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  1. Yeah that would be possible, but since I am a game collector, I wanna have that one physically ☺
  2. Well you could ask some people, if they would like to share those and if there is enough, everyone pays something like 5$ for sharing it and you could use the payments and get your money back. With a blank account this should be the most efficient way
  3. Is anyone out there, who would sell me the Korean Version from Hyperdimension Neptunia PP? Or is anyone out there from Korea, who would buy it for me? Gmarket is only selling the Korean Versions to Korean People sadly :/ I am searching since over a year already to complete my collection from those Neptunia Games .. I got every stack from all Neptunias except this one. Would be nice, if there is someone, who could help me out Greetings jB-
  4. Depends on, if you got a 2nd Playstation or not .. a lot can be done in Lan Mode. I would say 30-50 hours.
  5. Hard to say like that, but check this guide: http://ps3imports.org/forum/index.php?/topic/3730-steins-gate-trophy-guide-ps3psvita/ If you follow it completly, it should work without any problems.
  6. You need to repeat the level, until you have it in a single playthrough .. just die 2 or 3 times in the middle of the level, where a lot of Ice Zomblings are ^^
  7. Just wanted to confirm as part of the first boosting group trying it, that this trophy is obtainable. The servers are unstable like in 09/10 but this trophy as well is obtainable with some patience. Good luck everyone trying
  8. I just tested this one and I can confirm, that this platinum is unobtainable - doesn't lemme upload something to the server and the trophy doesn't come by just pressing the button "Upload Replay". Too bad, would have been too nice
  9. I can confirm, that those versions are mainly in Chinese .. well but since I made already 3 other regions before, it's pretty easy to handle
  10. Just tested it .. everything beside liking the video works .. JDTV is still bugged and so the platinum is still unobtainable.
  11. Just saw, that a player, from which I am sure he plays legit, got the trophy. Is there any confirmation, that this trophy works? I would be in for a test as well, if there are any people trying.
  12. Oh really .. I was just hoping, that it would be german or english as well like in the US Version
  13. Just played the US Version and you can play with each other countrys together + you can set the language to anything you wanna ^^
  14. If someone want the base games (without DLCs) in physical form from EU/US/JAP/KOR/HK (maybe for the collection as well), you can PM me .. got them new earlier as backups for coop partners .. the language you can change everywhere to ur main language (DE/EN) as example as well
  15. Just wondering, if this is delisted in other countrys as well? DE/AT Stores it seems to be delisted.