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  1. And I was afraid I was failing miserably at that seemingly simple shortcut on Dingo Canyon
  2. I just beat Oxide on Dragon Mine, everything else seemed almost trivial in comparison 😖 I'm so glad I never have to do that again. I used the skip on Thunderstruck countless times to farm some coins and unlock costumes, the other two I didn't know about. I actually saw a different skip for Dingo Canyon where you had to drive against the wall at a specific angle and then you fly twenty meters or so in the air I couldn't get it to work, but fortunately that course wasn't so difficult the normal way either. But I might have a look at the one you shared to unlock Spyro's costumes and maybe earn some coins, depending on how easy it actually is.
  3. Having just deated Oxide's ghost on Crash cove and having 25 more courses to go I was wondering whether there are still shortcuts like the ones in N.Gin Labs or Thunderstruck to lessen the suffering.
  4. I was hoping this might help me with gathering coins and farming wins with the characters I don't normally use, but I can't get it consistently. The invisible wall to the right doesn't help either. Still easier than the original versions of some legit shortcuts
  5. After 20 months I finally finished Battlefront II - I didn't think I'd ever get there :D

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Quite an accomplishment. 20months. Wow. Congratulations. 😀

    2. DamagingRob


      Nicely done! That is a long time, but at least you finally finished.

  6. I still have an easier time finding games to join here than I have in the much more recent CTR.
  7. This week I had the weekend bonus on Monday, so maybe they just shifted it.
  8. The double XP Wednesdays also continue, so I might be able to level up five more times this month and actually complete the game after all
  9. Either I got lucky or the game has been patched; I got the trophy as soon as I'd gotten to the final decision, even though I turned my PS4 off between the two playthroughs.
  10. At least those times you get the coins and nitro - the other day I simply got a message that everybody left and that I had to go back to the main menu =/
  11. Does anybody know why the events stopped or whether they will return someday? I'm actually only missing this trophy and I was hoping to get platinum soon
  12. I wonder if that will be a problem at all; I'm not particularly good and I don't think I play that many online races, but still I find myself among the top 0.5%.
  13. I'd probably prefer that Firstly because the far more interesting screen telling me whether my multiplier is still active and how many coins I've earned disappears too quickly while the celebration actually needs me to push X in order to make it disappear. And, at least sometimes, the characters on the podium tend to get messed up horribly; for those who haven't had this happen yet I found this video.
  14. That's a really good idea and would have been a lot faster than playing Coco Park twenty times But alas, now I have completed the challenge (as well as all the others except for a win after being in 8th place at the beginning of the final lap. And I'm still missing five positions on Crash Cove, I wonder how you are supposed to get those two).
  15. Seeing people not move at all I guess some guys might have their consoles on 24/7 and collect the minimum amount of coins and nitro non-stop.