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  1. I will give it a try anyways this game is kind of funny and if I can handle the save breaker problem, at least the game is a lot of fun Update 14.01.2021: I restarted yesterday and got a stable save after boss 1. That boss was really annoying, took me 1 1/2 hour, since I had the glitch, that this guy just shoots every 5 mins 1 shot. Today I played until World Boss 2 .. same problem, but I had the feeling this took a while longer, since the row eliminator helps the boss kinda a lot. I stopped then and wanted to backup the save - guess what .. the save broke again .. seriously it's so sad, that this game is so messed up. In case of World 2 3 stars - I still believe, it's possible, to 3 star all of them without paying, but some will take definitly a bit of time since it's pretty random, which bubbles you get and if your aim is really good. Pretty sure, if it is possible, it's 10/10 difficulty - especially what I saw from the Youtube video on Level 70
  2. Thanks, I will try that This game is actually a lot of fun. Do you think the hard levels are possible without boosters? (since you can't buy them anymore due to the shutdown)
  3. Just wondering, if anyone can help me find an answer. My problem is simply, the save file breaks after I reach Lvl 18 .. I already started 3 times now and it's getting pretty boring and annoying. If there is no other help, I have to completly rush through it without turning out the console, but from what I saw this is risky as well, since I already got a blue screen once. So well .. is there anyone out, who can tell me, how you guys fixed that problem? Thanks in case!
  4. Sure: http://ps3imports.org/index.html/_/trophyguides/roboticsnotes-tropy-guide-roadmap-ps3-r259 It's the same for PS4/3/Vita
  5. - dont mind it, wrong game -
  6. Takes you around 1h play time
  7. Just join a guild and ask for help there. Most of the guild people are very nice and rush you through it. You can play unsync as well, so this trophy is no real problem, if you find some guild players with max level
  8. I don't even get trophys on my main acc .. does anyone have the same problem? Update 24.11.2020 19:30 Now I got 4 from 6 trophys .. can't pop the Multiplayer Trophys Seriously .. what a crappy game Update 24.11.2020 21:00 Finally 100% .. this game is really a mess
  9. Servers are still running fine
  10. If you play it offline, you won't have a problem .. but playing it online can bug different trophys, especially the price bubbles in the DLC.
  11. Well everyone else is having fun in their own way .. I like challenging, grinding stuff as well .. that makes the Platinum well more worth and I feel more proud of it. And it's not, that I hate easy games .. I mean, I play them myself as well .. but it's a fact, that they broke the worthiness of trophys and it's not good, that you must play those games, if you want to get a place in the best 100. Not sure, how much easy games from those companys exist .. but with all stacks I am sure, it's almost 1.000 and that's way too much - especially for that short time since they started releasing games! I was sad, when I saw, that PS5 continues with regional stacks, since this is making the problem way bigger then it would be with only 1 stack or maybe 2 stacks (PS4 and PSV). Now those companys will take all old Ratalaika games and do 4 PS5 stacks as well, so you can plat them up to 12 times. In the view of trophy hunting, this is like the Corona Virus from gaming 😅
  12. Typical ^^ that's why I buy all of those since around 1 year
  13. I didn't said to remove the overall leaderboard completly, but if you visit the leaderboard site, the first you should see should be the rarity leaderboard. The reason is simple: Rarity is a perfect regulizer for effort and the only fair leaderboard in my eyes. People would stop spamming those easy trophys and would go back the way, gaming should be. Fun, enjoying and not spamming shit 6-8 times for climbing in the rankings. ^^
  14. Well yeah it definitly is but in case of "Life-Time" - maybe a function, which people got the rarest/most/... trophys in a year, would be nice as well. And believe me - I couldn't care less, if there is 1 or 2 more people over me in the leaderboards, since you can always see, what they played and how they got that high. Well .. now PS5 comes out and I already saw the first Ratalaika and already some stacks with double plat. The future of a trophy hunter, who try to climb up will be no-lifing this easy stuff for days - weeks - months - years .. in some years, there will be more games, which takes 1-2 hours then normal games. Are you really proud of your ranking, if it's full with 99% easy stuff? In my opinion this is just ridiculous. But well, back to the topic "Rarity Leaderboard": I think, great trophy hunters, who play a lot of hard and challenging games and don't have a high trophy level (as example: Floriis, Danny_Johansen, Yuichiro_Akuhei, DarkSamuraii-, ...) or such, which combine the list with hard, long, easy, tricky games (as example: DW-Ultrafan, Tigra, blackangel887462, Bizzy_Montana_, ...) deserves a much higher rank than those, who are flooding profiles with easy stuff. Effort should pay out - Quality is far more then Quantity
  15. Are you 100% sure? I just wanted to ask again, since I don't want the same situation like in Transformers happen