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  1. To this day one of the best games I know: Great soundtrack, gorgeous graphics and simply the most fun mulitplayer RPG. I hope there will still be an offline-MP - then I can finally retire my army of GBAs
  2. That's a very interesting poll you have there So far there hasn't been a single new game that has impressed me this year, Spider-Man might be decent (but I'll wait for a complete edition). My hopes are probably highest for Tomb Raider and Smash Bros., but at least the first one of those so far hasn't created the same hype for me as the previous game.
  3. Hey. Since Nintendo doesn't seem interested in making new games, I'm looking elsewhere. So far I've been disappointed, Bears can't drift and Beach buggy racing were not what I had hoped. Maybe this one is better? I've read that at least on the Switch the framerate is awful but apart from that it looked promising. What are your thoughts on the game?
  4. I'm guessing I didn't, but unfortunately I don't remember anything about this game
  5. I think it would have been a nice option to hide the clock. Even though the corresponding trophies were no problem for me and I didn't need to repeat a puzzle for them, I found the increasing time - as well as something constantly moving at the edge of the screen - to be quite irritating. Of course it's just a very minor thing that didn't take away any of the fun, but since someon asked I thought I might add my two cents.
  6. The only deciding factor here is where your score places compared to everyone else. You need to be among the best 1% which in most challenges translates to being the best or at worst second best.
  7. And their profile tells you how many games they've bought? Losing those would probably hurt me more than the trophies (even though I might never play 99% of those purchases again, but who knows :D).
  8. Thanks, that's good to know. Will the relationship deteriorate or is it locked in at eight hearts?
  9. Hey, I have two questions: 1. I was expecting the grey hearts of prevously eligible characters to become available for filling after I marry, but apparently not? Does this mean that I have no way of getting them to ten hearts and that I miss out on recipes or something like that? 2. I also finished the last bundle, but I received no trophy afterwards. A thread on the steam page told me that this might be because of the friendship boost triggering other cut scenes which for some reason are considered more important by the game. Have I now missed the trophy (and whatever might have happened in a cutscene) permanently? Edit: After several days, the cutscene was shown and the trophy awarded.
  10. Than thank you both for preventing me from trying it again in story mode, I was certain that I could free Molly without attacking the monster first. If I get the chance to switch to the other characters I could try to make them less threatening before the section starts. Is there any character with Magikarp-like qualities?
  11. Am I really misremembering this after a single day? I thought that after the second enemy is set free, the witch could build whatever they used to free Molly and I could ignore the monster until then. But, seeing how I never actually did this, there might indeed be some flaw in that idea (which makes my last two tries even more useless).
  12. Did anybody else have trouble with this? During my first playthrough of the level I didn't understand how to free Molly before fighting the second monster, so I didn't get the trophy then. In free play there was an A.I.-controlled Stan Lee who threw his shield at the enemy even before the cut scene was over and so I had to try again. I went back to the Story Mode because I hoped there would be nothing like the last incident, but instead the following happened: First, after beating rock monster no. 1, the third character was missing so I couldn't progress and upon a final restart I found myself unable to switch to a different character so I couldn't even beat the first enemy as Molly.... (btw., has it always been the case in the game that you can't change your character without initiating this annoying combo attack?) So, at the very least I'm hoping to hear someone say that they did get the trophy and which mode they were playing in at the time.
  13. According to the Portuguese (or maybe Brazilian) cover, there will be two additional levels in the game. Stormy Ascent we already know, but Future Tense seems to be completely new (at least I've never heard of it before). Here's an article with a picture: https://gematsu.com/2018/06/crash-bandicoot-n-sane-trilogy-box-art-mentions-bonus-level-future-tense
  14. Aren't there any cheaters anymore? When I played it, going for a legit diamond cup seemed like a waste of time.
  15. Tomorrow will be the day: