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  1. Well on Vita I think some characters are pretty difficult to play. I would definitly give it a 5-6/10, not sure how PS4 is, but laggs aren't helping on Vita Oh and btw - you need only 2 people, not 10 Anyways not a bad game, but pretty expensive in the store, if you didn't bought it on the sale around a half year ago
  2. Just got my hands some weeks ago on this game and saw, that it's not possible, to get the online trophys out of the way with another stack like JAP or EU. Does anyone have this game and selling it or wanna boost this game? Or does anyone know, if it's boostable with the HK Version? Thanks! Edit: Just requested a korean ebay seller and we both got it now
  3. Well for us it took 4-5 hours if I remember right .. we was 4 so I guess, this shouldn't be that much more
  4. Well you can check, how the progress on the different countrys is, so you don't join wars with a small or medium operation I think, wars are definitly the fastest way for Leveling and Money
  5. The same region didnt worked in my case, so Im not sure, if this works for everyone ^^ I boosted with 1 account and that one was Rank 15 About Matchmaking .. he asks you after a while to stretch the search .. if you do, he searchs more. Everytime you continue to search by pressing it, you search for one more difference. So if you press 4 times continue searching, you can even find accounts with 4 Ranks difference
  6. It is possible, I did that as well. The time from Rank 15 to 11 is the same like 11 to 10, since you always get less points, when the difference in the ranking rises .. I guess it was 200 matches from 15 to 10, 100 alone for 11 to 10 ๐Ÿ˜ I did it in a holiday week mid week around 3 oclock night (European time). Keep in mind - a loss cuts like 10 wins then 1 win against a low rank ^^ Wish ya the best luck
  7. Would be grateful, if you play my level: https://lbp.me/v/q4-ger7 Ofc I will return the favor Thank you very much!
  8. Had the same problem .. I guess, it's not that smart, to just go back to the chart after clicking on the answer .. better skip to the next choice.
  9. Gauntlet & Arena you can't do in private matches
  10. I would really think twice, if you guys wanna begin this now .. that 12-0 trophy was so retarded and hard, since it's not boostable and now since there is the shutdown, it will be even harder to find your partner I guess. Glad that I got this done after days of trying and busting those opponents without a loose
  12. Nope, that's sadly not possible .. you can do the fights with it but for restarting this won't work
  13. Just for info - it's not only on Summer Sale articles - it's for completly all games/DLC's
  14. Awesome, thanks i'll give it a try ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  15. Not sure, if it's okay to post it here but I just give it a try. Are there any people out there with the Asia Version, who help out for the last Arun/Shara bosses? Waited today some hours and after he spawned, me and some random guys grouped together and got Divine Reaver down to 50% in like 15 mins. After that another group came and stole the kill, cause they had way better equip. Or does anyone have other helpful tips? Thanks!