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  1. For anyone interested, seems as though deleting and re-installing the game solves the issue as when i re-installed it and reloaded an old save, the trophy popped on the first kill i got with a shock bolt.
  2. I just managed to get large gold crown barioth and silver large crown for viper Kadachi and Banbaro in the same expedition. Seems like you can get gold crowns in any kind of quest now with the drop rate seeming higher as well!
  3. Mini black Diablos is frustrating as hell (last one I need) I was sure I had one yesterday but someone triple carted on me in the quest, last time I attempt it in multiplayer! Edit: Scratch that! literally the quest after putting this up I got the mini black diablos, best thing you can do is put something on here!
  4. Ah ok, that’s disappointing, thanks anyway 😝
  5. Has anyone seen the Reznov item on ground war, I haven’t seen it once!
  6. As above! Any tips? I’ve tried everything in terms of the shock bolts, freeze bolts and flash bolts! How did everyone else get it to pop?
  7. Not a bad haul for me, way too many easy games but still happy with the amount I got! 32 plats this year, which is by far the most I’ve had in a year yet! 1. Job simulator 2. Uncharted lost legacy 3. Life is strange 4. Accounting+ 5. Far cry primal 6. FIFA 15 7. FIFA 18 8. Batman 9. Slyde 10. Ratchet & clank 11. Midnight deluxe 12. 36 fragments of midnight 13. Energy cycle 14. Terminator salvation 15. A way out 16. Modern warfare 2 17. Call of duty world at war 18. Modern warfare 3 19. Call of duty black ops 20. Spec ops: the line 21. Call of duty black ops 3 22. The escapists 23. Inksplosion 24. Destronaut 25. Witcher 3 26. Hello neighbour 27. Little adventure on the prairie 28. Surgeon simulator VR 29. Assassins creed origins 30. Kingdom hearts (PS4) 31. Killing floor 2 32. Spider-Man
  8. 120hrs - 18 giant , 18 mini , making good progress
  9. 103hrs so far, 12 mini crowns and 10 giant gold crowns! Still a long way to go but loving every second of this amazing game !
  10. I did it by setting a marker on a bonfire and then scouting with the owl to tag the enemies there, then it was just about lining the shot up , and making sure the marker always read at least 70 or higher