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  1. Does anybody know why the events stopped or whether they will return someday? I'm actually only missing this trophy and I was hoping to get platinum soon
  2. I wonder if that will be a problem at all; I'm not particularly good and I don't think I play that many online races, but still I find myself among the top 0.5%.
  3. I'd probably prefer that Firstly because the far more interesting screen telling me whether my multiplier is still active and how many coins I've earned disappears too quickly while the celebration actually needs me to push X in order to make it disappear. And, at least sometimes, the characters on the podium tend to get messed up horribly; for those who haven't had this happen yet I found this video.
  4. That's a really good idea and would have been a lot faster than playing Coco Park twenty times But alas, now I have completed the challenge (as well as all the others except for a win after being in 8th place at the beginning of the final lap. And I'm still missing five positions on Crash Cove, I wonder how you are supposed to get those two).
  5. Seeing people not move at all I guess some guys might have their consoles on 24/7 and collect the minimum amount of coins and nitro non-stop.
  6. I think so. Unless I really messed up all but one start every single time I tried to get more than one in one go.
  7. Thank you, I seem to get the hang of it (I'm now at 9/25 perfect starts).
  8. I have watched several videos and read some guides, but apparently I don't understand how to get the maximum boost at the beginning. I push X several times and then once again just before the light turns green, but most of the time I only get the normal boost (so far I'm at 5/25 for the challenge). Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong?
  9. After playing it a few times I'd even say it's my favorite track in the game. I really like the atmosphere.
  10. I didn't think I'd ever get here, but I've finally gotten 'Multi-tasking' in Battlefront II :yay: This has to be the single most terrible trophy I have ever encountered seeing how it makes so many people (including me) not go after the actual objective at all.


    Now there's only nine more level ups needed and then I'll actually be done with these game's trophies 😊

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    2. RachelCharlotte


      I actually didn't know there was an easier way (I also never even played the mode you mention).

    3. DamagingRob


      Oh, wow. That must have been even more brutal than what I did. That mode was patched in, so I don't think the guides mention it. But you'd just crash your Hero ship at the start, and be able to respawn in a fighter right away with a number of Hero ships on the other side available to take out.

    4. RachelCharlotte


      Seriously? 😬 On a different forum I explicitly asked a while ago whether there was an easier way when I returned to the game after a year or so and they gave me a very clear no 🙈 Well, at least I can say that I didn't let that stupid trophy brake me in any way.

  11. I don't know about any issues with being offline, but you can select any chapter you like and replay it. Since some trophies require actions that don't always happen naturally, you probably wouldn't get every trophy during your initial playthrough (unless you know what to do beforehand).
  12. Today I finished Yoshi's Crafted World and I was surprised how difficult it got at the end. Had I not changed the mode and without a second player, I think the final challenges would have been as excruciating as the harder relics in Crash Bandicoot. Apart from that weird difficulty spike (only rewarding you with a costume and not even an additional level to use it in) and too much repitition I really enyojed the game - there is a great cutscene involving an innocent Shy Guy and that alone was worth playing the game
  13. I have another question. Do the character levels do anything apart from unlocking skill points? I've maxed out everything, but my Heavy trooper keeps leveling up (I'm currently at 150 or something like that) and I don't see why
  14. Then how about trying Yoshi? I've only played the demo of Kirby, but it seems similar enough for you to have fun with it as well. And Yoshi will probably take you a little longer to finish (I'm still not done completely after three weeks).
  15. For starters, I would like to keep my camera preference and not have to change it at the beginning of every race or time trial. Similarly, it would be nice to be able to fix the design for the drift turbo, sometimes it changes during a race without me meaning to do that, and that is annoying. I mean, who really needs to change this during a race? And as already suggested for others, it would be nice if the game remembered which combination I used for a time trial and which character and kart are my preferences for an online race. The adventure mode could use a menu from which to start the challenges. I found it quite annoying to have to drive everywhere at least three times.