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  1. Worked for me with the NA Version .. I will test more later and give u details
  2. NFS Shift is 1.03 Dead Space 2 USK is 1.00 I guess, same here Dead Space 2 UK (PEGI) is 1.02 here as well I will check 3D Dot Game Heroes shortly
  3. I just started to test downloading patches for some of the games you named with my discs and can confirm: *) Castlevania Lords of Shadow (EU, USK Disk) - works *) Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 (EU, USK Disk) - works *) Dark Void (EU, USK Disk) - works *) Dungeon Siege III (EU, USK Disk) - works *) Just Cause 2 (EU, PEGI 15 Disk) - works *) Need for Speed Shift (EU, USK Disk) - works *) Need for Speed the Run (EU, USK Disk) - works However: *) White Knight Chronicles Part 1 (EU, USK Disk) - doesn't work No idea, if this affects trophys, but from what I see in the patch notes, I guess not. But you can check yourself here (it's the Japanese Patches, but I think, it's the same at least in EU/US): https://whiteknightchronicles.neoseeker.com/wiki/Patches
  4. No, sadly not
  5. 100 accounts to be precise
  6. I'm playing the DLC's atm and got the Mafia 2 JP Disc from ebay .. it's still no big deal to get the CD, but the DLC's are rare this days
  7. If anyone want the physical Chinese Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition - write me a PM a friend from me can help you out ✌
  8. I remember, that this didn't worked, when the Store was down. So if this is true, there need to be at least a patch to make this available I guess :$
  9. Yeah my stats are wiped as well. Luckily I got this grind done before. Well if this resets often now, do you think it's worth the risk to start again from 0? 500 matches for 1 mode takes surely around 50 hours .. not sure, if this isn't just a big time waste now :$
  10. Servers are still up
  11. Well I ordered it physical from my friend, who is from HK. No online pass required for Plat ^^
  12. Well you can boost it with another person as well and do it without a turbo .. but that takes a lot more effort and isn't worth it I guess
  13. Jep same here
  14. Oh okay, then I misunderstood you ^^ Anyways it seems to be fixed .. bugged games such as this end after like 1 hour I guess.
  15. I just rejoined the game and the game is gone now .. I can play again. Try to check yours as well. Jesus, this game is playing with my nerves lol