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  1. I would be happy to help, pm me at psn name is xXDarkAsazZynXx
  2. Hey anyone still needs the Legendary and Heroic difficulty playthroughs?
  3. Its all good, i was able to find a huge 60 player group to boost all ACB and done it in a few days. But thanks for the response
  4. Add me im always happy to help, also what time have you been able to find games ?
  5. Thank you i will try those if i get a lobby going
  6. Thank you Sergen
  7. I was wondering if it this still possible to get the Level 50 in AC Brotherhood? If yes how
  8. Red Dead Redemption i really want that platinum for the amazing game it is
  9. Hey Chucky i can help you, msg me on PSN xXDarkAsazZynXx
  10. Hey Allan i can help you, msg me on PSN xXDarkAsazZynXx
  11. Add me and i will be happy to help PSN:xXDarkAsazZynXx
  12. Hello, I need help with the Blue Ribbon trophy which is to Complete a 4-player Competitive Co-Op match in 1st place. Can anyone help? i Just need people with a ps3 and the game Pm me at xXDarkAsazZynXx or at Discord at Huskii #7242 Thank You in advance and Have a nice Day