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  1. Just in case someone got the same problem as me. "Craber" and "Dracula Killer" is glitched. I had to do the game from scratch to obtain "Craber" and now I got another glitch for the trophy "Dracula Killer" .. guess I have to start from scratch again. A backup from the save is surely smart before you deliver the crabs to the fisher man and before you kill the giant bat. Too bad, I saw too late, that those 2 trophys glitched for others as well ... Well, from start again I guess
  2. Just play World Dance Floor .. they appear randomly
  3. Can confirm, that the bosses spawn again.
  4. Nope not yet ... But it seems like in JD2020 someone beat a boss 6 hours ago. I will look into this tomorrow, maybe they fixed something
  5. I absolutely agree .. the difficulty isn't that bad. Maybe a 5-6 out of a 10. Well I don't think the game design is that bad .. I had fun figuring out, how to get the most points out of every challenge and if you get a hang on the controls, those are pretty fine - at least for me.
  6. Sadly not .. but we shouldn't give up. I mean, there are at least 4 titles, which got an unobtainable trophy due to this now. So pretty sure, there will be at least a bunch of people, who write them Update - Got a message back from Ubisoft: Seems like this is starting like in The Crew .. zZz .. well I won't give up in this .. so help me pushing them to fix this Update 2: Got another answer - They are looking into this, hope they get that fixed soon.
  7. Can only find this tweet, where it says end of february: You got any other link, where it says 1st June?
  8. I can absolutely feel that, mate
  9. Can confirm this - all done solo. You need to get 11.000 points on every choreography. (blue 5 stars) At the start, I was like - wtf, how is that possible .. especially in the last 2 songs I had a lot of trouble. But yeah - try and error .. I am sure, you all can do it Just remember the moves and don't move only your hand with the move stick - better try to move with both hands and your body as the choreographs are showing - helped me to get better scores.
  10. Well it's doable .. took me 8 hours yesterday to finish those on Superstar rank .. still got pain in my arms but yeah - no pain, no gain : ]
  11. Already wrote the devs on 19.02.2023 .. still no response Btw, it seems like JD19 & 20 got the same problem .. already 1 month, since someone earned the last trophy. And in JD20 I played a while online there - no bosses yet. Seems like they got rotten out : [
  12. you can just give up the challenge on the account you are playing on .. counts as 1 challenge as well
  13. Actually there is only 1 unobtainable trophy in Single Player, Multiplayer is fully obtainable. But yeah, just in case you wanna do 98% - be warned, that Multiplayer takes you surely between 70 - 100 hours.
  14. You can take some hits from him without dying and he is down in around 1 minute - so yeah definitly
  15. I absolutely understand that. Did you tested it, to collect on version 1.00 2 vinyls (in Chapter 1 and/or 7) and then upgrade it and collect the other 15? Maybe it's enough to just collect 17 pieces and the trophy will unlock (if the save is compatible of course)
  16. Do you know from Steam, where the 17th Vinyl is? Maybe it works with an older update with the Updateblocker Trick on 1.00? Would be so sad, to find no solution
  17. Hi guys, just in case if anyone got the same problem as me - if you got "All Guns Blazing", but not "Job Seeker". If you took weapons from the ground - those don't count for "Job seeker", but for "All Guns Blazing"
  18. I wonder, if anyone else had troubles with autopopping trophys on PS5 in Rogue Company? For me, the tutorial and zipline trophy didn't unlocked and I had to replay them.
  19. Grand Kingdom JP is down. Can confirm it, since I played it until the last day, to save online there
  20. Over all 1 1/2 year, but I took a break after a half year to get more motivation for more
  21. Still possible to get a reset as of 16.08.2022
  22. Did anyone tried to get the Froggo trophy with the 1.00 patch?