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  1. Thank you for your reply
  2. Just a short question: is the online part region locked or is it possible, to play the EU Version with the JAP Version? Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks that worked .. solutions are sometimes way too simple
  4. Anyone else got problems with this game? When I press "Play" the game crashes with the failure code "CE-34878-0". Reinstalled it already 3 times, anyone got an idea?
  5. No, it's only the physical vita retail version
  6. Didn't find anything about a new release .. anyone knows, which region this is and when it releases? Would be curious as well, if this is a sync platinum or if we need to replay the whole game.
  7. Well I still don't believe, that all 4 online trophys work anyways .. did you tested to up- and download Community Creations?
  8. They are not glitched .. just keep playing and you will get it
  9. Check the Infos in the quote ✌
  10. No, there is no region lock 👍✌
  11. I used Crystal Lake and when I was helping someone out, we told us our spawns and named them like "rightmost house" or "left car" 😁 there are around 8 spawns around if I remember right 3-4mins per match usually If u selfboost, ur a bit faster since you see your spawn and can teleport to this place 🙂
  12. They are not glitched .. it took me 150h for Platinum with 2 PS4s selfboosting + sometimes a 3rd person for those kills with Jason, so you can get a feeling on how long you will sit for those 2000 matches and some of the grind stuff like boat repairs ✌
  13. Next step will be rarity leaderboards, where you can filter trophys by rarity grades and create leaderboards out of it ✌
  14. Great idea, why not make 4 ribbons, so everyone should be fine with it?
  15. Great idea One more idea - why not implement the number of Ultra Rare/Rare/Uncommon/Common as well in the banner? I am totally for a ribbon in case of getting a 100% game done as well .. like those ideas mentioned before 👍 And I like the Idea for an effort ranking list .. seriously this should be the first list shown, when you click on the leaderboards .. trophy hoarding from Ratalaika might be nice in between, but those who only play such sh.. and nothing else shouldnt be praised with the 1st click on the leaderboards ^^