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  1. Now after 20ish restarts, device setup worked. Just want to make sure, but if i buy psn credit on ps4 it will show up on ps3 right ? As dont see a option to do it on ps3
  2. That's too bad, but the bigger issue is me getting this error and not able to connect to PSN.
  3. My problem is that i cannot sign in rather than complete a transaction
  4. Yeh that doesnt work, i just get the error as mentioned.
  5. I have restarted the system a couple times and now re-activated the 2sv but now i just get this "An error has occured. You have been signed out of PSN. (80710016)" So now i can't get the playstation 3 online. Any ideas ?
  6. Had no idea, now can't even get on the store as i get a prompt that is under maintenance, thanks for the help, will buy credit next time.
  7. That did not help, still comes up with "The pssword is not valid. Please Try again"
  8. Cannot complete any purchase as it asks me for password, i have tried psn password, device setup pssword and 2sv code and none work.
  9. You can add me to the group, but guessing we dont have the numbers ?
  10. Thank You, will try that.
  11. Yes thats how we did it with renting a server, how do i switch the sequence though ?
  12. Yeh i think im just missing these for the two trophies: Famas - QBB-95 - MG36 - QBU-88 - L96 - SPAS-12 - L85A2 - Are assignements the only way apart from someone dropping them ?
  13. Was just trying to do Show of Force and Gunslinger trophies with the method mentioned in the guide with Gun Master or Scavenger, but neither of those have all the weapons and im wondering if im doing something wrong or the guide is wrong ?
  14. Thank You
  15. I like to do Online trophies first