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  1. I haven't been playing for some time and now I am confused. Are the Credits only for the outfits? And what can I do with the Crystals? Is their no way tow buy additional crates?
  2. I can't find any information on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, except that it's going to be released in winter. Did they really still neither confirm nor deny that there is local multiplayer as well? For this E³ I didn't have high expectations and they were met. The remake of Trials of Mana could be interesting, I might be picking up Lucky's Tale on Switch, but nothing spectacular. I really thought Microsoft might be smart enough to utilise the potential headstart over Sony, but nope.
  3. Is anybody playing Yoshi's Crafted World? Having completed Crash Bandicoot and its sequel in the past few weeks, I expected little resistance, but the first world already had several challenges: I'm still unable to find a whopping four red coins in the first Poochy level and the amount of retries until I beat the score on the gimmicky level after that (don't want to spoil it) was astonishing. Now I'm a little worried about the upcoming worlds
  4. Alternative 1: There is at least one great PS5 game I want to play at launch -> I will probably sell my PS4 and buy a PS5. Alternative 2: There are no interesting exclusives at launch -> I will probably still buy the PS5 to cut down on load times in my PS4 games It would be sweet if it came with support for 4k blu-ray discs, then I'd definitely have no argument against trying to get one as soon as the console is available.
  5. After half a year or so I decided to give Battlefront II another chance and at first I'm having quite a lot of fun. Twenty minutes or so into an interesting match the game decides it doesn't want me to play anymore and closes just like that. Yippieh 🙈

  6. It's probably the platinum trophy for Lego City Undercover. I simply didn't get one of the chapter related trophies so the dozens of hours put into the game went unrewarded in this aspect.
  7. 1:0, 1:3, 1:4, 1:7, 0:3 in my first (and potentially last) online matches - I guess Fifa 19 will be another game I will never get the platinum trophy on :D

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    2. RachelCharlotte


      I was so excited to see that there were no Draft trophies and that you only needed to reach division 4, so maybe after four years there would be a doable platinum in Fifa? But nope :D

      At least it saves me from going for all of the A ranks in the skill games, wasn't really looking forward to that.

    3. Mr_Skirra


      You can try fifa 18. The Draft trophies can actually all be done in single player. I'm still trying fifa 19 once in a while but it has become nearly impossible now everyone has a 194 rated squad in FUT. TOTS ruined my chances of ever winning lol. 

    4. RachelCharlotte


      I already tried that almost two years ago, but it felt like I'd have to spend the rest of my existence on moving up division in FUT so I left it unfinished.

  8. When the game first came out, I only played enough of the time trials to get the silver trophy. It wasn't until almost two years later that I got to the remaining 16 relics, so you're probably a lot faster than I was I had a similar thought when I gave up on the first two games' platinum trophy as I didn't want to remember them bitterly. But I think there's nothing wrong with giving it another go after some time. Oh yes, Sunset Vista and Fumbling in the dark took me ages (figuratively). I wouldn't have thought that I could spend this much time on these two, but together with Stormy Ascent they probably took the most time - the rest of them felt like a breeze in comparison, except for The Lab with its extremely low gold time. The second part of the quote is exactly what I think and what I tried to say before. 'Practice makes perfect' really applies here.
  9. Nevermind 😊
  10. If I can do it, then everybody can I think it's more about not giving up than anything else. Is there any level in particular that you find difficult? I've completed the second game in the meantime as well and though I got the trophy in a significantly shorter time I wouldn't say it's really that much easier - some of those levels gave me a lot of trouble as well.
  11. There are so many, but since most of them have already been mentioned by others I will just add these: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles has a soundtrack that perfectly captures the sense of adventure and going into the wild. And Trine as well as Trine 2 are similarly beautiful.
  12. I didn't even realise that I got my 100th platinum trophy three days ago :D And it's even Crash Bandicoot, one of my favourite games.

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      @RachelCharlotte At least it's a good game for a milestone though! Those time trials are brutal.

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay: I'd say Crash Bandicoot is a brilliant milestone!

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

      Something really hard to miss, though... but I understand if you forgot. I'd always plan for milestones. 

  13. It took me almost two years, but I am finally done with all the relics except for The High Road but no one will ever know. Never thought I'd be able to do it, but my stubborness finally paid off 😊
  14. Ah, the twin dragons. Yes, they were delightful. Especially for someone like me who had struggled with the flight controls and camera all through the trilogy. I'm actually surprised to see that so many people got the trophy.
  15. I went for 117% in Spyro 3 and almost gave up during the super bonus round due to a yeti teleporting in front of me on the finish line. How could you possibly want to miss out on the additional bugs the developers have in store for you?