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  1. i think the game was alot of fun,finished in about 5 or 6 hours.Its not really long but alot of fun.The visuals are some of those most beautiful ive seen.I dont know why they couldnt have made it like the witcher 3,horizon zero dawn,or skyrim.It is STAR WARS so why they didnt go EPIC in size is beyond me.
  2. people laugh when i say this,but pretty soon youll be paying for bullets in games.made in america,american capitalism at its best.Last gen games totalled about $70 with all dlc,look at today on average $130 and the AMERICAN made greed will never end!
  3. Gaming period has completely changed.I come from the old school where you earn everything straight up.The whole mindset of NEW GENERATION period is making me sick,all the glitching and cheating that is at the forefront of the new gen.There is no such thing as loyalty honor or respect anymore PERIOD! 99.9999999% of new gen demand entitlement!
  4. Thats your opinion and your certainly entitled to it.But if your not interested than why would you even click on anything to do with KILLZONE.Im just looking for like minded gamers who HAVE the same opinion as me!Isnt what this gaming site and this specific place TITLED KILLZONE 3 is for! You have yourself a great day!
  5. please anyone and everyone,the more the better,this game is a true classic and hugely UNDERRATED.Just send a friend request with KZ# in it so I know whos who please and thank you.
  6. im trying to create a gaming session,in the category trophies intended,when i select a trophy,it instantly brings me back to the home page,whats up with that?
  7. I am a 45 year old true original gamer.I remember the days of coin operated arcades such as LOT'S "O" FUN.OUTER LIMITS ect ect.I also rememmber friends and their commodore 64's.I also played games on my dads friends APPLE II.My first console was an ATARI 2600(which is still in mint condition today).I have never ever ever thought about cheating in a game.Its only lying to yourself,and if you will lie to yourself than what would you do in everyday life! I really wish the world was honest,but it is not.Recently I did a personal test on just how easy it is to cheat in online games.From the time I decided to get a firsthand birds eye view of this BS,it took 48 hours and bang I was downloading and installing game pack cheats on a USB device called CRONUSMAX! APPALLED by how easy it was,you may ask why I did this.I did this because Ive been noticing strange behaviour in every single online multi-player game.From jitterbug to dropshot to aimbot to you name it! This is really really disheartening to me.In COD WAW I was a top 500 global player,straight up run and gun,today I cant even compete at all.I really would like to know WHY this has become so acceptable,and moreso the norm than NOT in todays generation of gamers.Just to let you know after two games of trying this CRONUSMAX BS I took the device and SMASHED it with a ballpean hammer.Today i was surfing this forum and im looking at these guys crying theyve been flagged.There should be a ZERO tolerance NO WARNING BAN on any form of cheating PERIOD! Like what is so wrong with having a level playing ground for EVERYONE! Rants over NUFF said!