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  1. It does have a retail, I imported it from Korea .. I will test it soon and check, if trophys are glitched or obtainable 😁
  2. In the beginning you get 30 spots and after you level up, they will grow up till 70 spots at least. I had some days, where I downloaded 10 times my 70 creations .. I wouldn't rate them .. that takes too much time for only 25 xp ^^ Greetz jB-
  3. For win a ranked race series you need at least 4, online races and misc trophys are done with 2 except the 5 unique online friends and the 250k Creative XP and Lvl 30 you will grind by uploading your stuff, rate it with your alts, remove them and upload them again .. and again .. and again .. and well once you need 10 downloads on each (a cart/track/mod) .. you can do that with alts or a boosting group pretty good as well Just ended it a week ago. A lil tip: Buy the game + DLC's in the US Store - all together costs 24,99$ - in Europe the DLC's only costs already 29,97€ Greetz jB-
  4. I see .. well I didn't thought about the option, that you can't flag people then .. hmm well maybe the Support- and Moderator Team should still be able to see all trophys And well I don't think, Sony cares about trophys that much .. they let even games like Slyde having a platinum .. that's already enough answer for the caring of that case 😄 Sadly you can't reset trophy lists .. I already forwarded in that case something to Sony, so that it's possible to reset 3 lists every 6 month but I guess, they don't care as well
  5. I have hidden my flagged games and that's still not the point. The only one, who got my point here perfectly, was this person: That suggestion doesn't have anything to do with covering up cheaters. Please read his/her post carefully. Ofc you get some messages as well asking for help, cause they saw you completed this or that game and in my case I am already out of the leaderboards and still get such messages, cause people stalking profiles .. in my case I don't mind helping but I am sure, some other people don't like to get PM'ed. @ BigBoss .. yeah might be, but a function might help out a bit as well and that's not that unconfortable 😄 Best Regards jB-
  6. Well if you are mainly an addicted trophy hunter, it's not that easy, to ignore leaderboards 😄 And to write a message in "About Me" doesn't change a thing, cause he still see his place on the ranking and well other people can see his profile as well .. Well I don't think, that such things should be removed like trophys per day. A hide function for that might would be fine, but it's not a must. I think, that a privacy setting overall is fairly enough for that 😄 Well exclusive things aren't a bad thing, right and I wouldn't say, that it's not possible. Yeah, or at least that you can choose, if you wanna be on the leaderboard or not or if visitors can see your profile or not.
  7. I am well aware, that this is possible, but that's not the point of that topic/suggestion. I already named the reasons, why such a feature would be great - read my first post again. Yeah, as I said I got weak, when I didn't succeeded in those 2 games and the 3rd one (Borderlands) I didn't knew, my coop partner used save files (it was the same guy which I trusted for the other 2 games). And well, I think, that I would use that feature anyways, even if I had no cheated trophys in there. I think, there are still times, when you need a bit of break and I wouldn't like to request the delisting and again the listing on the leaderboard or if you got a premium account, you need to write Sly a PM and bother him with that. Ofc there are people as well, who likes the good overview here .. I mean, there are great futures in here .. and I know some people, who don't like to be on a leaderboard, cause it pressures them to defend their place. That's not, what I mean. I don't want, that anybody can look on my profile except me (when I am logged in). You are saying it, like I want a protection for cheaters and thats not the point. Thanks god there is the first one who fully understood the point of this topic 😁
  8. It doesn't have anything to do with race but it feels like you are something worse and have no right to forward suggestions or use the forums and I think, that's just childish in my eyes I already wrote it above twice .. read that quote - that's exactly what I mean: Well I can understand everyone, who might tell incorrect informations in a situation, where you know the consequences, doesn't it? But does that give some of you the right, to always reduce him to be a cheater .. cmon, stop beeing that mean About racism see above .. yeah I chose to don't stop my account, cause I put in a lot of money and I hate cheating myself .. I hate myself, that I got weak a year ago and asked for help on a friend, who busted me then with that. Anyways that still doesn't give anyone the right, to mix up a suggestion with that one, doesn't it? 😉 So well .. overall I guess nobody accepts my suggestion, so I guess I have to take that as a simple "No, we won't take such a function on our site" .. well then, thanks anyways .. was worth a try 😄
  9. It's funny, that you guys always mix up 2 different things .. I don't give a sh** of beeing in the leaderboard or not .. I know, that I made a mistake in trusting someone, who messed up my account, but that's another thing .. there is no reason for me to start a new account, since already the Vita Games in my store costed me more then 1000€ and all other games I played except those 3 flags, I got fair and you won't find an inch of illegal content there. Yeah, you hit the point by saying "you get reduced to cheated games" .. feels like racism against flagged users - like you loose all rights to forward something and ask for a basical discussion 😄
  10. Well I can just forward this suggestion to every sites forum or support and let them decide, what they think about it. Sadly PSN doesn't offers such a site, where you can watch your trophys just like here, so if you want a good overview from them, you can't just turn them private and that's why I am asking for such a feature.
  11. ^ Read above .. that's what I mean.
  12. 1. Ah I see 2./3. This data is just my personal intention, because there is so much modders out, that I am kind of afraid, to play some multiplayergames on PS3 Well I guess there are a bunch of games, what got this problem with auto unlocking trophys or where trophys unlock in a strange way like Call of Duty Black Ops 2 or Borderlands as example. I am afraid of playing Black Ops II Multiplayer, cause if you got bad luck, that could happen. And as example about Borderlands I experienced myself - I joined a multiplayer lobby and collected there one collectable from the DLC, where you need to collect those pizzas and other stuff and all of a sudden, some trophys unlocked automatically from that DLC (mainly the collectables if I remember right - I hid those trophys) Besides of that, I got double bad luck in Borderlands, cause an old friend of mine played Borderlands in coop with me and he used save files without my knowledge and unlocked then trophys in a strange way. That's why I was interested, if you wanna include those games as well or just whitelist games, where it's just 1 trophy like in GTA IV.
  13. Typical for some of you guys, to don't take suggestions serious, because I have flagged games and beeing like a child linking the old dispute threads from over 1 year here 😒 you can try and find more, but I can just tell you that you won't 😉 That suggestion isn't something mainly for me .. I just think, it would be a nice future in here. Why does it have to be so complicated, to hide a profile? - a manual function, where everyone can decide anytime, when he wants to be on the leaderboards would be way better in my eyes. Greetings jB-
  14. Interesting thread .. is there already a list of games, which should be whitelisted? I mean, a game like GTA IV is definitly something, where the yet unobtainable trophy doesn't usually needs any effort .. I guess it's even more work, to searching a modder doing this .. But what about games like Black Ops II or Borderlands, where you join without anything bad in mind an online lobby and getting penetrated from a modder? To be serious .. if someone is arguing here with "reset your PS3 before syncing and read the topic" .. there are a few reasons, why people won't do that (as example to bring up that time to set that all back from where it started or loosing other games trophy progress you didn't synced). I am pretty sure almost 20% from all multiplayer games on PS3 can be messed up by a modder, so you get autopopping trophys .. or well it's already enough with the wrong coop partner, who uses savefiles or anything else. So how far you wanna go with the whitelisting?
  15. Evening people, didn't found a topic for this, so I thought, to just create one for a new suggestion. I'm missing something like a "Holiday Mode" or maybe better named as "Privacy Mode" here. Some people might be not interested in showing everyone there trophy lists and beeing in a leaderboard, but like the good overview and functions this site got, to show a profile. And well, there are even more reasons like taking a break from trophy hunting, where a privacy function might help to stop getting pressured and always look on the leaderboards. What ya think about such a function - write a feedback Best Regards jB-