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  1. Yes it is. Well if you are really going for the platinum, then you should be prepared to put 100's of hours in. The Legendary Rank in Live Run takes a hell lot of time (and is online). Most of the online trophys are pretty fast done. Anyways I already put like 200 hours in and I am not even close to done yet ^^
  2. Oh sorry, I forgot the Ranked Wins .. yeah you need 5 people for Deathmatch, 6 people for TDM .. TDM is more recommended, since more people can win at once ^^
  3. That's sadly not possible
  4. Well, not only .. I am talking as well about trophy lists, where servers or functions were shutten down in the past (like today as example for Army of Two, CoD Black Ops 2 or something like that. I think, it's still awesome, if people do 98% and don't stop just cause 1 trophy isn't possible In my case, I will as example finish Black Ops 2 with 98%, I wanna begin Army of Two as well and do 98% .. There might be not that much people, who do that, but it's cool, to give them a place here, where they can show, that they don't care about an impossible trophy and finish it to the maximum possible
  5. Well you are talking about PSN Trophyleaders, which implemented something like this PSNP doesn't have that yet .. who knows, maybe sooner or later ^^
  6. Hey Boys and Girls, since so much people care about games, where 100% isn't possible anymore (due to server/future shutdowns or bugs), I wanted to create a place, where you can show your games, where 100% is not possible, but you did everything to get the maximum out of it. I will begin with: Game: nail'd - 96% Trophys Possible: 57 / 59 trophys Link: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/741-naild/jayboo1991 2 DLC trophys are bugged since the beginning. Everyone, who loves Motorstorm, will definitly like this game! Which games are you proud at, where you can't get 100%, but did everything else? Let's see, what you got!
  7. Evening peeps, as the most of you know, the grinding for getting all coins is a time sinker. The usual way for it is Mission 11 in the Main Log. For this mission I found something funny, which saves a bit of time. When you are fighting Lucci in the 3rd phase at the start, you are with him in front of the ship. Right from the start, give him a good hit with your special attack (circle) When he is lying dash to him and hit him with a square combo. If you did this right, you can hit him with this trick, until he is down. That way you can skip the part on the ship and the QTE with him. it might just saves 30 sec - 1 min, but since you need to do this mission hundreds of times, it's a good time saver
  8. Just checked The Run and well .. guess what .. IT WORKS .... NOT
  9. Well "a while ago" means 2016 .. i am not quite sure, if this is a tactic from them, to avoid getting flooded with mails about this trophy. I wouldn't stop writing them, to fix this asap, since the time runs out pretty soon (31.08 isn't that far away)
  10. There seems to be no fix .. and the publisher ignores any feedback you write them .. typical
  11. Still possible. The easiest way is, to restart as long, until you get a graug on the start (left side from where you start). When you got that, just go with the graug in that direction from where you came from the start and continue your way straight until you are in a fortress. Insta-kill all captains you see on this way from the start to that fortress .. if you are lucky, you should have now 5-6 kills. After that, you should go check for an information dude (no idea, how they name) .. those, where you get informations from a captain. Try to find the war chief named "Ugakuga Graug Rider" .. go for him and kill all captains except him. Brainwash him and then raid with him all other war chiefs. In every raid there is a graug spawn, so use it and feed ur graug with captains and at least the war chief. Be careful with "Zugor" .. this guy can Insta-kill your Graug and yourself. After done, cleanup the rest and you are done My best time was something around 30 mins .. don't know, how often I did that trial but it's not that hard. Backup your save sometimes (you can quit out and backup your save anytime). Hope, that helps for anyone, who struggles with it Gl to anyone
  12. I have the same trophy glitch as you but let me tell you .. it's still possible to get your save deleted. Not long time ago a mate from me got it finally deleted after months of requests .. if you are persistent enough, you will get it believe me. Just need to finish 10.000 points and 5.000 km then I will spam them as well
  13. There are still offers on ebay, but yeah .. overprized as always: https://www.ebay.at/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=horizon+chase+turbo+vita&_sacat=0&rt=nc&LH_PrefLoc=2
  14. I think, there is a chance in fact, that they would turn it back on .. i mean, it's not something they have to update. It's just a function, what they have to turn back on and seriously, it's not even PS4 syncable, so it won't harm the PS4 Version of it. Let's hope they hear us
  15. Such a pain, that this trophy is unobtainable. I don't understand, why EA just don't change the requirements from this trophy to something else, like other devs did in Rainbow Six Siege or other titles. Might be worthy a last try, to spam them with the fact, that trophys are easily changeable, if they just want.