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  1. I finished it in December and I didn't see a big difference between the PS3 and the PS4 version which I played until August. I got maybe one diamond cup in each of the versions, but that's probably not representative^^ All in all, I think that if you can do it on PS4, then you can probably do it on PS3 as well. It's not like the Vita version at all, or at least it wasn't four months ago.
  2. I'm not sure that there are any good choices - perhaps the best thing would be to wait until Disney has the technology to recreate a young Harrison Ford
  3. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was definitely the worst one for me, but still enjoyable and better than nothing. And, comparing them to their respective prequels, a lot better than Star Wars Episodes VII and VIII. I don't have very high hopes for a fifth one, but I don't think I need to consider it a failure/insult to Indy's legacy/whatever just yet.
  4. I hope this doesn't make the game unenjoyable. I'm afraid other players will look ridiculous and destroy the atmosphere (although The Last Jedi already showed that Disney might move Star Wars in that direction...). I generally don't play many shooters, but Battlefront is an exception because it's Star Wars - if that feeling of being in that galaxy far, far away is lost, then the game loses its last bit of appeal.
  5. If they give us the complete thing, I'll definitely buy it. But as with MW, they'll probably take out half of the multiplayer again making this entirely irrelevant for me.
  6. Really? There was plenty I disliked about it and it's definitely a bad movie for me. But there are still movies like Man of Steel or Troll 2 which in my opinion are certainly worse. Has anybody else read the 'expanded' novel?
  7. Given the lack of almost any similar games I would like to see Champions of Norrath and its sequel on PS4.
  8. Thanks, that is roughly what I would have expected.
  9. As you can read in my other thread, I didn't get every trophy even though I should have. Today I 'finished' the game and the only missing task is to complete 75% of all side missions. If somebody could tell me in which level they were awarded the corresponding trophy so that I don't need to keep playing after that point (on a different save file), that woul be nice. Edit: As 'promised' I got the trophy after finishing all quests in the eighth level.
  10. I'm so glad someone else got to experience this. The day after this happened I regretted not uploading a video of the scene.
  11. After seeing the comparatively small impact of star cards, I don't think the option to buy crates for real money is that big a deal - especially not compared to all the other problems this game is suffering from. Sure I'd prefer there not to be any microtransactions at all and I see where this might lead to in the future. But if selling some low-level gear to those willing to pay for it gives them an incentive to fix the bugs and issues with the rest of the game, then I think it will still lead to a better game overall.
  12. You could go through people's trophy lists, mine says that I've gotten the trophy on June, 8th last year. Surely there shouldn't be more than a handful of people who've gotten the trophy on the same day. I've looked at the last fifty people to get this and I'm still on that list - together with 20 others who got it at the same time.
  13. Well, it's great to hear that you good lucky, but I doubt luck is something that can be leveled up within the game. The 50 marked hero kills come quite naturally while playing a mode that allows you to go for several other trophies efficiently whereas the hero ships demand you play games that give little XP, no variation in the manner you play and at the end of the day - more often than not - not even the kill you came for in the first place.
  14. Is there any way to boost this trophy? Today, out of four kills three have been taken from me because the hero ship comitted suicide or because someone stole the kill and I was left with a worthless assist.
  15. https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/battlefront/battlefront-2/news/january-2018?setLocale=en-us The most important part: By march I'll most likely be quite close to level 50, so I'm wondering how many people will benefit from this (unless there's a trophy for reaching level 100 as well), but at least there finally seems to be something. There is also a new mode coming where everyone has jet packs. The catch is that they already plan on removing it again, so let's hope it's not too much fun I guess? Additionally, a new season is on the way and there are numbers on how poorly my Resistance was performing during the first one.