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  1. This would definitely sell for many folks. Seeing as how these sources have come from credible places, it would be a shame if this info ended up being false.
  2. PSASB is still up for another month. Let me know if you want to boost.
  3. Easy one .detuned
  4. It was probably meant to be, they weren't really a friend to begin with.
  5. Be proud!❤️
  6. Picked up the Jack & Daxter collections 😁
  7. Lit-er-ally
  8. Sadly, the accessory wasn't really supported post launch.
  9. Nice, I'm going to re-download. Hope there is still a community there!
  10. Borderlands, just could not come to grips with it for some reason. Funny enough I did enjoy Destiny 1.
  11. No problems for me , never had to wait too long to play.
  12. I had to pick up another vita because my 1000 died on me. The 2000 has been great so far, the lcd screen is great and I could actually play it in the daytime with little glare. Also the battery life is alot better.
  13. Those colorful rectangles on your friends lists via XMB. Many colors and backrounds are exclusive to Vita.
  14. If I'm not enjoying the game, I won't finish it. Period.
  15. So excited! Can't wait to finally try it out on launch