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  1. Yeah, just hide it, nothing sneaky about it. Even without this particular game, you will still have an amazing profile. So keep up the good work!
  2. Yes - otherwise the monthly shitstorm of the toxic part of the PS Plus community would be comprehensible for once. 😀
  3. Okay, you're right. Just learned that it was the best selling game 2021 in my country. So yeah, kind of a big deal for a lot of people. ----- I am looking forward to this Curse game, looks really good. So I guess I am going to grind the shit out of this.
  4. How do you define a big game? If you mean like quality, then it isn't the biggest game even this month (if you compare Metacritic Critic Review scores for example).
  5. Hi Artur, yes, that's possible.
  6. Unfortunately, Finals do not count. Ahead of the Pack trophy must be the toughest obtainable Common trophy to get right now.
  7. Just earned this trophy fortuitously in the Dream Weaver's World: Fool's Errand Charge through 3 Armored Fools in a row
  8. Nope, Platin is still unobtainable.
  9. I received no game but I finally bought Demon's Souls for myself.