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  1. Did you find the hidden message yourself? I completely missed it. I am glad the series is alive and a return already next year is a pleasant surprise.
  2. Really? Wow, I didn't know that. But do you get enough crystals in the game? I'm at 55 or so by now and it's not even enough for a single crate.
  3. Isn't the DLC supposed to be free this time?
  4. I remember two instances where I had to restart a level and upon reloading began immediately within said level, and both times I got the trophy. But I think both times it was before the checkpoint, so it might be different then. The other two levels had neither checkpoints or trophies so they were different as well. So sorry, I probably wouldn't know whether this can deny you a trophy. But seeing how my player two didn't get the trophy for the first level because we couldn't add them before it started, I think it is very likely that what you describe can happen here.
  5. I'm glad at least someone seems to be enjoying this game unconditionnaly. Between the often terrible controls and camera, the constant crashes and glitches I've gotten to detest the developers even more than usual. It's a disgrace how often I had to replay a stage or mission because some event just couldn't be bothered to be triggered or because the game just had to be shut down. The races are as stupid as before with the camera zoomed in so much that you can't see anything but a small corridor in front of you (at least in two player mode) and they even managed to make the flying controls worse. And the worst part about it is that they obviously not only didn't care enough to fix these problems, they went out of their way to create some of them: If you want to take a picture, you have to press L1, then switch to the other camera mode using traingle every single time and then move painstakingly slowly to face the correct way because for some stupid reason it never faces the direction you were looking in before. If you are working on a gold brick that requires multiple steps, then you better know beforehand where to go, because everything will reset if you take a step in the wrong direction. If the second player does one of the puzzles involving Doctor Strange you too only get to move in slow motion. There are certain challenges that require you to do the same thing multiple times and while some of them include a helpful list of where you have already completed them others do not. It's one thing not to think of including a feature like this, but only putting it in for half of the things just shows how little you could be bothered to finish your game - and seeing how they never felt any need to even fix game breaking glitches in previous games, they probably will keep this game in an incomplete state as well. As for the boss fights: In most cases this just means that instead of punching them you get to punch them and then wait a while before you are allowed to punch them again, yawn. Especially great if in between such phases minions are supposed to spawn but simply don't or do so in a different area of the map. Yes, the game has some lovable moments and like any other Lego game it is generally solid, but unless one is lucky enough not to be affected by these countless glitches (maybe I'm in the minority here or even the only one) and the resulting restarts (the loading times are massive as well), then I think any recommendation should be accompanied by a clear warning concerning its obvious shortcomings. So far I'm still waiting for one of those crashes to destroy my save file, the next time I start the game I'll find out if getting kicked out of the game earlier managed to do that...
  6. In the first two games I struggled to get ten gold relics, but for Warped there was hardly a level I had to spend a lot of time in. There is the occasional exception (High Time, maybe?), but generally this game is much more lenient. Also, unlike the other games, the level in Warped are made with speedrunning in mind and it shows.
  7. Ah, I thought you were talking about the store on the PS4 - I have given up on that a long time ago, navigation there is abysmal.
  8. Am I the only one for whom the links lead nowhere? Opening the page manually doesn't work either. I'd like to know how much Life is Strange Before the Storm, Horizon and Nier Automata are (is it the same in every store that uses Euros?) and if Horizon includes the add-on. Hopefully sometime in the next few days Sony will let me find out...
  9. I had the same problem, trophies for the seperate modes, but not the trophy for all of them together. Sure enough, the milestone for a finished star fighter assault match was missing. I played until I won another round and the trophy popped, but the challenges still don't progress. Is this the same for others or does someone even have a solution?
  10. I've read a bit about this adapter now and unfortunately you seem to need one adapter per controller, is that correct? It would still be cheaper than getting Pro Controllers, but 35€ per controller (plus a USB hub, probably) is a lot. (35€ is more or less what a 3DS game costs here and a little over half the price of a Pro Controller). Or did I only find a less capable version of what you were talking about?
  11. I must have missed there were different ways to do this, unfortunately (in this context) I'm using the Wii U adapter. After looking at the first result for Mayflash on Amazon I am intrigued, my Xbox One controllers are rarely used and might be a nice substitute for a Pro Controller.
  12. Can someone tell me how to consistently get Wavebirds to work with the Switch? Sometimes it finds them in the overview, sometimes I had to go to the option of changing the order (after pressing L and R together, respectively). Today, neither of those things worked and we had to resort to the joycons.
  13. If only that were the only criterion Super Lucky's Tale and Cuphead are the first Xbox games in ages that I am interested in and at least the latter one has such simple graphics, I doubt it looks stunning on any system. If there is a huge difference with the next Tomb Raider, it might be worth an upgrade (I have an Xbox One S because Sony didn't include proper 4k movie capabilities in the Pro), but for now I think PS4 Pro and Xbox One S at slightly more than the Xbox One X itself are the far better deal.
  14. I am almost done with New Donk City (the only missing moons are the two from koopa and the second rope skipping moon), but I just can't find the final two coins. There was a pair of them near the rocket and another pair on the top of some red steel beams (I think), does anyone have an idea where I could find the rest? Edit: The problem was solved by someone showing me this map (which is in German, but perhaps still intelligible). Unfortunately, so far only half of the worlds are covered but they seem to be updating it every now and then.
  15. How could it be any slower?