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  1. Since this one (CN Vita) doesn't even have online trophys, I am pretty sure, that not even progress takes over to EU/US. Just the PS4 progress from EU/US goes to CN (or the other way) and you still have to do every trophy for the cups again once. In case of your question - this list doesn't have online trophys, so no diamond cup needed
  2. Lol really your DLC worked with the JP Version? Need to check that out
  3. Well from what I remember, when I played and just checked from the guide, it should be possible, to randomly get flags as well from online war battles (that's RNG). Yet I had no luck, so maybe anyone can confirm this for the JP Version as well?
  4. In fact it's not, since you can boost everything and if you actually play on the fastest time, you can prepare a lot, so those times are totally possible.
  5. But as you said, you don't need the online passes, if you have an ad hoc partner. Plat is in all games doable with ad hoc, correct? Edit: I tested now Soul Sacrifice without having an online pass and I got the "From Cover to Cover" trophy - so this trophy is safe. So plat should be possible on this game.
  6. Hmm I see .. well in my case I know someone, who is not that far away from me and I could play that ad hoc with him together okay so I guess, then it's fine thanks for your informations!
  7. I have 6 Vita's at home and all games twice physical .. so it's no big deal .. but I just wanna be sure, that this is possible without online and an online pass, since there are some people, who say different things for this games
  8. So I am confused now .. is Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice and Soul Sacrifice Delta obtainable now without an online pass and when servers are down, or not?
  9. Nope
  10. My friend got platinum, so if you backpatch it, you can get plat.
  11. So any news on this? Server Shutdown is coming close and it would be awesome, if there would be a final solution, how to get this trophy in a legit way.
  12. Would be interested to plat this as well. If this might help, this is what I got from a friend from china: http://blog.livedoor.jp/k_o_blog/archives/38308684.html But yeah, as you mentioned, there is a lot of RNG stuff in there.
  13. Everything still possible, but it's a real pain to get past the AGB window nowadays. Yeah, but you need 3 alts/consoles then since in team mode you play 2v2.
  14. Keep us updated here, if there is a legit way .. would really love to get plat for this game
  15. Having the exact same problem. What a pain, seriously.