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  1. Plat #75 - Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Plat #76 - God of War Plat #77 - AC Revelations (PS4)
  2. Can somebody please tell me the way to get it or how you got these 2 trophies. I've been doing 15 different ones and 5 of each for days now. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  3. Plat #73 - Killzone Shadowfall Plat #74 - The Walking Dead Collection
  4. Plat #66 - Burnout Paradise Remastered
  5. Plat #62 - Far Cry 3
  6. The derelict Nissan Fairlady tuned up is the best drift car by far
  7. USA played like utter crap from the beginning, we didn't deserve to go to the World Cup. Good luck to the other teams though
  8. Rooting for USA!!!! but we not might make it 😞
  9. Hey, I've been seeing them a lot for the past week, thought I was the only one.
  10. Idk if it's me or a glitch but I just got premium but my name is still blue. but my PSN profile says i'm premium.  

    1. kuuhaku


      Your profile needs to update once before it shows on the forums.

    2. AzureBlaze99


      Oh ok, thanks for the help.


  11. Is there a glitch to trick Bioshock's survival difficulty to think its easy mode?

    1. audiopile


      I hear you could just change the difficulty for the final battle.  Don't do it! :P

  12. Its stupid that you can't see how many online games you have done In Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round!

  13. I got the trophy, thanks for the help everyone
  14. I don't know why but my statistics got wiped after I beat the game on Moderate (except for collectibles). My total kills was also reset, can I still get to 1000 kills without the kill count??