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  1. You need to play as a fighter class ship, not a bomber.
  2. Resonant Reaction Steins Gate
  3. About not syncing the trophies, I was still earning trophies in other games. I'm not aware of a way not to sync one particular game's trophies, if that is possible. As far as hiding the game, does PSNProfiles want me to do so, so that I'm not prevented from showing stuff on the leaderboards?
  4. wandarer Call of Duty: Black Ops II A while ago I joined a MP game. Apparently it was hacked, as right after I joined the match, I saw a sign flash saying game hosted by XXXXX where that was the name of the host. All of a sudden it started popping all the remaining trophies. I had about 10ish trophies left. I don't feel like I deserved the plat, but I can't remove it from my profile.
  5. Man, it looks like everyone's OCD is being triggered. Myself included
  6. I don't have any trophies hidden on my PS3, but I am showing 1 trophy hidden (the blue H), and its for the games kingdoms of amalur. I've gotten more trophies, and re-sync'd my trophies
  7. Thats how I played my first time around. As a dad myself, this game had so much meaning for me. The only "unexplained" part to me was the blackouts. We knew why Ethan was having them, but why did he see what he claimed to during these blackouts. Other than that, the story fit very well together.
  8. My latest is Resistance 3... too easy
  9. I downloaded this Tuesday... oh sweet nectar of the gods its awesome!!!
  10. At least for retail games, you retain your platinum, right?
  11. This just happened to me.
  12. Not a golden moment... rather a pic to describe the amount of times the sites been down
  13. wandarer here, wandarer there, wandarer everywhere
  14. I can see people buying this if they want a new PS3 (didn't have one before) or replacing their current PS3, but I can't see people who don't need a new PS3 going out and getting one
  15. Does giving the consumers a choice in color increase sales after the initial release? I know there are many who still plan on getting a PS3, but I can't think of very many people saying "OMG a white PS3? We gotta buy one now"