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  1. I already helped out solomonluthor with his item requests
  2. Just send me a message through PSN. I"ll help you out ASAP.
  3. I have both Grant and Sanctus not upgraded. I can give them to you if you want?
  4. Does anyone have Gwyn's and Solaire's armor sets? I also want to transfer my gough armor set from my new file to my old main save file. I can trade them for soul stacks, weapons, upgrade stones, covenant items or humanities. Edit: I already got both Gwyn's and Solaire's armor sets on my own.
  5. What is your character's soul level? Mine is around 150 to 160 in the PS3 version. My character's SL would be too high for you to summon me. And the PS3 version doesn't have the password matching system to bypass the soul level like I said in the description before. Someone else however posted a boosting session for the ps3 version. I'm sorry I cannot help you with this one man. Go to this link: https://psnprofiles.com/session/188055-dark-souls That gamer's group might help you out with the PS3 Dark Souls 1.
  6. I can give you Priscilla's dagger. Message me here or psn and I can help you ASAP. I can't do it right now. Maybe later today if that works for you?
  7. Hello everyone. I'm Rosso. I would like to help people get the items and stuff they would want or need on Dark Souls Remastered. I have platinumed all FromSoft Souls games, including Bloodborne and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. I would want to help the community. DO NOT SEND ME A BLANK FRIEND REQUEST. I only accept friend request with a message in it. I can drop covenant level items like Sunlight medals, Eyes of Death, Dragon Scales, Souvenir of Reprisal and Humanity items. I can drop upgrade material stones such as titanite, large titanite, chunk titanite, titanite slab, green titanite, blue titanite, blue titanite slab, red titanite, red titanite slab, white titanite chunk, white titanite slab, twinkling titanite, demon titanite and dragon scale. I can trade weapons and shields if they are your HIGHEST weapon level. I can trade ALL rings in game you would want or need. Except for certain rings that are needed to continue the story. I cannot trade sorcery, miracles and pyromancy spells. The game does not allow the trading of these items. I can trade both item Souls and Boss Souls. This includes other items for example Firekeeper Souls, moss items, firebombs and even humanity items. I can trade all armors ingame you would want or need. [These are helmets/head wears, body/chest, gloves/gauntlets and legs] {You may also ask for help with bosses here. But make sure to be specific about which boss.} To find all miracles, use this --> https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/Miracles To get all sorcery spells, use this --> https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/Sorceries To find all pyromancies, use this --> https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/Pyromancies To find all upgrade stones, use this --> https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/Ore To find all covenants, use this --> https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/Covenants To find more information on how Dark Souls Remastered or original DS1 online mechanics work, use this --> https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/Online https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/Player+Trade For people that have or uses the discord app, it's Rosso_DarkRose025#6781 and add me. It makes things easier to setup time for helping. Just copy and paste both the name and number. The invite link for the help guild server where I organize: https://discord.gg/t8nTNdk The online summoning feature for the remastered version brought back the password matchmaking function that was introduced to Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3. This feature doesn't apply to the original Dark Souls for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC (The Prepare to Die Edition has been delisted from Steam online store). You'd have to look at Fextralife's summon range calculator page and check how you can co-op with your friends or invade within their soul level range. Warning: I might not be able to help you in the PS3 version because my character's soul level is around 150 to 160. However; there is somebody else who has a boosting session for the PS3 version. Find that gut and ask help from his session. I'm sorry I cannot help all of you for the PS3 version of Dark Souls 1. I help Asami's Dark Souls 3 Trading Service here in PSNProfiles and discord from time to time. https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/36882-darksouls-3-trading-service-all-rings-armors/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also help NekoRave's Dark Souls Remastered Trading Site here in PSNProfiles from time to time. https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/87486-nekoraves-helpful-trophy-trading-thread/
  8. Thank you Yuna4353 and everyone for your opinions of Code Vein. I decided to buy the physical base game because it was on sale for $14.99 USD plus sales tax from my local Best Buy store. I'm gonna enjoy this game until the season pass gets on sale in this coming September 2020 Bandai Namco PS store sales. And play it until FromSoftware makes future announcements for Elden Ring.
  9. Thank you NekoRave for the items I requested. Praise the sun to you.
  10. Ok. I'm on my way to the darkroot garden bonfire. I placed my white sign close to the bonfire. I only want the firekeeper souls for now.
  11. Hello NekoRave. I pm you the things I need for Dark Souls Remastered. Are you going to be online by 9:30pm USA eastern time?
  12. I finally finished up my first playthrough of Dark Souls 1 Remastered. I made a backup to where it was before I entered the Lord of Cinder Gwyn's boss door. I have some spare red, blue and white titanite slabs. As well as upgradable stones, weapons, item souls, boss souls and covenant items for trade to people here in psnprofiles. I can also help people with Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne. Send me a message here, discord or psn and I'll reply ASAP.
  13. I checked in Playstationtrophies.org if Code Vein added any DLC trophies from the three DLC expansions. It turned out the game never added new DLC trophies. That's how the Dark Souls games work too when they receive DLC expansions. I heard about grinding that repetitive X amount of medal items when you have to co-op with online people for a lot of hours to earn a specific trophy. I'll still think about it. Thank you for the feedback.
  14. That's a very good idea. Then again, we have to wait until the season pass goes on sale from the yearly digital Bandai Namco sales on the PS Store this coming September 2020 though... Thank you for the heads up.
  15. Getting to silver rank in ranked mode is very easy if you boost it with an online partner. Also, you can use either the base game or DLC characters to get to silver rank. Also, for the one character all challenges trophy, I recommend to use Waldstein. The PSNprofiles trophy guide even suggest you use him. Try to watch some Youtube videos because it takes time and muscle memory to get use to his moves.