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  1. I can give you both of the weapons you requested. Just add me in psn and I'll help you out from there.
  2. I can help you with the item trading later tonight. Just add me in PSN and we'll talk more from there.
  3. You're very correct. Fextralife's Dark Souls wiki didn't update that info on their website. You've must have read it from a different Dark Souls site. Either way, As long you have 11 or more INT points, Eingyi will give you a pyromancy flame item. Sorry about that.
  4. You're welcome. You can always ask or trade for a pyromancy flame +0 weapon from someone online. But it's up to you how you want to obtain that item in the game.
  5. Yes you can still meet Quelana even if you sent Laurentius to his early demise. Go to Quelaag's boss lair. Meet up with Eingyi. If you have 12 or more intelligence (INT) points, he will give you a pyromancy flame. From there, you can upgrade the pyromancy flame to +10 or up to +15. You will also meet the requirements to make Quelana appear at the Blight Town swamp. Look at this Dark Souls wiki link for more info below. https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/Pyromancy+Flame
  6. I can help with giving you both the rare weapons for knight honor trophy and the upgrade stones. Just add me and we'll talk more from there.
  7. If you're talking about items like the vestige pieces. Spoiler alert. The ones you have to find before speaking to the attendants and facing the successor bosses determine which ending you want to do for your playthrough. There are some gift skills you can use to track down items you're missing for some areas. But you get those tracker gifts later on as you play through Code Vein.
  8. Hello. Which items are you missing in the first area of Code Vein? If you're talking completing the map to 100 percent, just find the root mistle and it will open more parts of the unexplored map areas for you.
  9. Thank you for helping out mate.
  10. Sure I can help with giving you the moonlight greatsword. I'll pm you and help you out later tonight.
  11. I'm sorry amigo. I don't talk too much in Spanish. Can you use Google Translate to translate your request from Spanish to English before I can help you out?
  12. Since Neko_Rave closed his DS1 Remastered trophy trading page for unknown reasons, I and my team members in the discord server can help you trade items you need from now on. I can respond to your item request also here in this forum too.
  13. I can help you out with giving the items you requested.
  14. This is sample screenshot someone took from the PC version of this game from the URL link.