_Fill Thank You, love the world.
  7. Thank you
  8. Popped a trophy on the PS Now but now plan ti get the rest on ps3 but not sure if they share the trophy lost, anyone know ?
  9. Yes its a disk issue, try another copy, this is common with games that need install data before you start to play it, i had the same with Sims 3, GTAV and Driver.
  10. Oh didnt know Tower would count for it, thank you.
  11. Now that the usual methods have been patched is there even a way anymore ? Im not 100% sure but i think the squids farm has been patched as it no longer gives wep proficiency after their first spawn wave.
  12. You shouldn't have done longer sessions than 20 minutes, otherwise this happends, you will have to turn the game off and start again but the progress will the retracted and so start again but make sure you end match every 20 minutes.
  13. Correct, no crashes when intervals every 20 minutes but i do not remember how many token i had to use, i always used 5x but all of the previous crashes i cannot say how many i used, i got to level 100 about 10 times before figuring out to take 20 minute breaks. Hope it helps and happy grinding.
  14. Correct, if you do it for longer than 20 minutes for me it would crash the game and not save any problem and so 8 hour loss so i decided to do every 20 minutes as after some trial and error i narrowed down that this is when the game had problem saving. If you do 20 minut sessions then it will be fine.