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  1. To be serious .. dont do it .. It takes surely 100 hours to the point for 97% when u just miss Empty Pockets and the grind for the coins is an extra 200 hours .. I am at 65% coins and that game seriously gets a pain in case of being boring ✌
  2. Yeah sure .. believe me, it annoys me, that this happened .. I would like to replay the whole game, if I could reset the trophy list because that missing time stamp looks shit in one of my fav games .. looking forward, when Sony allows to reset trophy lists for money
  3. Thanks a lot for your answers Didn't thought, that a missing time stamp overwrites an existing one as well and it wasn't even planned, to get a trophy and sync it .. just happened by testing out the console 😶
  4. I just got my 3rd Vita Console from repair back and tested a game by started it. Since my data wasn't synced there, I got a trophy and didn't noticed that this would affect an old list I completed years ago. Now I got the "Boot up the game" trophy for this game without a timestamp and the list came up as lately played. 2 questions: 1. Can I get my old timestamp back somehow? 2. Is there a reason for a flag in case of such bugs? I hid it for now, since it annoys me but sooner or later I guess, I would like to unhide that again.
  5. I wouldn't overdo it, believe me .. I am happy with 2% a day in the week and 5% a day at weekends. Just take ur time .. there is still almost 2 month left and it's not like you have to make yourself unhappy with that Congratz Nighcisama
  6. A new update recently came out and I saw, that the first ones got a trophy, which was unobtainable before .. might be archievable now?
  7. I can confirm the same and I know some people still want to get the trophys for this game as well
  8. Battlefield Bad Company I am Bad Company!(Online) Achieve all the awards Virtua Tennis 2009 Gold Medalist Unlock every gold medal in the game In Virtua Tennis 2009 i just did the online part yet, which took me already a lot of time .. can't say for sure, but I would say 70 hours+) and Bad Company I already archived, which took me 1-2 month playing almost every day for this damn trophy ^^
  9. how did you got those? just by playing a bit? did anyone else got that? i am playing today my 2nd day and didn't received anything
  10. Hey guys, I wanted to ask, if anyone else have the problem, when you start "CPU Defense Mode", that the game keeps telling me to restart it after a half loading screen? Anyone an idea how to fix this? Thanks! jB-
  11. Yeah that would be possible, but since I am a game collector, I wanna have that one physically ☺
  12. Well you could ask some people, if they would like to share those and if there is enough, everyone pays something like 5$ for sharing it and you could use the payments and get your money back. With a blank account this should be the most efficient way
  13. Is anyone out there, who would sell me the Korean Version from Hyperdimension Neptunia PP? Or is anyone out there from Korea, who would buy it for me? Gmarket is only selling the Korean Versions to Korean People sadly :/ I am searching since over a year already to complete my collection from those Neptunia Games .. I got every stack from all Neptunias except this one. Would be nice, if there is someone, who could help me out Greetings jB-
  14. Depends on, if you got a 2nd Playstation or not .. a lot can be done in Lan Mode. I would say 30-50 hours.
  15. Hard to say like that, but check this guide: http://ps3imports.org/forum/index.php?/topic/3730-steins-gate-trophy-guide-ps3psvita/ If you follow it completly, it should work without any problems.