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  1. Actually there is only 1 unobtainable trophy in Single Player, Multiplayer is fully obtainable. But yeah, just in case you wanna do 98% - be warned, that Multiplayer takes you surely between 70 - 100 hours.
  2. You can take some hits from him without dying and he is down in around 1 minute - so yeah definitly
  3. I absolutely understand that. Did you tested it, to collect on version 1.00 2 vinyls (in Chapter 1 and/or 7) and then upgrade it and collect the other 15? Maybe it's enough to just collect 17 pieces and the trophy will unlock (if the save is compatible of course)
  4. Do you know from Steam, where the 17th Vinyl is? Maybe it works with an older update with the Updateblocker Trick on 1.00? Would be so sad, to find no solution
  5. Grand Kingdom JP is down. Can confirm it, since I played it until the last day, to save online there
  6. Over all 1 1/2 year, but I took a break after a half year to get more motivation for more
  7. Still possible to get a reset as of 16.08.2022
  8. Did anyone tried to get the Froggo trophy with the 1.00 patch?
  9. I just wonder - is this version delisted or why can't I find that one on the US Store?
  10. Well about this trophy - there are now custom servers from PSX .. those aren't allowed for Multiplayer stuff from what I know. But seriously .. since "Teletraan 1" just needs a server connection and there is no way, to manipulate it. Shouldn't this trophy at least be allowed with the use of the new custom server? @MMDE
  11. Hi guys, just in case if anyone got the same problem as me - if you got "All Guns Blazing", but not "Job Seeker". If you took weapons from the ground - those don't count for "Job seeker", but for "All Guns Blazing"
  12. Nice one, did you always created a new ticket or did you replied to the same one? And what did you say, when they just reset your save and not your game progress. Did you asked them, to reset the whole progress then? I am in the same situation with the Story Trophy and after 40 emails I got tired of it .. but it seems, that it's worth it, to keep pushing ^^