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  1. I bought the game for Xbox One when I had one, but there are some steam games I'll try out with the DS4. I was thinking about Bluetooth, but wouldn't I have to go through a lengthy process then every time I want to switch from my PC to my PS4 or back? I was surprised to see that Cuphead runs on my new laptop, maybe I'll use it for games more often in the future - in that case an Xbox controller might be worth a look.
  2. Thanks, that worked after a couple of tries. I'd still like to know why the other controller worked without any help.
  3. I wanted to play Cuphead with a controller, so I looked for a USB cable, plugged my DS4 in and to my surprise I could start right away. That controller is now used by my brother and I thought 'No problem, there are two more controllers'. Seeing how they are the newer models (most importantly with a left analogue stick that still resembles the original state instead of pieces coming off) I thought they would work just as well. But, no. For some reason, when I plug either of them in, all that seems to work is the audio on that controller. I also tried connecting them via Bluetooth, but my laptop won't find them... So: Is there something wrong with the newer model in general or is there just an additional trick to it that I can't see at the moment?
  4. I don't think so. You could take a look at your volta coins for an estimate.
  5. Burnout Revenge please, there has been no game like it since its release on Xbox 360.
  6. The trailer looks good, but I'm wondering whether I should really get this now or wait for a potential 'definitive' PS5 version. Especially seeing how there's already a Star Wars movie coming up pretty soon and nothing much after that, so I might appreciate spacing things out.
  7. Pretty easy: Toren. I was honestly disgusted by the game. But even aside from the 'story' everything about this game was lazy and not very well designed. Other contenders: Overlord: Fellowship of Evil (could have been nice had it worked), Homefront The Revolution (once every few hours there was some interesting story to be experienced, but between those points the game was booooooooooooooooooooring), Adam's Venture: Origins (while in the beginning I thought this might be saved by the story and characters, the sneaking mechanic made the game quite awful), the VR mode in Super Stardust Ultra (which made me sick).
  8. How are there so many people around who don't even bother to read anything? RedDevil757 says 'I thought it was good.'. I ask them why they thought it was a good game and then someone comes along and claims 'They aren't saying this is a good game.' Naming one or two games that might even be more terrible does not invalidate the statement that Toren is one of the worst games... And in the end, the fact still remains that so far not a single enjoyable quality has been named. Since the purpose of this thread was to help people contemplating buying this game with their decision, it would be a far better idea to contribute something to this instead of arguing about irrelevant and trivial points... I have given enough examples as to why I think this game sucks and after going through the list of 326 games that I earned at least one trophy in (obviously I don't have such a list for SNES games etc.) I still maintain that it is by far the most offensive game I ever played and even though I can think of other terrible games that I experienced in one way or the other, I can't find nearly enough examples for Toren not to deserve a prime spot on the list of the worst games ever. (But seeing how some poeple actually assume that I'm male I should not be surprised about them missing the point of what they clearly didn't read very thoroughly...)
  9. How does a bad game being short make it a good game? Sure, it still could have been worse, but why does that make it good in your eyes? Apart from that, it does exactly what you claim it doesn't do: Or did you really think the sequences where you have to fill shapes with salt were interesting? Or those where you repeat the same step over and over again, moving, stopping, moving, stopping? How about the countless times when the old man told you a story? Were they better than cutscenes because the developers couldn't be bothered to even animate them?
  10. Would you care to elaborate as to why you think this is a good game? That would be far more helpful than making stupid claims about the number of games I can compare Toren to :-)
  11. Really? I did almost all of them today in one sitting after beeing content with gold before; there were some difficult ones but none that were nearly as bad as the time trials in Dragons Mines etc.
  12. I'm still missing a lot of trophies and having finished the sequel a while back I was thinking about cleaning up this one too. Of course I don't expect the missions to have changed but I also remember having a lot of trouble as the hero. Has this become any easier or have there even been new strategies or glitches in the past two years?
  13. Wow, I didn't think Sony'd give us a movies in 4k seeing how they decided against it with the PS4. Great news :-)
  14. Usually I'm trying my best not to be too negative and I kept playing this game hoping to discover some redeeming quality. But I feel I have to put this here for anybody whom the current sale might tempt into buying this game.The trailer looks nice, the game itself is anything but. I'm not even talking about the obvious technical shortcomings (although they, too, are shamefully plenty), and even the boring and repititive mechanics (however they pulled that of in a game that lasts less than two hours) could have been somewhat forgiven. My main problem lies with the 'story': Apart from the very basic plot of someone building a tower and a dangerous dragon sitting on top of it, most sentences are some wanna-be deep nonsense. And just when I was starting to get lulled into thinking this game was stupid but harmless, the most bizarre message appears: 'Every weapon becomes stronger if you bathe it in the blood of the innocent'. I'm not sure, maybe I'm overreacting, but that for me crossed a line. They could have said that a sacrifice were necessary, but no, as a general rule they encourage murdering the innocent to become powerful enough to kill a dragon... But even without this quirk, the game would have been far from enjoyable, so I strongly recommend everyone not to waste your time and money on this.