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  1. EDIT: Had a whole thing written up, but I'm done. If there was an interesting discussion to be had here, it got buried in all this nonsense. I can't seem to find the moderation tools to lock my own thread (could've sworn that was a thing) so I'll leave it at the courtesy of the moderators to do us all a service and lock this guy up. In the meantime, I removed the poll to avoid anyone else getting "offended" and flying off the handle about it.
  2. Stuck in gaming limbo.

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    2. Hemiak


      I always do a regular run through first and go after the collectibles later. Doing a first run with my nose stuck in a guide always burns me out.

    3. DreakonXIII


      Well, for what it's worth, I've beaten The Last of Us probably 3-4 times now on other accounts, including Survivor runs. Anything I do now would be to get the plat quicker... which an Easy playthrough first (for upgrades and collectibles), followed by the NG+ glitch for Survivor/Grounded makes the most sense.

    4. DreakonXIII


      But truthfully, I really just don't want to start that when tomorrow I could have other games I want to play more arrive. Otherwise I'd probably just grin and bear it because TLOU is awesome.

  3. So why are you arguing that I shouldn't have "stated" my biased "opinion" in this topic then? Poll or not? Opinions by their very nature are biased, by the way. If I had hard evidence proving that all people watching games are scum, it'd no longer be an opinion, it'd be a fact. Am I not allowed to form an opinion about people who watch games instead of playing them based on my experiences discussing games with said people? Why is my opinion suddenly less credible than someone who doesn't like a game because they "didn't enjoy other games like it" or because they didn't "enjoy a video they watched of it"? Because you don't believe this particular opinion? Because you don't like it? You defend one, and downplay the other. Hence the hypocrisy of the point you're trying to make. Hence the "pot meet kettle".
  4. Someone criticizing the credibility of my opinion, while defending people's ability to have indisputable opinions on games without actually playing them. Pot meet kettle. EDIT: I'm not sure what I would need to "back up" my opinion exactly anyways. Unless you believe there isn't a soul out there exploiting Let's Plays and "complete playthrough" videos for no reason other than to avoid having to pay for story heavy games, and then moan about it online... in which case, I'd say you're naive before I admit my biased opinion is unfounded.
  5. It'd be nice... but too many games have grindy and/or multiplayer trophies that I know right off the bat I'll never get, no matter how much I enjoy the game. And I refuse to let trophies dictate whether or not I play a game.
  6. I'll second this. I don't do digital (if I can help it) and when I do, I don't like them being tied to whether or not the PS+ subscription is active... so I'd love a cheaper basic option that excludes the "free games" and whatever other fluff they offer, and just let me utilize multiplayer/cloud storage
  7. I'm so hungry. xD On the plus side, I've lost 15 pounds (whatever that would convert to for my oversea friends) in the last month. About halfway to my goal.

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    2. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      kick dat fat, Grats Dreak :)

    3. DEMON


      Yea cutting out a lot of soda makes you lose weight almost automatically. Water is the best thing you can be drinking. I know when I cut out soda (due to other reasons, I have always been healthy weight/a bit underweight), I noticed I lost nearly a whole stone of weight, no change to diet or exercise routine at all. It really does make a difference.

    4. DreakonXIII


      It's so sad... because I really do love it. xD Ditching soda has probably been the hardest part so far honestly.

  8. I think this is a valid point, it can be beneficial to everyone. That's the ideal perfect world scenario. That being said, the internet is full of bitter, angry people... myself included. And the displeased are almost always more vocal than the pleased. It really doesn't take much either, all it takes is a Let's Play of a game being a little too short, the story being a little too cliche, the gameplay being a little too repetitive. Maybe the "scares" aren't "scary" enough. Or the "big reveal" wasn't shocking enough. To them... personally. I can't (or rather I can, because I've seen it) imagine the rants people post in their respective communities with nothing more than a Let's Play or "complete playthrough" on YouTube in their tool belt. Usually it's just to bait fans of the game into arguments, it's oftentimes undeserving scathing criticism for the developers/publishers. Though I agree it works out beautifully for the streamer and the person who got to "experience the entire game" for free. EDIT: That being said, I do acknowledge people out there simply watch Let's Play to follow a YouTube personality that they enjoy, or to get their opinions on a game to make a (somewhat) educated decision whether or not to buy it. I think that's fine, great actually. I just genuinely dislike that vocal minority I mentioned before, enough to want to ruin it for everyone else.
  9. I kind of wish GAME.co.uk had the ability to track international shipments. I'm itching for my Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls hardcopy to arrive, I think they said 4-6 business days.

    1. DEMON


      If they said 4-6 business days you'll more likely have it soon enough then. I'm not international, but mines are usually 3-5 days.. usually end up getting it the next day.

  10. There's nothing that says I have to accept your awful, ignorant opinions, about games you watched someone else play, unconditionally. Just like you don't have to accept mine about this subject. Of course, if you wanted to let us all know your opinion without going into a tirade about the poll and trying to (poorly) dissect mine... we wouldn't be here again.
  11. Man, I don't remember Dead Island being such a blurry mess... though I did primarily play it on the PC (and briefly on the 360 when it was newer), so maybe I just never really saw it or don't remember well enough. Dead Island was a cool game, but if you haven't played either it or Dying Light... go with the latter. It's a much better version of the same general idea.
  12. What happens if a game you paid for on PSN gets removed for one reason or another? Does it stick around in a "download list" somewhere for you to keep/re-download at your leisure? Or is it gone forever?

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    2. CasaDeBen


      Im pretty sure you still can. Theres a handful of games that have been delisted on ps3 that people have managed to aquire again. Just might take some searching

    3. damon8r351


      Yes, you have access to your purchases regardless of storefront status.

    4. damon8r351


      The only exceptions, like you said, is P.T. (because of the cancellation) and betas like for The Division (because they're temporary).

  13. Keeping in mind I have beaten The Last of Us numerous times before on the PS3 on every difficulty... think I should do a 1st playthrough on Easy for the collectibles/upgrades with Remastered, then do the New Game Plus glitch for my Grounded+ playthrough?

    1. DreakonXIII


      A little part of me wants to do it legit, but the other part of me doesn't seem to care all that much.

  14. As a former PC-exclusive gamer who knows full well he may wind up back there again someday... the PC may be good for gaming, but the Playstation is a destination. Let's all just chew on that for a minute.

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    2. FlareXV


      Lol, that's the pain of a truly opened platform. I guess I'm lucky.

    3. DreakonXIII


      Indeed. xD Why are you lucky?

    4. FlareXV


      I only mess with Windows UWA, I'm too lazy to get into Steam lol.

  15. I really can't think of a franchise better suited for Telltale's style and for me than The Walking Dead... so I'll just say more of that. Keep 'em coming.