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  1. Hello Sly Ripper. I tried to join the psnprofiles discord server. For some weird reason, my discord app doesn't show I actually joined the server. I'm not sure if I'm blocked from it. Can you please contact me ASAP? Thank you for your time. Have a good day.
  2. Hello Lipepan. I can help you with the rare weapons drop. Please send me a message in psn. We can continue from there.
  3. Hello KxwaiiFloof. I can help you with your weapon and item requests. Please message me in psn and we can continue from there.
  4. It does not matter which new game cycle you're in. It can be any. For example, you're in new game one. And your trading partner can first new game (NG), NG plus, NG plus plus and more. Also this applies to Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3. Very good question. Thank you for bringing it up. I might bring up your query to my first page information.
  5. I have some things to address regarding helping players for Dark Souls Remastered online for either PS4 or PS5. Please read EVERYTHING I said in the first page. I don't do the following: 1. Help you with obtaining a certain item or weapon from a boss. You can ask for help in the psnprofiles game boosting session link below. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions You make your own DS1 Remastered post. And someone can help you ASAP. Ask me that question and I'm going to ignore it. Example: Can I ask you to help me cut a specific tail to claim a weapon from a boss? You realize I can just DROP the boss or tail weapon for you in the game online. 2. I noticed some players are asking me for help when they're first starting the game. I stated I can help you when you reached a specific part of the game. Not the beginning or middle part of the game. I meant to say only the ENDGAME! That's the only part I can help you with. I'm sorry to bring it up. But I'm very busy IRL stuff now. So you either join my discord server to ask for assistance there. Or you can ask someone else this forum post.
  6. Hey, I am sorry if you got my messages and I’m sending this as well, I’m not and have no idea if it sent to you or not. Are you able to help with items in Ds1 remastered? 

  7. I looked at the ps5 trophy list for the PS5 version of Genshin Impact. I noticed it has a platinum trophy for this version. Why doesn't the PS4 version have a platinum trophy added to the current patch. Can anyone explain why the devs made the trophy list different from two different PS versions?
  8. Hello everyone. I'm seriously apologize for not being active to help gamers with their requests for Dark Souls Souls Remastered for both PS4 and PS5 via backward compatibility. I've been super busy with personal irl stuff. If any of you guys join my discord server, ask any of my ps4 item traders for help. Or ask anyone in this psnprofiles community post for any help with this game. I won't come back to help until I got things settled irl first. Thank you for understanding. And stay safe everyone.
  9. I made some adjustments to my rules in this forum post. Just a reminder. I'm having some problems with the notification system on the ps message app. I'm not able to receive any psn messages from my smartphone. I can respond faster with both the discord app and this website's message system. Until Sony fixes this problem, there are going to be some delays for me to reply to your request. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience everyone.
  10. You're very welcome Qualle960. Glad to be of help to you.
  11. You're welcome Lennie_Briscoe. Glad to helped you out with your item and weapon requests.
  12. Hello. Thank you for the compliment. And you're veru welcome. Asami's Dark Souls 3 forum post gave me the inspiration to make my own Dark Souls Remastered ps4 community. It's a small start. After all, this game and the original PS3 Demon's Souls games created the brutal Souls RPG gente in the first place. Some things I said in this forum post also applies to Dark Souls 3 and the new PS5 Demon's Souls Remake games. There's no need to rush. I or anyone from this forum post are more than welcome to help you and your friend out with the PS4 Dark Souls Remastered game.
  13. I sent you a message in ps4 psn. Read what I typed in the first page if you meet the requirements for me to help you. Or you can ask any one here for help from this forum post.
  14. I can help you with the knight's honor trophy later tonight. Send me a message about your request. Then send me also a friend invite. We'll talk more in psn from there.
  15. You're very welcome. Glad to help out and parry Gwyn's attacks for you.