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  1. Is my game glitched? I beat stage one, I am in a "free play" I guess in Ninjago City. I can't press touchpad and open the map. So I'm effectively stuck. It's not my controller. I opened Resident Evil 2 and the touchpad works there. These Lego games are notoriously shitty glitched. I would not be surprised. Unless I'm missing something obvious. But I don't see anything resembling a quest on the mini map, so... Just a bunch of bricks, dojos and collectibles. Edit: I just started over. Went straight away from the free-play to the new map without cycling the game between stages.
  2. Eh, I thought Strife was fine. The plot was good. Darksiders has a good story, everything else aside, but it is tiresome that we still don't have a resolution with the riders putting the conspiracy to rest. It was cool that the game acknowledged some of the side source materials, like why War's hand is so freakishly big.
  3. Darksiders has been getting progressively worse with every new release. Four games in and STILL no resolution to the end of THE FIRST GAME. I don't mind the game play of Genesis, since I rather enjoyed similar games like Gauntlet. But I'll not purchase another at launch. DS2 was good enough, 3 was a huge let down and this one was just released in a bad state. The difficulty was poorly balanced when playing on Casual, the platforming just sucks and there were way too many bugs. Thankfully they fixed the most obnoxious one: The damn echo in the Void. It's better now, but still far from DS1. I like the Gaunlet style gameplay, but it would have been more fun playing with a friend or something (which I didn't do on this one) As a heads up, you think it's small now... When I did the Leviathan Core, I had to set the speed to it's slowest AND I had to change the zoom settings on my TV so I could see what I was doing. Finally pulled it off after a while.
  4. I'd wait until $20. games in better shape now that its been patched a bunch. but its still a tad buggy. little annoyances mostly but still. plot wise, its pretty good.
  5. The issue with Card Collector is a misnomer. It has nothing to do with the cards in Mega Man Zero 3. Viewing 30 "cards" is viewing 30 images in the gallery for each of the games. Not just thumb nailing it which is what I did at first. Oh well. They confused me by throwing "cards" in there. So that is resolved. Over and out.
  6. i cant get the gallery/wallpaper to work. despite doing everything required a dozen times. someone was having difficulty with the music player. im inclined to believe at least the gallery is glitched. the rest i dont know.
  7. I'm hoping for a patch. Im not going to even bother with z chaser for now. but this is the third trophy i've seen glitch on people.
  8. I know I have well over that. I only have 4 trophies left to get. I'm pretty sure Avatar_Of_Battle does too. I think the trophy is glitched. Because I've done everything it asked many times.
  9. I have yet to beat ZXA cause of time. Maybe all 6 games have to be beat first?
  10. I'm starting to think Card Collector is glitched. I have WELL over 30 trophies and 30 Zero 3 Bonus Cards I've looked at all the ZZ cards I have unlocked. I loaded the bonus cards and clicked on EVERYTHING. I viewed a bunch of stuff in the gallery. I changed the special wallpaper in all the games. Nothing.
  11. How do you unlock Card Collector? I've changed the wallpaper, I've looked at art, I've looked at ZZ Cards, I've looked at the trophy cards... Nothing. Am I missing something? Or is this a glitch?
  12. You have to S Rank this shit?
  13. Correct. Even the final boss was destroying me. I think this applies to bosses in general, though I can't prove it. I.e, difficulty on bosses is upscaled, not necessarily Apocalyptic. All I know, is this is the last time I buy Darksiders at launch. I won't get another unless it's on a glorious flash sale. Should have went with my gut on this one... I wasn't going to buy it initially but I caved.
  14. That echo drives me nuts. I can't understand ANYTHING of what the secret boss says. I've seen dozens of bugs. I got trophies for coins I don't have, completed quests for health stones I haven't earned. The map is a tragedy. Dialogue and portraits that don't match or even one duplicate line of text that overrides a different conversation. I don't know if this is a bug, but I am furious. I have a power of of 900, playing on casual, and bosses are doing WAY TO MUCH DAMAGE. The Secret Boss, on EASY, should not be just destroying me in 3 hits. Do these people even know what casual, story driven enjoyment is? Oh, and DLC that I can't cash in. Awesome.
  15. May I ask how this is unlocked? I have not spent much time in the Rush, and also didn't see anything saying how online. That's one of the few trophies I have left. Edit: Oh, now that all the Rank challenges are cleared, there it is...