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  1. You need to buy Game Time Cards anyways after your Game Time runs out .. The game itself usually costs around 10€ and Game Time 30 days should be around 10-11€ .. So here you get the game + 30 days for free
  2. Hi, since a mate did this,when I was talking with him some months ago, I can at least remember some stuff: You can jump between console and PC .. progress saves and you just need to do one more thing from what you wanna sync (like 1000 level quests, fates etc.) Controls on PC are way better, it's not made for PS4 but still playable .. I only played it on PS4 and got used to those controls ^^
  3. It's in the Events .. If I remember correct, it was named "Challenge to the Strongest Explorer"
  4. No need to use one, the trophys describe everything you need
  5. Yeah sure
  6. If you have a boosting group, you can 100% it in 1 day
  7. Yeah definitly if you got questions, feel free to ask ✌️
  8. Oh yeah I didn't remember it exactly, but I guess that one synced directly and I had nothing to do extra for it .. but those 2 trophys: Defender of Humanity & Spreading Managed Democracy didn't synced I guess or at least you need to unlock them over checking your cockpit computer. The most trophys you have to replay anyways like killing the bosses and that stuff, but all grind trophys pop, which cuts the time a lot. CN servers was pretty active, when I played there, so I guess, you shouldn't be worried about finding no people
  9. Yeah Levels are synced. Well you have to play them again and the servers seemed to be separate .. I just saw there a lot of people with a lot of kanji letters Those are free Dlc's
  10. Definitly an underrated game, since it has a pretty nice story Not a hard plat, I guess 2-3/10 and something around 20 hours I would say. Definitly can recommend it to anyone ^^
  11. Hey BJ, did you already tryed that?
  12. Just try again and it will work, servers are fine
  13. The best way to do it is with 6 people in TDM and quit out after some seconds one by one .. so 250 wins are fast done
  14. Since I helped a friend until now, I can confirm, that the servers are still running.
  15. Well I tryed the PS4 Version and couldn't connect to the servers .. are the servers for this game just unstable like hell or are they down completly? Edit: I just tryed PS3 and Vita now and got the online trophy, so servers still work. I will recheck PS4 as well, maybe the servers are just unstable Edit 2: Yep PS4 works as well, but the servers are completly broke .. I had like 5 disconnects in that 1 game