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  1. Reply from Codemasters: Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning Micro Machines World Series. Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately we cannot confirm any plans, at the moment, to release any further updates to Micro Machines World Series. Keep up to date with any further announcements on our website - www.codemasters.com
  2. Are there any news from a patch? I wrote them earlier in Facebook but nobody answered ...
  3. Nice one, I got physical over 200 games here Collecting Japan Novels and such stuff as well ^^
  4. Is there any news when new events are coming? I thought, they release events until end of the year, doesn't they?
  5. @MMDE You just hit the nail .. I usually don't do such stuff, but I got a bunch of expensive games (japan visual novels), which I collect .. there's a real bunch of people wanting those easy, fast plats .. just got weak that time and yeah, that's the result of it. I've learned my lesson, believe me that.
  6. Friends Playing is forbidden too, Alpha .. I just don't wanted to be flagged for something, I did not do myself. So the message from before is the truth.
  7. Okay guys, thanks for clearing this up a bit for me. Lemme tell you the true story/s, since iI at least owe you that: A friend was in that time often here, when he told me, that he knows a legit trick for Splinter Cell and CoD getting plat. Seriously, about Borderlands I don't know, what he did, since he was the host and I mostly had to do nothing then just walking behind him or just let the character stand or rejoin him .. it's maybe not that fair, if I just get me pulled through it, but it wasn't cheating! In Splinter Cell he showed me the first playthrough, what to do and yeah .. I guess he used saves .. didn't noticed that exactly, since I studied the speedrun video in that time as well, to get ready for the other 2 playthroughs The 2nd and 3rd playthrough we played together (we both played that game on PS2 as well and I can say, the main stuff he made legit) In CoD I had to count on him, since that game was way to hard for me. I just watched him sometimes playing a bit, mostly I played on my Vita or on another console meanwhile (I have 2 TVs). So yeah, to finish this topic - CoD Classic and Splinter Cell should be legit, even if exactly those 3 games my friend played here and I didn't watched him, what he did all the time. Borderlands I would see as a grey zone, since it's not cheating from my side .. it was Coop playing mainly. Close it and I will delete my account then finally here .. sadly I can't reset those trophys .. would be happy, if that would have been possible
  8. To be serious .. I concentrated on my first playthrough only on those misc trophys .. that trophy anyways unlocked, even if I planned it on my 2nd playthrough. I don't remember exactly anymore, if that 80% rating was fullfilled or not, but if you say, it's not possible, I believe it's a glitch then.
  9. I understand, that you are thinking, this if iffy, but as I said, I didn't used saves from others. I played that game already on PS2, so to update my mind on PS3 is not that hard like a new beginner. Before you start a game, where you plan to speedrun, ofc you watch a bunch of videos (especially that, which I posted above) and read guides, to write down a "master plan" in your mind for it .. trying to master controls on a 2nd account and getting again into the game a bit. It's pretty hard to prove now, that I didn't used any modded saves, since I see now, that there are sites existing, which offer such stuff as this. Well, since I don't have any delays, that I didn't used those saves, judge yourself, whatever you think. It's not like I can change someones mind, when he thinks, that I don't played it legit. Doesn't looks good for me, since I got flag hunted at 3 games at the same time, so I won't think bad about you, if you handle me as a cheater. I for myself know, that I never touched and never will touch cheats in any way, so well, let's see what comes out here. jayB-
  10. First of all, I wanna thank you guys for taking a look at my trophys. @ Splinter Cell Flag: I didn't used any save file .. You can do those miscellerious trophys in beside, if you watch that video before you start the playtrough and plan that a bit. @ Borderlands Flag: Yeah I deleted my profile, while disputing this flag since I felt like some users wanted to bust me out of the leaderboards. As on my other Thread already said, I played the most in coop, that's why trophys unlocked like this. Well, the DLC trophys I can understand, when you are curious about .. I joined a random online, when all collectable trophys popped at once. If that counts as cheating, well yeah, then this flag is correct. @ Overall The flagging system is of course a good thing, but for the one getting flagged, it's kinda a lot of time investment, if he wanna (or better say must) delay, that those are not correct. I felt kinda joked, when I got in around 7 days 3 flags for games, where I did not cheated .. It doesn't even makes sense, to cheat in games like this, since they are pretty funny to play and they aren't even rare or anything. I can just say once again, I never have cheated in any game and it's useless, to do this, since that's not, where you can be proud of. jayB-
  11. jayboo1991 Call of Duty Classic My first playthrough I played without any videos and yeah, you noticed, that I died once in that playthrough.<br /> After that one, I choosed to study some videos like this ones:<br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBTZBRznkew&list=PL3D4F0B82D937D57B<br /> It's a ton of luck included ofc, since you need to risk a lot .. that game felt like a hell of endless grenades sometimes .. but yeah .. I played this legit, even if it's unbelievable .. sadly there is no autofilming function, otherwise a delay for this would be easy ..<br /> <br /> Oh .. and about that trophy delay: My PS3 freezed exactly on that time, when the last mission trophy came .. had to restart the PS3 and open the game again, then it popped afterwards. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory HD First of all, before I started this game, I studied that video directly, since I already played this game on PS2 and wanted to go for a speedrun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZopB0dzTi4<br /> I don't know, what's there out of order? I can just say, I played that game and had no freezes/bugs or anything else happened to me .. at least not that I noticed it.<br /> To be serious .. I don't get, why people judge me, for getting 2 perfect runs in 2 games .. I never cheated and don't even know, how to do that?
  12. Sadly I can't give you more detailed infos, but I don't remember it anymore, since I played so much other stuff afterwards .. Hopefully you guys can clear this up and I try meanwhile to reset my trophys for this game by PSN, since I get the point, it's not a fair method to just join a coop game and get those trophys more or less presented. @ MMDE - The together we are strong trophy + boss trophys
  13. @Silent Splinter Cell and CoD Classic are hard, true .. but if you watch the Speedruns from Youtube, you can finish those games pretty fast (well bit of luck is required too due to Health) Btw .. my mate answered me .. he remembers, how we did that: He fought those bosses solo before .. he told me, to join his session after he striked the bosses and before he ended the quest. I just found this on Trophies.de, what delays, that there have to be a point on what he said (translated in English): https://translate.google.com/#de/en/Tipp%3A Um die Trophäe zu erhalten%2C müsst ihr den eigentlichen Bosskampf nicht zwingend im Koop bestreiten. Es reicht vollkommen aus%2C wenn ihr ihn solo gewinnt. Bevor ihr dann aber die dazugehörige Mission endgültig abliefert%2C holt ihr einen zweiten Spieler dazu bzw. verlasst das Spiel und startet ein Splitscreen-Spiel. Could you try this out as well, Silent? I did nothing wrong and just want to get this cleared up.
  14. Maybe I am not, but Sony could do it so maybe there is a chance to delete them. As I said, I don't want to get sticked together with cheaters in any way, so I will try to avoid Coop Sessions in that game and replay it then again. @ Silent - Could you check, after you give your fake account host, if u gain then all those trophys afterwards?
  15. The most we played local coop .. I don't remember exactly, if we made an online session between too but I think not.