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  1. Are anybody willing to help me get this trophy like now? My BP is 416k
  2. I fought it blindly until it teleported to the place behind the pillars under building that stuck it. I took the advantage to beat the hell out of it up until it destroyed. I kinda glad it did lol
  3. I made 300 wins at ranked match. I moved to perform 300 treasures. What difficulty should I select for core battle? Thaaaanks EDITED: Never mind. I found the answer in youtube. Take care
  4. Some time I selected Ace and Garland. Ace's attack (both air and ground) is too slow to interrupt if you are in long range. Garland is surprisedly useful when it comes to close the cpu / enemy players. Like others said, you have to stick to cpu who targets your ally.
  5. three account method is a insane... and frigging confused. Glad i got a trophy in hard way with real players than bots cos bots are dumber as not do anything but running around like headless chickens.
  6. i made 100 treasures to unlocked a trophy and now planning to not use a treasure to open until i made 200 of them... meanwhile i'm working on 300 winnings.
  7. I just understand how its work for now but do I have to win? I am planning to spam cpus until time is up, I wonder whether lose is counted or not
  8. Did you guys get 'in the nick of time' trophy with these cpu fighters? if so, how did you?
  9. I have 10 titles but didn't earn a trophy. whats going on??
  10. I can't get items cos I am iPhone user...
  11. what the hell? I just got a trophy. I had been taking damages a lot since start. Im so confused....
  12. Not use HP damages or never being hit by anybody? I'm confused lol
  13. I hope the developers will update this game, so the ragequit in the middle of fighting will get penalty by lose 20% of their BP or return to zero like street fighters 5. they'd quit on me so many times
  14. I really need to earn this certain trophy. It drives me insane. I need some asian player's help with it. Add me SirSephiroth. thanks in advance UPDATE: Never mind! I just got it. Thats funny cos I was bitchin' about it and then I got it. thats weird, right lol! I joined a few cod communities filter by language and time zone. I joined some japanese player's session via one of those communities. Second attempt gave me a nice trophy. It wasn't easy cos some japanese players kicked me out from lobby.