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  1. Sadly, no. I just ended up not completing the game and went straight to the final boss. Maybe I'll try again someday.
  2. Hey there, I fear I might not be able to get all golden spatulas: Mermaidman wants me to push three buttons in order to fix his TV or something. The problem is that he only talked to Patrick and by that point I had already pushed the buttons with Spongebob... now those buttons are already green, but the mission doesn't move on to the next stage. Leaving the game or reloading the level has not helped so far. Has anybody else had this problem and found a solution?
  3. Yes, some options are available, but I wish Nintendo would allow for a seamless transition from couch co-op. At least give us a way of creating a party and staying together instead of forcing us to coordinate which game to enter...
  4. Last Saturday I bought Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and two days later my girlfriend bought a copy of her own, hoping we could continue to play online. Is there really only this arena mode available? Is there really no way to pick our favourite offline options and perhaps add some bots?
  5. I can't find the levels in the store, I can't even find a single piece of information regarding the release on PS4. Is the DLC still coming out, has anybody perchance heard anything at all?
  6. When I first played this level with my brothers, it took us a couple of hours and almost all of our 99 lives, and when I finally managed to get the gold relic several months later, I was quite happy. Last year I played through the original trilogy again and thought it was not that hard (but I also skipped the relics in the first two games). Then came Crash 4 and now I wish I could go back to the previous games which in comparison feel rather trivial 😅
  7. What a great excuse for to to play my favourite game again 😊 I really hope the improvements don't end up diminishing the experience in any way.
  8. Today I finished Super Mario 64, first time to get all 120 stars (first try in 1998 or so 😅). I really hope the other two have better (camera) controls, it's really frustrating how much better the game could have been if Nintendo could have been bothered to put in more than the bare minimum of work =/
  9. My girlfriend and I bought ourselves two Switches and we were wondering about the 'family offer' regarding Nintendo Switch Online: Is this only available for those playing on a single console or does it allow for the creation of a group of people who then may play on different consoles as well? From what I can find, you buy the membership and simply define a list of people you want to share this with, correct?
  10. I don't think the music is from any of the Crash games. But I've never played games like Crash Bash or Crash of the Titans, so I can't say with absolute certainty.
  11. The first thing coming to mind are the three platinum trophies for Rayman Legends which really felt like a journey each. Also Magicka 2, because it was actually quite difficult for me (us), and Fifa 15 (I believe it was that year) since it seemed like a billion years before everything worked out.
  12. Do the others at least get to pick an artifact at the end of the level or is even that restricted to the host?
  13. Actually, I'm glad about this: having sold Battlefront a long time ago, I regretted my decision a little when the Scarif content was announced.
  14. While there are many great PS2 games which I played in different versions (e.g. TimeSplitters on the Gamecube or the Ratchet and Clank series on the PS3), I don't even remember ever owning twenty (or even ten) PS2 games. I do however remember that Champions of Norrath and Champions Return to Arms were the reason for me to initially buy a multitap and later insist on getting the first model of the PS3 so that I could keep playing those games. Such a shame that Sony completely dropped both this series and the genre as a whole.
  15. It would be great to see a revival of the Norrath franchise, or at least a new Untold Kingdom.