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  1. I cannot finish this level because it freezes for me near the end. Pretty frustrating because I need the stone at the end of this level to get 15/15 gems to fight the end level boss and make it to 4.1, but I'm stuck. Anyone else have this issue playing this on PS4/PS5?
  2. I did what EmptyZombieFeelz did deleted the whole game and deleted my saves and started over again. I destroyed 300 fences and got the trophy.
  3. The only trophy I couldn't get was Hunter
  4. Work and Play

    1. Kimura Shikichi
    2. AK-1138


      Does it make you a dull boy?

    3. Kimura Shikichi

      Kimura Shikichi

      Yes, I guess ✅.

  5. Can't sync my trophies on my PS Vita keep getting NP-9849-0 error
  6. All of mine work except you have to pay an extra $14.99 if you want to play Shadow Complex Remastered on your PS5 even if you own the PS4 disc. I made a video of this a few weeks ago on my youtube page.
  7. PSN is cpc630, but maybe I should create this add PS5 to the PS5 page too.
  8. Borderlands 3 I have the PS4 version, but there is a free PS5 upgrade.
  9. All of the PS4 games I have tried on my PS5 work fine so far knock on wood.
  10. Sackboy and Assassin's Creed Vallhala
  11. I want to change the PS5 theme!
  12. Load times that are fast and when you earn a trophy the PS5 records a video and your reaction when you earn the trophy.
  13. Persona 5 Royal. Trying to get into the game, but got bored after the first hour. Luckily I just rented the game from the library.
  14. Astro's playroom what an enjoyable game, but I like 3D platformers. I have not completed though the Astrobot PSVR though. I should go back and finish it.