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  1. 1. Super Meat Boy - 0.25% 2. XCOM 2 - 0.84% (P) & 0.34% (100%) 3. FIFA 22 - 2.75% 4. Surgeon Simulator - 0.60% 5. Outlast - 1.16% (100%) 6. COD BO4 - 0.67% (P) & 0.33% (100%) 7. COD BO3 - 0.16% (100%) 8. Trackmania - 0.61% 9. Superhot VR - 0.67% 10. Dauntless - 0.03% (100%) Finally got my first game down of my first tier, that being the easiest of the bunch, FIFA 22. Not much else to say on this one apart from it being the easiest but also probably the worst FIFA to date. I've also made some good progress on Dauntless and Super Meat Boy. I'm currently at 66% for Dauntless with my priority being to grind out the escalations. On Super Meat Boy I've got the final 4 iron man runs to do, I'm currently working on demon boy and I think I should be able to do that one within the next week or so, leaving the 3 hardest iron man runs and also golden god. I'm just happy with how far I have got in it as I am god awful at platformers.
  2. May as well do my first update: Starting %: 82.37 Current %: 83.34 Change: + 0.97% I've only completed 1 game so far this year, that being Ark: Survival Evolved. However, I have got a few on the go at the minute, with me playing dauntless, super meat boy, FIFA 22 and rainbow six siege. Dauntless (57%): Started this not long before MHW: Iceborne came out as I was craving that style of game and was too impatient for Iceborne. With obtaining the Iceborne plat recently and seeing dauntless have a large amount of DLC released, I thought now would be a good time to go for this. I still have a fair bit to grind out but it is rather simple and so it's just more about finding the time and motivation for it. Super Meat Boy (52%): I have completed 7 of the 12 iron man runs, with the last 5 being the hardest 5 according to the rarity's, I have been attempting the salt factory dark world since I completed the rapture light iron man run. This one has been a bit of stumbling block for me, with yesterday being the closest I have come to beating it when I choked on the last level in the run and died at a point I always do well on. Once the iron man runs are done I'll only have golden god left which should be simple if I've managed to do the iron man runs. I'm hoping I'll manage to beat the salt factory dark world by the end of the month. FIFA 22 (98%): Not much to say really, all I have left to do is win 3 more CO-OP games in Ultimate Team, just waiting for a friend to help me do it when we both can be bothered to play this game again. Rainbow Six Siege (45%): Again, not too much to say on this one, not sure if I'll be good enough to obtain the plat. Basically just playing it with a group of my mates and just hoping to obtain as many of the trophies as I can before we all lose interest and move on to something else. I'm hoping to obtain at least one more plat before the end of the month and make some more progress on SMB and Dauntless. Very happy with my progress so far though!
  3. First Game down! 1/10 - Ark: Survival Evolved 2/10 - Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 3/10 - Fallout 4 4/10 - Alien Isolation 5/10 - Resident Evil 6/10 - Surgeon Simulator 7/10 - COD: BO4 8/10 - COD: Classic 9/10 - Trackmania Turbo 10/10 - Super Meat Boy Ark was pretty simple to get done, just a little bit time consuming with getting it to 100% as well. I've also made some progress on Super Meat Boy, 7 of the 12 iron man runs are done, leaving the 5 hardest still to do, woo! I've also left the golden god trophy as I'm hoping to pop the plat as a milestone trophy (if i actually manage to beat the iron man runs) and it'd be easier to time it with this than one of the iron man trophies.
  4. I'll join as well as it fits in nicely with the other events I'm doing! 1/10 - Ark: Survival Evolved 2/10 - Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 3/10 - Fallout 4 4/10 - Alien Isolation 5/10 - Resident Evil 6/10 - Surgeon Simulator 7/10 - COD: BO4 8/10 - COD: Classic 9/10 - Trackmania Turbo 10/10 - Super Meat Boy All difficulty ratings taken from PSNProfiles apart from ark which was on pstrophies
  5. 2021 has been one of my best years for trophy hunting: 1. Resident Evil 2 2. Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek 3. Energy Balance 4. The Inpatient 5. Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 6. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood 7. Worms: Battlegrounds 8. PSVR Worlds 9. COD: BO Declassified 10. Sound Shapes 11. COD: Cold War 12. Batman: Arkham Knight 13. Lords Of The Fallen 14. Driveclub 15. Beyond Two Souls 16. Control (PS5) 17. Little Nightmares II 18. Maneater 19. Maquette 20. Titanfall 2 21. FIFA 21 (PS5) 22. No Man's Sky 23. COD: Infinite Warfare 24. FIFA 21 (PS4) 25. Red Dead Redemption 2 26. Undertale 27. Celeste 28. Crash Bandicoot: Warped 29. COD: Vanguard 30. Resident Evil: Village 31. Dying Light 32. Far Cry 3 33. MHW: Iceborne
  6. Update 9: 26th December Starting Completion Percentage: 73.78% Previous Update Completion Percentage: 81.76% Current Completion Percentage: 82.44% (+8.66% from start) Its's been 4 months since my last update as in all honesty there hasn't been a lot to say, I've slowly cleaned up a few games that I had time for but I havent really done too much. Since my last update I managed to platinum: - Undertale - Celeste - Crash Bandicoot: Warped - COD: Vanguard - RE: Village - Dying Light - Farcry 3 I was hoping to reach 83.78% (10% increase) by the end of the year and was well on track to do so with being at around 83% come the start of December. However, Dauntless released that huge patch which set me back a fair bit and so I knew that I wouldn't reach my 10% goal because of it. I decided to just start FIFA 22 as well and forget about my goal. Realistically my completion percentage shouldn't change much at all for the last few days of the year as I want MHW: Iceborne to be my 150th plat and the only other game I am currently working on is Super Meat Boy. For Iceborne I only need 3 crowns (Both Lunastra and giant Scarred Yian Garuga) and I'll be finished, but god knows how long that will take and for Super Meat Boy I am trying to complete the Skyscraper warpzone with all bandages so that I can then focus on the iron man runs. I would like this to be a milestone plat and so once all iron man runs are done (if I ever become skilled enough to do them all) I'll be leaving a trophy to pop at a later date for a milestone. I would never have had the motivation to go back and clean up as much of my backlog this year if it wasn't for this event and seeing all the updates has helped push me even more. It's been great seeing how much people have done this year! Hope you all are having a good holiday and had a great year!
  7. I'd also like to join in if possible, this event will tie in nicely with trying to improve my completion percentage this year and will also motivate me to do the games I keep putting off! All of my first 10 are backlog games: 1. Super Meat Boy - 0.25% 2. XCOM 2 - 0.84% (P) & 0.34% (100%) 3. FIFA 22 - 2.75% 4. Surgeon Simulator - 0.60% 5. Outlast - 1.16% (100%) 6. COD BO4 - 0.67% (P) & 0.33% (100%) 7. COD BO3 - 0.16% (100%) 8. Trackmania - 0.61% 9. Superhot VR - 0.67% 10. Dauntless - 0.03% (100%) Doubt I'll get through these by the end of the year, but there's no harm in trying!
  8. I'm in again as well. My current completion is 82.43% but i dont expect it to change much before the start of 2022 simply because of wanting MHW Iceborne to be my 150th plat. I'm going to be ambitious and aim for a 90% goal, but i seriously doubt I'll get anywhere near that!
  9. I'm pretty sure you don't need the Lunastra crowns for the base game crown trophies, so I'd save yourself the hassle with that one unless you plan on buying iceborne!
  10. Sorry I wasn't much help, but glad you got it! It's definitely a buggy one!
  11. Do you own the DLC? If you do, you have 2 options: 1. Try getting 5+ kills with both the DLC bolts as well. 2. Uninstall all DLC and reload your save, after a couple kills with bolts it should pop (this is what worked for me). If neither of these work or you don’t own the DLC, then I’m not sure what else to suggest, other than starting a new save just for the bolt kills or grinding more kills out on the current save.
  12. Update 8: 15th August Starting Completion Percentage: 73.78% Previous Update Completion Percentage: 81.24% Current Completion Percentage: 81.76% (+7.98% from start) (+0.52% from last update) July and the start of august has been relatively slow for me, for one simple reason - Red Dead 2. I had to self isolate for the last week of July and my friend had just started played Red Dead Online, so I saw it as the perfect opportunity to finally get back to finishing this masterpiece off. This week allowed me to finish the online portion of the trophies and complete everything in the single player but the challenges and the zoologist/skin deep trophies. Once the 100% game completion was earned i just had to reload an old save to work on errand boy. Other than that i have managed to tick off a few more trophies from a random assortment of games and earn the platinum in FIFA 21 (PS4). My main focus at the minute is on Black Ops 4 as the majority of miscellaneous zombies trophies have been completed, once I have got the EE's done I will have the 2 blackout character trophies to do, so I'm expecting this one to take up a good chunk of my time as well!
  13. Update 7: 28th June Starting Completion Percentage: 73.78% Previous Update Completion Percentage: 79.86% Current Completion Percentage: 81.24% (+7.46% from start) (+1.38% from last update) Since my last update I got back some of the motivation to trophy hunt again, resulting in me obtaining 5 more plats: - Maquette - Titanfall 2 - Fifa 21 - No Mans Sky - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Also managed to clean up a bit of dlc as well, completing COD: WAW, Conan Exiles and Killing Floor 2. I am now going to focus on trying to plat the last 3 obtainable Call of Duty Plats that I don't have, those being: - Classic - WWII - BO4 It's great seeing everyone's progress so far, keep up the good work everyone!
  14. Update 6: 22nd May Starting Completion Percentage: 73.78% Previous Update Completion Percentage: 80.08% (monthly update) Current Completion Percentage: 79.86% (+6.08% from start) (-0.22% from last update) It's been a pretty long time since my last update, over 2 months I think. It's great seeing how everyone has progressed over that period! I actually hit my years goal twice through April, but then I would start playing some new games and drop straight back under 80%. Towards the end I was pretty burnt out, but so pleased that I actually hit my goal so early. I have slowed down recently and only achieved 3 plats since my last update, those being: - Maneater - Little Nightmares II - Control: Ultimate Edition I also spent a lot of time cleaning up as much DLC as I could for other games to try and get my completion up. Once I start getting the motivation again, my next goal will be to hit 83.78%, so that I'll have increased a full 10% by the end of the year!
  15. Most fun platinums: 1 - The Evil Within 2 - Death Stranding 3 - God of War (2018) Most grindy platinums: 1 - Monster Hunter World 2 - FIFA 18 3 - Kingdom Hearts 1 Highest skill based platinums: 1 - Call of Duty Black Ops 3 2 - Sekiro 3 - Call of Duty: Black ops Declassified (the controls made it more difficult) Most boring / tedious platinums I earned: 1 - Everybody's gone to the rapture 2 - AC Odyssey/Origins 3 - Day of the Tentacle Remastered Platinums that I did not achieve, but wanted: 1 - Monster Hunter World Iceborne 2 - Call of Duty Black Ops 4 3 - Super Meat Boy