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  1. That's correct, but since I know him personally, I am aware as well, that he got a lot of work to do with. He get a lot of PM's and a lot of questions asked about that stuff. So if you ask me, I think this is a pretty low price in case of the work he have to do
  2. Well just got an error after a half hour of gameplay .. u better should stop saying such things, since it seems like the Battleborn servers are reacting to your answers here
  3. Server is closed
  4. As said it's still possible in case of the team trophys you need a team, which already exists .. this is, why you guys will need to write HEADYALISMUS for help, since he is afaik the only active team leader left in Skate 3.
  5. Online is still possible and there is still an active team, where the user "HEADYALISMUS" is the team leader. Afaik he is the only one active from what I know. Gl to you all, who still need them
  6. Just in case someone want the direct link to submit a ticket: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  7. I just wrote them a support ticket about that case. It definitly helps, if some more of you write them under: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Let's try to get those servers working again!
  8. Still in EU (AT) Store .. u sure, u searched the correct game?
  9. Well if anyone needs Rayman Legends CN, write me a PM and I will ask my friend from Hong Kong to buy it physical for you. It's 40€ around for 1 stack (PS4 or PSV, whatever you need)
  10. Well you need 400.000 XP (Fans) for it, so I guess around 50-70 hours (including loading times). You have to buy it from your Ramen just check the shop
  11. Just in case someone is still interested in doing this - this will be the most efficient way: You have to play completly active for around 30 hours for everything except the Level 50 and Daily Challenges (at least in my case it was like that). From now on you can just join a game, get some wood (3-4 is fine) and hide somewhere (I usually use trees). Just wait, until the zone is getting closed or something else happens with the zone and just use wood for a camp fire, if you are getting cold. Of course there are some people, who spot you, if you farmed your wood pretty near or someone got the scan ability. The best way to skip time fast is to play something beside on your Vita or watch some Animes. Sadly you can't do it completly AFK but this might help you guys getting this grind out of the way in the most comfortable way. I usually get around 3000 - 4000 fans per game with double-xp boost (which takes 12-15 mins usually). so well I think it is 1500-2000 for normal xp. Long Life = More Fans that's why this tactic works pretty well for levelling up. As mentioned earlier you need from Level 10 to Level 50 20.000 fans each = 800.000 fans. Still a huge grind but i am sure, you can do the whole game in around 100-150 hours. Best of luck to anyone, who still wanna do this.
  12. Just in case anyone wonders, this games trophys seem to be pretty glitchy. I tested it on an alt account with my friend mg02377 and we just found out, that "Good Day" is glitched (you have to get the 1.00 version to pop this one) and the 10.000 kills is broken as well .. not exactly sure, how it popped, but my friend popped that one after playing with Olivia and do a higher kill streak with her. If anyone tryes to Platinum that - this game takes a while and since we just tested it, not sure, which trophys got broken after that last patch (in December 2018). Anyways best of luck to you all. Jay
  13. Since I tested it, I can guarantee, that this version is the same as the Asian List: )
  14. Well I guess you need to buy it from Gmarket .. and that site is pretty chaotic 😁 or you could write the ebay seller wsxdr1004 a message .. this guy helped me out already a few times to get some Korean games maybe there as well
  15. From what I know you can just get this physical - I bought the Korean Version from Gmarket but Play-Asia sold it as well .. yet it's sold out there.