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  1. For some trophys you need up to 6 players, so it would be better, to set up a session. Boosting with a 2nd PS4 might go faster for the rest but you won't come around one. jB-
  2. Well if you are going to play the campaign 6 times, you shouldn't be that far away from Lvl 20 at least .. levelling should be the last thing to do. Greetz jB-
  3. The 25 Dungeon runs as Leader is glitched .. I needed almost 50 games for that .. You can turn unlimited threat on and matches doesn't matter, if they are public or private. Greetz jB-
  4. Hmm well the server shutdown from the PC version isn't that new .. just wondering, that you guys noticed it that late. I read it already in the beginning of June and decided to platinum it. I can confirm, that everything beside the Coop Campaign and the Dungeon Leader trophys can be done offline. The time estimates are kinda confusing, what you mentioned, big_bob. A campaign run can be done in under 20 hours. "Summoner" - Summon 1000 creatures as Dungeon Master - your mate runs to the end and wait before the stairs and you keep spawning creatures, until it really laggs hard (I would say 100 should work for 1 run) - takes maybe 1 hour around (some creatures spawn slower, some faster .. just try out, what works best for you) "Dominator" - Possess 500 creatures as Dungeon Master - you can possess and depossess the same monster over and over again so this maybe takes like 30 mins to maximum 1 hour .. depends on ur skill to press commands fast Overall I can say, that those loading times are really awful, but the story is worth it .. well maybe not 6-7 times but at least once And to max every characters level is really annoying .. wish ya good nerves for that one Greetings jB-
  5. Community is still active in there, so it's all still doable
  6. You need the psychical one to do that :-)
  7. Sad to hear At least we can play the korean and japanese version from it
  8. Played and voted you both too .. well the selfboost method doesn't work for me as well and I don't wanna format my vita :-)
  9. I uploaded my level as well and named it "I made this trophy" .. if you play and vote my level, I will vote yours as well Edit: I am done on both versions and won't vote others anymore :) Thanks for ur help guys
  10. After your opponent killed u 5 times, kill him once and break his Nemesis โœŒ
  11. Sorry, I still didn't found the time yet, since so much servers are closing and I'm full with that :-) Ill try to do it in the next 2-3 months, when nothing more comes with this :-)
  12. You can still pre-order it here: http://www.gameware.at/info/spaces/gameware/gamewareSearch?query=omega+labyrinth+z&actionTag=autocomplete%3Aomega+labyrinth+z
  13. Hoping for a patch ๐Ÿ˜
  14. It does have a retail, I imported it from Korea .. I will test it soon and check, if trophys are glitched or obtainable ๐Ÿ˜
  15. In the beginning you get 30 spots and after you level up, they will grow up till 70 spots at least. I had some days, where I downloaded 10 times my 70 creations .. I wouldn't rate them .. that takes too much time for only 25 xp ^^ Greetz jB-